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Hello to everyone looking for a snippet of one of my current works in progress.   I’m sharing from Having it All, book three in the Passion Series again today.   For those of you who have been itching to get your hands on this one, I really wish I had a release date for you.  I’m still working through details and edits.  In the meantime, I know some of you are in need of your Lukus and Tiffany fix.

The nice, long excerpt below is from early in Having it All when Tiffany and Lukus are just settling into their new relationship dynamics.  For those who might not have read Wanting it  All, you need to know that Lukus owns a BDSM club and has fallen hard for Tiffany, a newbie to the scene.   Oh, what fun we have watching the two of them adjusting to their new reality.   We join them as Tiffany is driving to Lukus’ loft.


According to her dashboard clock, she is already ten minutes late. Luckily, she is past the accident and is exiting the expressway. She takes the time to pull into a gas station to park and to retrieve her phone to make a quick call. He answers on the first ring.

“You’re late.”

That’s so Lukus. “Well, hello to you too. There’s an accident on the Eisenhower. I’m past it now. I should be there in about ten minutes.”

“Great. I’m starving. I cooked. I think you’re going to like it.”

“So you don’t want me to cook after a long day of working, but you get to cook?”

“Yep. I make the rules, remember?”

“Hmmm. I don’t recall agreeing to that.”

“Oh, I’m sure you meant to. It’s front and center in that contract I’ve been trying to get you to read through. The rules are outlined right before agreeing to let me spank that beautiful ass of yours when you break one of them.” His deep chuckle reassures her, yet the mention of the contract throws her into a whole new level of anxiety.

She is lost in thought long enough that Lukus has to make sure she is still there. “Hey, did I lose you?”

“No, I’m here.”

“You’re thinking again, aren’t you?”

“I have a brain. I tend to think from time to time, yes.”

“Sass. You are so full of sass, Miss O’Sullivan. Talk.”

Tiffany hates that even over the phone he can read her like a book. “It’s nothing.”


“You know I hate you counting.”

“You know I hate you hiding things from me.”

He patiently waits thirty long seconds knowing she will eventually cave. She always does. “You mentioned the contract again. I told you Lukus, I don’t want a contract between us.”

“And I told you, baby, it’s not meant to be some binding document. It is just gonna help me understand where your head is at on a few things, that’s all.”

“And I told you, honey, that we don’t need a piece of paper to do that. Just ask me. Talk to me.”

“This isn’t the time or the place for this conversation. I need to see your eyes.   You can’t hide anything from me when I can see your eyes.”

An unladylike snort erupts from Tiffany. “Believe me, you don’t need to see my eyes. Sometimes I think you have secret cameras watching me. It is spooky how you can read me even over the phone.”

“Hey, not a bad idea. Okay, you should almost be here by now. I’ll let Derek know. He’s gonna meet you at the entrance and will park your car for you. I don’t want you walking in the alley alone after dark.”

“It’s barely dark. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

“Must you argue with me at every turn? Can’t you at least let me pretend I might have a chance at controlling this relationship like the Dom that I am?”

Tiff wants to be angry, but as always when he gets bossy, she knows he is only trying to protect her. It helps her answer without so much as a trace of annoyance. “I’m sorry. I’ll be happy to let Derek park my car.”

“Thank you. Was that so hard?”

“I guess not.”

“Great. You here yet?”

‘Oh no.’

“Um, not quite yet. I’ll be there in like ten minutes.”

“You said that ten minutes ago.”

“Well, since I’m not moving, that’s still the plan.”

Silence greets her until he proves once again he has secret cameras watching her. “You didn’t use your new Bluetooth, did you?”

“Damn. How do you do that? No, I didn’t charge it, okay? I’m sorry. But I did pull over to use my phone instead of calling you while I was driving. That has to count for something.”

“We’ll talk about this when I see you.”




“Derek is gonna give you the code for the alley door. Hang a hard left when you get in the door; that hall will take you to the back of house, and the elevator to my loft. I also programmed your code for all of the doors you’ll need to pass through.”

“But not the actual club.”   The annoyance in her tone is back.

“Tiff. We discussed this. You aren’t ready for the club yet. Hell, I’m not ready to have you in the club yet.”

“I don’t understand. Bri and I used to go to BDSM clubs years ago.   I’m not going to freak out.”

“We’ll talk when you get here. Hang up and drive.”

“So bossy.”

“So sassy.”


“Bye, baby.”


Want to see how they met?  Start here with Wanting it All  Amazon | Blushing | B&N 

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