A First Time for Everything – Including Spankings #SatSpanks

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So it’s a new year and one of my resolutions was to start participating in some of the wonderful weekly blog hops that I’ve been a long time fan of as a reader. Of course, that list includes the #SatSpanks blog.  My only complaint is the eight sentence restriction. Anyone who has read my work knows I write long, meaty books. Trying to pick just eight sentences is kind of like asking a mom to pick her favorite kid.

My snippet is from my recently released book, Life’s Unexpected Gifts, a Corbin’s Bend Season Two story. My heroine, Hallie, has been a victim of abuse in her past and is struggling to understand why anyone would consent to a spanking. Her new boyfriend, Troy, has come up with a creative way to introduce her to her first erotic spanking. We join them in progress.

Hallie is so close to coming that she shuts her eyes, about to lose herself in pleasure when she feels his right hand leave her ass before coming crashing down on her flesh… hard. Her eyes fly open to see the look of pure mischief in his chocolate brown eyes. She barely registers what’s happened when she feels the burn spreading through her ass cheek. It feels warm and not unpleasant.

He’s stopped completely, waiting for her to say something. Waiting for her consent to continue.

“Don’t stop! Again!”

With relief, Troy pulls her up again to resume their pounding coupling. This time Hallie watches his eyes carefully and can see when he’s decided to land his next spank.

Wow, that was short. The next paragraph was downright steamy! Too bad I had to cut it off there. 🙂 You might need to buy a copy here if you want more.

Happy New Year! I hope you’ll take the time to visit the other wonderful authors found below.

Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy

8 thoughts on “A First Time for Everything – Including Spankings #SatSpanks

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  2. Welcome! I too am not a fan of limitations – especially eight sentences, but without it I’d be sitting here reading all day. This was steamy and I’m looking forward to reading the next paragraph.

  3. I agree that eight sentences is a bit too short. I write in shorter sentences too so I’m always struggling to post something worth checking out. I’d vote for at least 10. 🙂

    That, said – your snippet was hot!

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