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Psychology-of-Submission-Final-200We are closing in on my next release.    I can’t wait for everyone to read Traci and Sean’s story in Psychology of Submission that comes out Thursday, June 4th.    Even if you haven’t tried other Corbin’s Bend stories yet, this book would be an excellent introduction for you to the series.

I’m sharing a new scene today that I haven’t shared before.   Traci, a psychologist, has to deliver the keynote speech at a professional conference in front of her peers and she is very afraid of being ridiculed for her topic.    She has just met Sean and they are on their first date the night before her speech.  Sean is trying to help her stay calm.


Extended Excerpt:

Sean took care of the check. They exited the restaurant and walked hand-in-hand back up the pier towards the large Ferris wheel. Sean stopped long enough to buy a bag of pink, fluffy cotton candy which they enjoyed as they awaited their turn for the ride.

Only once they were safely settled into their gondola and leaving the ground did Traci notice Sean hadn’t been exaggerating about his fear of heights. Sean got quiet as they stopped and started to take on new riders, moving higher and higher.

“Why didn’t you tell me you really didn’t want to come on this ride? I can tell you hate it.”

“I don’t hate it. I just hate the way it makes my stomach churn. I hope I’m not going to embarrass myself here.”

“That’s not possible. Anyway, we all have things we’re afraid of. Yours just happens to be heights.”

Sean turned in the seat, focusing his attention on Traci instead of the gorgeous skyline of the city below. “You seem fearless. What is Traci Jackson afraid of?”

Such a baring question. Maybe to the outside world she looked fearless, but inside, Traci felt anything but. Her vulnerability hung precariously in the air. She longed to confide in Sean. He was a good listener and they had clicked so well, yet she didn’t want to ruin their night by exposing things to a man she was never going to see again, let alone a man who could do nothing to fix her problems anyway.

“You know. The normal stuff,” Traci finally answered noncommittally.

“I’m afraid you’ll have to expound on that. I’ve lost all perspective of what normal is.” He smiled kindly, before continuing. “I don’t want to pry, Traci, but yesterday you sure seemed like something had you spooked. What’s happening with you that you don’t want to attend any of the conference dinners?”

His eyes bored into her, reminding her that she was the center of his attention right now. Despite how nervous that made her feel, it warmed her to know he saw her… really saw her. Her insecurity mingled with the cool evening air had brought a visible shiver.

“Hey, you’re getting chilled.” Sean moved to take off his jacket like a gentleman, but before he could get it off, Traci leaned forward, closing the distance between them. She fought back the tears threatening as she realized she was now less than twelve hours away from delivering her keynote speech tomorrow morning.

Sean caught her, pulled her into his arms, and wrapped his sports jacket around her to cocoon them together for warmth. It was his comforting “shhhh” that made her tears spill over and down her cheeks to drip onto his dress shirt. He smelled so good, and his muscular arms holding her felt like a slice of heaven. Alarm bells were going off, telling her she was crossing a line she shouldn’t.

It might be crazy, but she’d never felt safer than being held by Sean one-hundred feet off the ground. He stroked her back lightly and helped her take a few calming breaths. They cuddled silently for several minutes, each enjoying the quiet intimacy of their private embrace. Each unsure how to proceed.

Sean took the lead, pulling apart just enough to pin her with a look that held more questions than answers. He was as tempted as she was to throw caution to the wind. His fingers brushed her cheek gently and swiped at her tears, never taking his gaze from hers. Traci’s heart raced at the possibility of a kiss, but Sean maintained his gentleman status.

“I may be out of practice, Traci, but that didn’t feel like normal to me. Why don’t you tell me what’s really going on with the conference?” Traci tried to hide her disappointment that he wanted to continue to talk, especially about a topic she wanted to forget.

“There’s nothing you can do about it, Sean. It’s just something I need to work through on my own.”

“You’re used to working through issues on your own, aren’t you?”

Traci didn’t want to let his off-hand comment hurt her, but it did. She was used to working through issues on her own, not because she wanted to, but because it’s just the way it had to be. “I’ve had to get good at it, yes.”

Her voice had a sharp edge and she could see Sean noticed, but he didn’t back down. “In case you missed it, this time you don’t need to work through your problem alone.”

