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Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-revHello and happy Saturday! Hoping you got to sleep in and if you’re like me, part of my Saturday morning routine is to grab a nice hot cup of coffee to enjoy while I catch up on smoking hot #SatSpanks excerpts from some of my favorite authors.

Today, I’m sharing a snippet from Silver’s first spanking with Charlie.  She broke one of the house rules and thought she was catching a break to have Charlie deliver her punishment instead of Gabe. Charlie shows her he knows what he’s doing when he has her upended over his knee.


“Time to lift your skirt up.”

“Excuse me?” she squeaked.

“Punishments are always on the bare.” “But…”

“Yes, on your butt.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“I know what you meant, darlin. Now, it’s time to raise your skirt and lay yourself over my lap. Or would you like some help?”

“No,” she bit out bitterly.

“Want to try that again?” At her confused look, he raised an eyebrow expectantly.

Her heart rate ratcheted up another notch, unable to deny the effect his dominance was having on her. Her tummy felt like it had butterflies in it doing somersaults she was so nervous. She should be petrified of him, like she’d been with Albert, yet she couldn’t feel real fear. Not from Charlie.

“Yes… sir.” She tried the respectful reply.

“Good girl,” he said, beaming. Her hands reached down to start pulling her skirts up to her waist. She moved at a snail’s pace, delaying as long as she could. Charlie’s eyes locked with her own and she was grateful he wasn’t looking at her bare legs as they came into view.

Once she had complied, she started to worry about his next move. Surely he wouldn’t be so improper as to…

“Let’s untie these drawers now, shall we?” His fingers moved nimbly. Her last undergarment fell to the floor around her ankles and she stood bare from the waist down.


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Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker


Emelie Svennson’s dream is to sing on stage. When a musical troupe passes through her home in Wisconsin, she believes her dream will be fulfilled when the leader invites her to be the star of his show. By the time she realizes he is nothing more than an abusive bully and her dream is now her nightmare, she finds herself stranded in San Francisco with no money and on the run from the law.  As she tries to make her way home to her family, she stops in Culpepper Cove and is drawn to the amazing melodies coming from the Red Petticoat Saloon.  The handsome piano player is almost as remarkable as his music.

Charlie Walker adores all of the gems he works with, but from the minute he meets Emelie, he knows there is something special about her. As much as he wants her to stay in Culpepper Cove, the thought of her putting on red petticoats and entertaining men upstairs as Silver cuts him to the core.

As their pasts clash, Charlie will have to work hard to convince his new gem that he will not only love and honor her, but that he won’t hesitate to drag her across his knee for a bare-bottomed spanking that promises to warm more than just her backside.  Can he convince the woman with the voice of an angel that dreams can come true?

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Domestic Discipline: real-life practice v. fiction

I’m so excited to welcome Cara Bristol to my blog.  She’s here talking about a topic near and dear to my heart; domestic discipline.  I’ve dived pretty deep into DD stories with my Corbin’s Bend books and I can’t wait to get my hands on her newest release.  Let’s learn a bit more about it from Cara herself.


Domestic discipline is a lifestyle practice in which one spouse assumes responsibility as leader of the marriage or “head of household” while the other spouse agrees to follow his/her direction. Often, the HoH enforces his or her rules with punishment, often spanking. Like BDSM, domestic discipline is consensual, and there are elements of domination and submission to it, however, it DD not as ritualized as BDSM. The “Taken-in-Hand” or submissive partner has a good idea of what the expectations are, but the rules are less formal, more tacit.

Why would someone submit to DD? Reasons can be as varied as the individuals involved, but generally the Taken-in-Hand likes to held accountable for his/her actions and feels secure having the oversight of a dominant partner.

Domestic Discipline, the romance novella, is a two-story fiction anthology about two couples who practice domestic discipline. Wife on the Lam, is light and humorous, while Rahm’s Way is more intense and delves deeper into domination and submission. There is no right or wrong way to practice domestic discipline, and the two stories show two different DD relationships.

An excerpt from Rahm’s Way, Domestic Discipline

He unfolded his crossed arms. “Instead of sharing your feelings, you sneaked behind my back and presented me with a fait accompli.”

“What good would sharing my feelings have done? You still would have said no.”

“Yes, but we would have talked this out. You agreed that when you and I differed, I would have the final say. Do you think you should be able to pick and choose which rules you should follow?”

Sometimes, yeah, she did. “No,” she replied.

“Don’t you think there should be consequences for disobedience?”

In general, yes. Did she wish she could avoid those consequences, hell, yes! “I guess,” she muttered mutinously. She glanced at his face. He arched his eyebrows. Don’t make it worse for yourself. “I mean, yes, Rahm,” she amended in a more respectful tone.

He unlocked a drawer in his desk and extracted a paddle. “Here?” Cadence squeaked.

He pulled an armless wooden chair away from the small round meeting table adjacent to his desk and sat. “Lower your pants.”

“Rahm, please. Couldn’t we at least wait until tonight? At home?”

“I didn’t choose the time or venue, Cadence, you did.”

She eyed the locked door.

“The walls are thick. No one will hear.”

Her eyes smarted with tears as she undid her pants. She enjoyed funishment as much as the next girl, but ass-blistering discipline? Hated it. She’d burn every one of his paddles if she could get away with it. Rahm approached discipline the same way he did everything else in his life— decisively, swiftly. He kept a number of paddles handy so he could spank on the spot. But she hadn’t known about the one in his desk. She had not missed the discipline spankings while he’d been away. Not one bit.

But she knew when she could push him, and when she couldn’t. She dropped her pants. “Panties, too.”

Domestic Discipline Blurb:

Love, desire, domination, and submission. Two domestic discipline romances by USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol in one volume.

Wife on the Lam

Janelle wants to take a luxury vacation for her wedding anniversary. Despite numerous hints, husband Brent misses all the clues and plans a business trip! Miffed, she flies off alone to a luxury resort. She’s going to celebrate—with or without him.

Brent didn’t have to work. He’d planned a second honeymoon to the luxury Cabana Resort. Janelle might have ruined his surprise, but he’s not going to let her ruin their anniversary, too. He has a little trick up his sleeve to take his errant wife in hand and get their marriage back on track.

Rahm’s Way

Before her military husband left for his tour of duty, Cadence Simmons relied on Rahm’s love, direction, and protection. His absence forced her to become more independent and make decisions for herself. After serving his country, he’s home for good and eager to resume their marriage as it was before. Only Cadence isn’t quite sure she wants things exactly as they were. Can domestic discipline guide this couple through some major changes?

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Author Bio Cara Bristol:

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes “nice and naughty” stories of love, romance, and humor featuring strong alpha heroes. She is a no. 1 bestseller in BDSM erotica, science fiction romance, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She is best known for her Rod and Cane Society domestic discipline series and her Breeder D/s sci-fi romance series. She lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.

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