A Naughty Girl Spanking for Rachel Part 2 #6BestHop

ProtectingItAllHello! If you visited me yesterday for #SatSpanks, you know I shared part one of this scene.  If you missed it, you might want to start here.  Let’s see what Master Markus is being asked to do while Rachel’s daddy is out of town.


He had known Derek and Rachel their entire relationship, yet this request would put them into new territory. Markus mulled over the implications, glancing first at his wife having fun in the kitchen, and then Aiden and Josh before he made his decision.

He put on his ‘Dom mask’ before answering strictly. “To the corner with you. Nose tight, and pull those panties down so we can all get a look at that naughty bottom of yours.”

Rachel was an exhibitionist. His stern command had her skipping off to the corner, happy with the turn of events. As Markus reached for his own cell phone, he could see both Aiden and Josh shifting uncomfortably in their seats, their eyes focused on the sexy scene before them.

Derek answered on the third ring. “Hey there. I was wondering if you’d call.”

“Master Markus reporting in. Are you asking me to do what I think you are?”

“If you don’t mind, yeah. I can see I’m gonna be gone longer than I thought, and Rach needs her bottom warmed good each night before bed. It centers her. She could stand to be diapered and bottled tonight, too, but that might be asking too much.”

Now Markus’s cock was growing thick. “You think?” he choked out. “Listen, you just worry about bringing Davenport down so life can go back to normal around here, okay? Master Markus will take care of your baby tonight.”

“Thanks, man,” Derek said.

“No problem. Let Lukus know things are going good here at the loft.”

“Will do.” The call dropped.

Markus’s eyes connected with his beautiful wife’s as she carried the tray full of bowls of ice cream over to the great room, placing it in the center of the coffee table. Tiffany delivered bowls to her brother and Josh, while Bri came in with one big bowl for her and Markus to share. She plopped down into his lap, snuggling in close.

“I missed you, sir.” Her lips nibbled at his neck, bringing his cock to full attention.

“I missed you more, sweetheart. It also seems Rachel is missing Derek.” He pulled away a few inches so he could look into her eyes as he asked, “How would you feel about me delivering a punishment to her tonight for Master Derek?”

He could see her surprise, but was relieved to discover there was no jealousy there. “Would she be able to eat ice cream then?”


“Then, sure. As long as I get to watch.” Bri’s own pupils were dilating as she obviously contemplated watching her friend being punished. She glanced over at Rachel in the corner, her bottom pushed out enticingly.

Markus couldn’t help but chuckle. “Some friend you are. You look absolutely excited to see her get her ass lit up.”

She grinned back. “Hey, I’m a masochist. I can’t help it.”

Brianna might be taking the strange request in her stride, but Tiffany was scandalized. “You’re fucking kidding me! You wouldn’t dare.”

Markus grinned back. “Oh, little girl, your fiancé has already given me carte blanche to punish you any way I see fit when you are in my care. I’d watch that mouth. I happen to know how your Dom handles that potty mouth of yours.”

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Jake Davenport is still on the loose, and Lukus Mitchell and Markus Lambert have had enough. They won’t rest until the sadistic Dom who is threatening their women is behind bars…or dead.  They don’t care which. Lukus assembles a team of his top security personnel and heads to California leaving Markus and Tiffany’s cop brother, Aiden, in Chicago to keep Tiffany and Brianna safe, locked down in the loft at The Punishment Pit.

Derek’s brother Dylan is already there, staking out the predator, feeling helpless as he watches Jake lure innocent women into his nest of consensual, but brutal, sexual websites. When Jake turns his eye to Hannah Martine, Dylan decides he’s done with just watching.

Hannah moved across the country trying to escape the demons of her past, but the fresh start she’s hoping for is cut short when Jake presses her to accept a tempting job that will solve her financial woes. Once he gets her alone, the sadist uses humiliation, drugs and brutal force to try to bend Hannah to his will.

Everything comes to a head when Lukus and the gang realize only someone on the inside can get close enough to collect evidence of the illegal activities needed to put Davenport away. Dylan is furious they are even considering sending the innocent woman he has strong feelings for anywhere near the monster trying to break her.

Will Hannah have the strength to walk back into the demon’s lair? And even if she does, will the threat against Brianna and Tiffany be dissolved? Jake is obsessed with the women from his past, and as authorities close in, he will become desperate for his revenge against Lukus and Markus.

This is Book 4 of Livia Grant’s sexy Passion Series – a roller-coaster of suspense, emotion, heartfelt love and darkest desires.

Publisher’s note: This book contains graphic descriptions of BDSM, explicit sex scenes, dub-con elements and more. If such material offends you, please do not read.

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  1. Definitely sounds like a full house, though Derek and and Lukus are clearly missing. I’m glad Bri isn’t jealous, though I don’t think I’d like my guy punishing another girl in front of me. It’s much too intimate. Tiffany clearly doesn’t care for Marcus doing it, either. Makes for a good scene.

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