“You don’t know anything about it.”

“So fill me in.”


“Because I want to help.”

“Why?” Traci’s voice sounded accusatory.

“Why do I want to help you?”

“Yes. I mean you barely know me.”

Sean looked hurt. He moved his fingers from her cheek to her chin, holding her face as he leaned in so close she felt his minty breath. “I’ve spent the last several hours getting to know you. I feel very close to you right now. You are a good person, Traci, and I don’t know what it is, but I know there is something going on with you and those goons that were chasing after you in the hall yesterday. I’m worried about you.”

His eyes shone with a sincerity that took her breath away. Her protective wall was crumbling as he resumed his gentle stroking of her back. He waited so patiently for her that when she finally started talking, her fears came out in a panicked rush.

“I must have been crazy to agree to give the keynote speech tomorrow. When they asked me last year to present, I assumed it would be in a small breakout session with just a few other professionals there to debate the material. I never dreamed they would schedule me to speak in front of the entire assembly in tomorrow’s session. I should have backed out the second I found out, but now it’s too late for them to find anyone else so I’m going to have to go through with it.”

Her shivers were back and Sean scooped her back into his arms to hug her tightly. “Hey, everyone gets a bit nervous with public speaking. I’m sure you’ll do great.”

It would be so easy for her to let him think she just had a case of stage fright, but now that she had her guard down, the words spilled out. “I was on the debate team in high school. I’m not worried about speaking in front of a crowd.”

He pulled back to peer down into her eyes again. “So then what? Are you not prepared?”

“I’m prepared.”

“Are you afraid your topic is going to put them to sleep?”

Traci’s snorting laugh was unladylike and Sean chuckled. He was waiting for her answer.

“I think I can pretty much guarantee no one will fall asleep.” That had his interest piqued.

“I’ll bite. What is your area of expertise?”

“It’s a bit controversial. A few of my peers don’t agree with my findings. Others just aren’t mature enough to handle the debate the topic spurs.”

“You still haven’t told me… wait…” Sean’s eyes widened. “Are you a sex therapist?”

“Not exactly, but close. A lot of my research skirts sexual topics, yes.”

Sean whistled before breaking out into a wolfish grin. “Wow, how’s that for luck? The first woman I ask out on a date in eighteen years and she’s a sex therapist.” Traci slapped his chest harder than she’d meant to.

“I said not exactly. It’s a lot more complicated than that.” She was getting defensive. She was so tired of having to defend her field of expertise.

Sean got serious again quickly. “Listen, I was just kidding around. I think it’s great, Trace.”

She was completely caught off-guard by his familiar use of her nickname. She wasn’t sure what to say so Sean pressed her. “Are you good at your job, Traci?”

She took a deep breath before answering. “Yes. I’m a good therapist.”

“Somehow I already knew that. Next question. Did you work hard on your research and putting together your presentation?”

“Of course. I’ve worked my ass off.”

Sean grinned. “Would it be ungentlemanly of me to let you know that I’m pretty sure your ass is still part of your body? I should know. I’ve admired it several times tonight.” He slyly let his left hand slide down from her back and cupped her butt, squeezing gently in appreciation. Even in the dim lighting, Traci could see his grey eyes clouding with desire. Her own breathing was becoming short and she waited, hoping again for a kiss.


You’ll have to wait for the release on Thursday to catch the exciting end of the scene.  Psychology of Submission comes out on Thursday, June 4th.   While you’re waiting, you have enough time to read Life’s Unexpected Gifts, the story where we met Traci as Troy’s sister last season.


Traci Jackson has been a therapist in Corbin’s Bend for several years. She’s helped many residents navigate their own D/s and DD relationships, but she hasn’t found her own HoH. Through her patients, she’s been researching and writing about the dynamics of dominance and submission in relationships for years. She loves her field, but she hates attending professional conventions where she’s treated like her specialty isn’t valid.

Sean Campbell is juggling raising his teenage daughter alone in Chicago while running a large convention hotel. When the annual psychologist convention comes to town, he literally bumps into the most beautiful and intelligent woman he’s met in a long time. He gets the surprise of his life when he finds out her specialty is D/s with an emphasis on corporal punishment.

