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I’m so excited to have a new release on the horizon.  I’m part of this awesome writer’s group called The Erotic Collective and our next boxed set will be out on October 7th.  The name of the release is The More the Merrier Two and all of the stories have ménage (or more) romances.  My novella is a M/m/f ménage named Six Hours and I had so much fun writing this one!

Today I’m sharing my very first excerpt from early in the story.  Emma had noticed the two handsome men waiting in the train station with her, but never dreamed she’d ever meet them, let alone have them come to her rescue.



“Knock it off! Leave me alone!” Emma elbowed the largest of the four when he leaned in, rubbing up against her as she felt him fumbling for her purse. At least she’d hidden her passport and plane ticket carefully, but she couldn’t afford to lose the last few Euros she had.

When she felt hands feeling up her breasts from behind, she stopped protecting her money, worried the hoodlums had something more sinister than theft in mind. Her fear was confirmed as they worked in unison to start dragging her towards a nearby private locker area. Emma knew if they got her somewhere hidden, anything could happen. She flailed with all of her strength, but the laughing teens only gripped her harder and moved faster, lifting her off the ground and carrying her towards the lockers.

Emma filled her lungs with air and screamed as loud as possible, trying to make enough of a scene that the hoodlums would release her. All that happened was a dirty hand got clamped over her mouth to try to stifle her. She bit her assailant, dragging what she assumed was a French curse word from him.

She closed her eyes and tried to think of how she’d get out of this mess. They’d almost succeeded in getting her alone when she was unceremoniously dropped the few feet to the concrete. She landed on her ass first, but when the guy supporting her head let go too, it crashed back to connect with the unforgiving floor with a crack.

Through her confusion, she found herself curled up in the middle of a fistfight happening all around her. She wondered if she was dreaming as she watched the two American hotties punch out two of the assailants. It took them seconds to send all four of the teens running in different directions.

The most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen peered down at her. She was mesmerized by their intensity long enough that she didn’t realize his mouth was moving too.

“I think we need to call a doctor. She appears unresponsive.” Green-eyes spoke. What was his name again? John? Jim?

“Okay, I’ll go in search of help.” She recognized that deep voice.

She eventually snapped out of it to answer them. “I only bumped my head.”

I only bumped my head.

Those were the best first words she could come up with when talking to the two hottest men on the planet? The bump on her head wasn’t making it any easier to speak intelligently.

“I mean you don’t need to get a doctor. I’ll be fine.”

She wasn’t prepared for the dark-haired hottie to scold her. “What the hell were you doing letting them surround you? Beautiful women traveling alone need to pay more attention.”

Had he used the word beautiful as he spoke of her? He must not have gotten a good look at her.

She felt his hand lifting her to gently feel the back of her head, checking for injuries. His fingers massaged her scalp sending tingles throughout her body. “You have the start of a goose-egg there. We’d better get you an ice pack and some Tylenol. Can you sit up?”


When Emma Fischer is stranded in the south of France, she’s short on cash and unable to speak French. The friend she’d been traveling with deserts her to gallivant around Europe leaving Emma on her own to navigate from the French Riviera to Paris in time to catch her flight back home to Wisconsin.

Jaxson Davidson and Chase Cartright are high-demand fashion models, in France for a shoot. Sparks fly when they come to Emma’s rescue at the train station. The men have their pick of women, but they recognize curvy Emma is exactly the type of woman they prefer to spend time with. The best friends invite her to join them in their private berth for the six-hour ride to Paris.

Emma gets on the train a girl, but the intimate time spent in the men’s arms turns her into a woman. Her only problem is surviving the good-bye.

Six Hours is a M/m/f erotic romance novella with explicit ménage sex scenes and light BDSM.


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Trouble Together ~ Punished Together #6BestHop

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Happy Sunday.  I’ve missed a few weekends on the hops, but wanted to jump in this week with a juicy little scene from Having it All.  In this scene, Tiffany and Brianna are preparing to be punished by their Dom’s for not staying home when they were given explicit instructions to do so.  They were caught red handed out dancing and drinking and have been sent to the Lambert’s dungeon.  Tiffany is a novice and trying to get some advice from her best friend who also happens to be a pain slut.


While this may not be her first discipline at Lukus’ hands, she suspects it’ll be the first session during which she’ll be tempted to use her safeword. The irony is, tonight is also the first night she knows her safeword will do no good. They may be in a dungeon, about to partake in a punishment worthy a naughty sex slave, but she’s under no delusion. This isn’t a playful punishment delivered by her sexy Dom. Tonight’s discipline will be firmly meted out by the man she’s chosen as the head of her household.

Her brain tells her to flee, but every single other part of her body tingles with nervous anticipation. Snippets of hundreds of punishment scenes from dozens of erotic romance novels fly through her brain like a movie reel.

Her body is physically preparing for what’s to come. She glances down to see her nipples peaking to hard nubs under her snug sweater. A pleasant ache grips her pussy. She can feel the muscles of her womanly core throbbing with the need to be filled. Most surprising is the prickle Tiff feels on her ass and upper thighs as she anticipates what’s coming.

Lost in thought, she missed the sight of her best friend stripping to her birthday suit. They lived together for many years, so it’s nothing Tiff hasn’t seen many times before. Yet, when Brianna turns to walk to a shelving unit to pick up her leather collar, Tiff gets her first glimpse of the faint bruises covering Bri’s ass. The thought of Lukus applying enough power to mark her only deepens her desire to submit, albeit laced with a twinge of dread. It feels strange to want to wear his mark of ownership on her body.

Bri puts on a leather collar before walking back to where Tiff stands frozen, just inside the door. She hears her best friend’s regret as Bri apologizes again. “I really am sorry you’re in trouble with Lukus, Tiff. I wish I’d thought things through a little bit better.”

“I’d like to be angry, but this was going to happen at some point. We’ve been dancing around it for weeks and as much as I’m going to hate it, I plan on submitting with as much grace as I can, to show him I’m committed to making this work.”

“Wow, you’re taking this really well.”

Tiff breaks into a grin. “Lukus Mitchell loves me. Pinch me, will ya?”

Bri grins back. “You don’t need a pinch from me. You’re about to get tangible proof you’re awake from the man himself.”

Tiffany wants to jump out of her skin. “You have any advice? How do you get through the pain?”

Bri blushes. Considering they’ve never found a topic off-limits for their friendship, that Brianna is embarrassed by disclosing her trade secrets must mean they’re pretty juicy. “I’m not sure I can explain it, and even if I can, who knows if it’ll work for you,” she begins. “You’ll tense up. It’s natural. Try to focus on relaxing into the pain. Submit to it. Then, when I’m in the most pain, I always picture Markus fucking me␣hard and out of control. The anticipation of him taking what’s his turns me on, and morphs the pain into pleasure. I know that sounds lame, but it’s the best I can do.” After a pause, Brianna reaches out to start helping Tiffany undress. “You need to get naked, too. Those are the rules. They’ll be here soon.”

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Buy it now: Amazon | Blushing Books | B & N


Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him.

Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble.

Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle—and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse.

Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive?

Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had?

Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.


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