They may find sparks from the minute they meet, but Traci and Sean have more than just the long distance between Chicago and Corbin’s Bend separating them. Sean has never heard of domestic discipline before. Will Traci pack up and leave Corbin’s Bend to be with the man she’s falling in love with, even if he can never be her true HoH?

New Release: Twist #SatSpanks #TheEroticCollective

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev


Hot New Release Now Available – Twist  – Do you know how the story ends?

I’m thrilled to be part of The Erotic Collective, a group of erotic romance authors.  We just released a boxed set called Twist.  It is a hot collection of many sub-genres, but what they all have in common is the have a twist in the story.   My story is Blessed Betrayal and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.   Here is the blurb:

11041764_426560714190965_8675910372527966878_n 2



Calista Bennett was supposed to be living happily ever after with her handsome husband, Kevin. But underneath the perfect exterior of their marriage lays an ugly truth Cali can’t admit to anyone.

Across town, Nicholas Mikos’ marriage isn’t going much better.   When Veronica had shown up on his doorstep with the most wonderful secret years before, he’d planned their own HEA. Now years later, he feels his marriage slipping away and is helpless to stop it.

In one moment, all of their lives come crashing together, changing life forever.   Has the universe conspired to bring two people together who deserve to be happy, or will fate deliver a final blow, sentencing them to a lifetime of sorrow?   Can true love rise out of the ashes of the ultimate betrayal?


The following scene is from early in the book when Cali is alone remembering back to a particular night she’d spent bent over her husband’s desk.


She had received her first punishment spanking bent over the large wooden desk her husband liked to work at. As angry as she’d been at him, even now, she knew she had deserved that particular punishment. She had crashed her car into a parked car while texting in the parking lot at the mall. It had caused over ten thousand dollars in damages and their insurance premium had gone up.

As she stood in the entry to the room looking at that desk, she knew that had been the day her marriage had changed forever.   It was that fateful day she’d discovered her husband was a sadist who enjoyed punishing his wife. She had also discovered that, in spite of the pain and how much she hated the loss of control, there was a hidden part of her that responded to Kevin’s domination. Even now, over a year later, she still didn’t understand how her body could react the way it had under his domination.


Buy it now for only $.99 for the whole set or borrow for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


A Touch of Blackmail by Tara Crescent – Natalie can never say ‘no’ to a dare. But when the challenge is to blackmail her hot, dominant co-worker, things are about to get a lot more interesting.

Blessed Betrayal by Livia Grant – The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.

Of Fog and Fire by Jennifer Bene – Phee isn’t what anyone would call normal. She grew up dreaming of faeries, forest queens, and kings of fire – all while she was poor, and trapped in the dense fog south of downtown. A normal girl would have never teased and flirted with Bryant Holbrook, a normal girl would have just served him lunch, but normal girls have very boring lives.

The Penitents by Sophie Kisker – Twenty years ago, Leina’s people almost destroyed Samiel’s. Now she must pay a terrible price to earn his forgiveness, and the forgiveness of his people.

The First Time by Christine Hart – All the pieces are there. She’s attractive, smart, elegant, classy and the perfect submissive. Or is she? One piece of the puzzle doesn’t quite fit.

The Fairy Captive by Alice Schermer – Janet gets lost in the woods, and finds trouble in the form of a handsome stranger. A modern take on an old tale.

Open Your Eyes by Livnah A. Eden – Life is a cycle of beginnings and endings. The key is to recognize each for what it is and to make the best of them. Bree’s cards have been read and her destiny is in her own hands. Fate is hers for the making and she will be faced with choices that may take her on a new path and could change her life forever. Her journey begins with her self-proclaimed rebirth. Will it end in fortune or in ruin?

Trucker’s Curse by Richard North – Jim lives a lonely life as a trucker, keeping himself apart from women in order to protect them from his terrible, seductive power. Now he finds himself hunted by Lisa, a woman seeking to eradicate the potential threat he represents to all womankind. As the two of them journey north, can Jim find a way to convince Lisa of his honorable nature, or will he betray his conscience and become the very monster she came to destroy?

NOTE: This anthology contains many explicit scenes. It is intended for mature readers.

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Cover Reveal: Twist by #TheEroticCollective #WIPITUP


I love release week!!  Several other talented authors and I have been working together on an upcoming anthology boxed set that we hope is going to knock your socks off.    The title of the anthology is Twist because all of the stories have one thing in common… a surprise twist at the end.    We have a collection of contemporary, sci-fi and fantasy in there so there is something for everyone.  I am so happy with how the story I wrote, Blessed Betrayal, turned out and I’m sharing an excerpt from that story below.

Check out this beautiful cover!!  Release day is Friday, May 15th.

11041764_426560714190965_8675910372527966878_n 2








Excerpt from early in Blessed Betrayal:

Nick pulled his BMW into the cramped carport of The Jefferson Hotel. Just a few blocks north of the White House, the hotel was one of the most prestigious in the city.   The stately doorman opened his door, welcoming them to the historic property. Nick looked over the employee’s shoulder to see a homeless man propped up against the building across the street. The man was shivering in the freezing cold January evening. The dichotomy of wealth and poverty were never far from each other in this part of town.

Nick circled the car, stopping to assist his wife from the low riding vehicle. He had offered to drive the family van so she would be more comfortable, but she’d looked at him as if he were from Mars.

We can’t show up to a Bennett, Bennett and Moore event in a van, Nicholas.

He took his wife’s elbow as he moved them to the door held wide by yet another employee. Only now did he recognize Veronica was in a fur coat he had never seen before. Between the coat, designer dress and new shoes, he wondered how much tonight’s free dinner was costing him.

They made their way through the elegant lobby and past cozy seating areas where some of the country’s numerous back-door business deals had been cut over a cocktail and cigar.

The overt opulence turned Nick’s stomach. It was an in-his-face reminder of the cultural philosophy of the law firm he had been employed at for the eight years he had been a lawyer. Now was not the time for him to reflect on how he had ended up at this point in his career, questioning everything he had been fighting for.   He had mistakenly thought working for the largest international law firm in the nation’s capital might afford him the chance to help those less fortunate around the globe. Instead, he more often found himself representing those who would exploit the most helpless of the world.

If it weren’t for his wife, he would have left years before. Appearances and status symbols ruled Veronica’s life and he was under no disillusion. If he left BB&M to work at one of the many non-profit global organizations he longed to represent, he was certain his marriage would be over. If he only had himself to worry about, he might take the chance of going it alone. He didn’t want to put his baby girl through an ugly divorce. Although, if things kept on the declining trajectory at the firm, he might not have a choice soon.

Veronica managed to keep her profile regal while whispering excitedly under her breath so only he could hear her. “Oh my God, look at the chandeliers! They are amazing. I think one of them would look good above our dining room table.”

“You would like them. I’m sure just one would cost a fortune.”

She didn’t let the smile slip from her lips, but he saw the ice in her eyes as she responded. “If you’d press harder for that promotion to partner, Nicholas, we could afford a hell of a lot more than just a chandelier.”

“Roni, this is not the time or the place for this discussion. I told you there are extenuating circumstances. There is no chance I’ll be offered an associate partnership and honestly, even if they offered, I’d turn it down and you know it.”

Her polished exterior was cracking as she spat her reply. “For the thousandth time, stop calling me Roni in public. I hate it and you know it.”

Nick sighed. Not that ridiculous argument again. They approached the entrance to the prestigious dining room where the sixty employees of the firm and their significant others were about to have their annual holiday party. The room was barely large enough to seat the group. Round-tops were arranged in a too-close pattern. They stopped at a table with tented seating assignment cards arranged in alphabetical order. He moved to the M’s for Mikos, expecting to find a high number.   After the argument they’d had just yesterday, he was sure George Bennett would want him seated as far away from the head partner’s table as possible.

Veronica found the card first. “Oh how exciting! They have us seated at table two. We’re almost seated at the head table!”

She was practically dragging him behind her as she weaved them through the packed tables towards the front of the room. They were almost there when Nick recognized who else would be seated at their table.   He pulled his wife to a stop.

“Hold on, Veronica. There has to be a mistake. That can’t be our table. Let’s go back to the door and see if there’s another table we can take.”

She trained her angry eyes on him. “Are you kidding me? You are finally moving up the ladder and you’re gonna screw it up.   We always get stuck at the back. It’s our turn to sit at the front of the room, Nicholas.”

Unwilling to make a scene, he allowed his wife to pull him along behind her. There were two couples already seated at table two. He recognized one as George Bennett’s attractive personal assistant, Tamara and her husband. It was the other couple that had Nick wishing he could sit at the back of the room. The farther he could sit away from George Bennett’s blow-hard son, Kevin, the better.

From the minute they’d met, there had been no love lost between the men. The youngest Bennett to join the firm was the worst of them all. At least his two older brothers attempted to earn their seat at the family table. Kevin had only been out of law school a year and already treated every person he met at the firm like gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

“Mikos. How’d you end up sitting way up here? I’d of thought you’d be more comfortable sitting with the wait staff in the employee cafeteria.   Maybe you could help them negotiate for a dime an hour raise.”

“Sounds like more fun than spending the next few hours with you, Bennett. Looks like your father has a sense of humor putting us together.”

Tamara started to speak, “But Mr. Bennett I thought…”

She didn’t get to finish her sentence. Her words froze under the icy stare sent her way by the youngest Bennett. She actually shuddered under his glare. Tamara’s husband hugged her to comfort her silently.

Veronica moved in to take the open seat next to Kevin before Nick could move them to the back of the room. She acted as if she was oblivious to the chill in the air between the men. Nick weighed his options. Deciding not to make a scene, he took the last seat at the table.

Once seated, he couldn’t help but notice the beautiful woman sitting directly across the small table from him. By process of elimination, she had to be with Kevin, yet he hadn’t bothered to introduce her. Typical.

Turning first to Tamara, he reached out to shake hands with her husband. “Nicholas Mikos. This is my wife Veronica.”

“Nice to meet you Nicholas. James, Tamara’s husband.”

“You as well.” Nick moved his gaze around the table until he was looking into the most exquisite amber-brown eyes he had ever seen. He momentarily lost the ability to speak as he took in the natural beauty of the olive skinned woman who looked so uncomfortable. It seemed that she would like to be seated at the back of the room as well.

“It would appear Kevin has forgotten his manners. I’m going to assume you are his wife. As you heard, I’m Nicholas Mikos and this is my wife, Veronica. I work with your husband.”


It was the only word Kevin had injected into the introduction process. Nick turned to question him when he got his answer. “You work for me, not with me.”

What a pretentious prick. Nick did the only thing he could do under the circumstances. Laugh his ass off. By the time he got his laughter under control, he could feel the grip of Veronica’s hand squeezing his thigh under the table and could see the steam rolling out of the ears of the young blow-hard to their left. “Thanks for the laugh, Bennett.   You’re so green, you don’t even know how ridiculous you sound going around making stupid statements like that.”

“Green? We’ll see how green I am when I get your ass fired. You’re already on thin ice with my father.”

“You’re digging yourself deeper every time you open your mouth. Let me help you out. You’re right that your father and I often bump heads on the right course of action for our clients, but I know for a fact your father respects me for my conviction.   Even if he didn’t, the fact that I’ve billed high six-figures for the last three years in a row is making him… and unfortunately you… a very rich man.”

“I think we should change the subject. It’s nice to meet you Nicholas and Veronica. I’m Kevin’s wife, Calista, but you can call me Cali.”

Nick had almost forgotten the woman he had been addressing until she quietly tried to interject. No doubt, she was trying to save her husband from looking like more of an asshole than he already had.

It didn’t work. “How many times have I told you I hate when you shorten your name? You are Calista. Period. Cali sounds like a name for someone’s cat.”

Veronica globbed on. “Oh thank goodness, someone else who has some sense. Nicholas insists on calling me Roni and I hate it.”

An anger he hadn’t felt in a long time flared up in Nick. It was bad enough he had to put up with shit from the prick at the table, but not his wife, too.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Cali. I’d love it if you’d call me Nick.” She managed to squelch the smile playing at her lips, but she couldn’t hide the humor in her eyes at his barb at their spouses.

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This is dedicated to the one I love… Mom (PG) #Immerseyou

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Mother’s Day is a bitter sweet day for me and many others like me who have lost their mom to that terrible thing called cancer.  I’ve had eight long years to try to recover from my loss and yet not one day goes by without me thinking of her.  I have especially thought about Mom in the course of the last year as I embarked on my publishing journey.  I’m positive that she would be scandalized by the heat of my stories, but regardless, I know she would be my #1 fan.

You see, I truly hit the one-in-a-million jackpot the day I was born to the amazing woman I got to call Mom.  Even as a kid when my friends were fighting with their moms over clothes and curfews, I knew she was special.  My house was the one everyone hung out at because my mom made it the fun place to be.

There are so many titles she wore proudly.  Titles like:  stay at home mom, Brownie leader, room mother, taxi driver, head of the PTO, Sunday School teacher…  the list could go on and on.  Her entire life was devoted to my dad, brother, sister and me.  All three of us kids were over-achievers and we attended a small town school where kids could be in every sport, band, club, chorus, etc…  You name it, we did it and amazingly, I don’t remember even once looking up to not see her there cheering me on.


There is one more important thing to know about my amazing mother.   She read a sweet romance novel  every single day of her life until she got sick.  As an incredibly fast reader, she could devour books.    What I would give to be able to walk in and see her sitting at the kitchen table, her Harlequin historical in one hand and that fucking cigarette in her other hand.   I’d give anything to go back and snuff out every single one of those damn cancer sticks and hug her and tell her I was gonna need her in my life a lot longer so stop killing herself.  But I digress….




So back to why I am an author because of her.  Mom had me reading her historicals in my early teens, but she inadvertently changed my life by giving me a copy of  Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss for my sixteenth birthday.   From then on I was hooked on what she called ‘steamy romances.’  I got at least one book from her on every gift giving occasion.  We’d spend hours sitting silently next to each other, each happily lost in our dream world of the day.  My love of romances was born at that kitchen table with that amazing woman and for that reason, I am positive she is in heaven smiling down on me today, proud of her daughter, the author.

So if you’ve read The Passion Series, you should know that she would be scandalized by happenings at The Punishment Pit, but she would absolutely adore Lukus, Tiffany, Brianna and Markus.   What I would give to share the excitement of publishing with her.  I’ll have to settle for dedicating this blog to her instead.

Love you, Mom.


Passion Series Book One

Passion Series Book One

I’d love it if you’d give my ‘steamy romance series’ a shot if you haven’t already.  Book one, Wanting it All, is even on sale for only $.99.

Wanting it All, Book One Passion Series

Securing it All, Book Two Passion Series

Having it All, Book Three Passion Series

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Not all spankings are created equal #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev

Anyone reading my Passion Series knows that I feature a whole cast of characters in my stories.   The lead heroines may be best friends, but they are very different when it comes to their BDSM experience.  Lucky for them, they both have experienced Dom’s who know exactly what they need.  Brianna and Tiffany are such lucky subs.  Who would you rather receive your spanking from, Markus or Lukus?

HavingItAll2 640x480Snippet from Lukus’s POV in Having it All,  Book Three in the Passion Series:

His slaps come slow and steady. Hard enough to sting, but soft enough to tell her this is no real punishment. Brief massaging caresses follow each swat, barraging Tiff with his own mix of pleasure and pain.

The same cannot be said of the other spanking taking place in the room. Markus has yet to let up, lighting into his wife’s ass with his strong, open hand. The loud cracks as skin smacks skin bounce off the walls, adding nicely to the ambiance. Ironically, the mewling sounds coming from each woman are not entirely different, proving their men know how to push each of their unique buttons. The disciplinary spanking is as much of a turn-on to Brianna as the playful spanking Tiffany receives is to her.

They may both be sexually submissive, but the women need different handling. Luckily for Tiff, Lukus has made it his life’s mission to learn how to get inside a submissive’s head. To learn how to push each one as far as he can without it crossing over into a negative experience. Each sub has her own line in the sand. With Brianna’s experience and Tiffany’s innocence, their lines are pretty far apart. If he does his job right, Lukus will be helping Tiffany move her line closer to Brianna’s over time, although he already knows she will never be into pain like Brianna. He’d be lying if he said that didn’t disappoint him at least a little bit.


Okay, okay. I know.  I went over eight lines.  I’ll report to Lukus for my spanking. 🙂

Buy Now: Amazon | B&N | Blushing Books


Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him. Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble. Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle-and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse. Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive? Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had? Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.


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