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Welcome to my entry for #WIPitUp Wednesday!  If you’ve visited my blog the last few Wednesdays, you know I’ve been sharing excerpts from Having it All, book three in the Passion Series.  I’m thrilled to have forward movement with publishing that book and hope to have a release date to share very soon.

I thought I’d switch gears this week and share the first scene of a new book I just finished writing called Blessed Betrayal.   I am honored to be part of the Erotic Collective, a group of several Hall of Fame authors from  We are coming together to put out a new anthology in May called Twist where all of the stories will have surprise twists in the plots.  I had a lot of fun writing my contribution.

Short Blurb for Blessed Betrayal:

The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is that they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.

Unedited Chapter One:

“I’m sorry, Cali.  I know it isn’t what you wanted to hear, but the test was negative.”

Her hopeful apprehension morphed to dread. “Are you sure?  Should we do another test?”

Dr. Galloway smiled indulgently.  “That won’t be necessary.  The tests are very reliable.  I’m sure you took one at home as well, didn’t you?”

“Yes.”  Her dejected reply was barely a whisper.

“Then you already know that taking another test would just be a waste.”  The OBGYN doctor wheeled his rolling stool closer to the exam table to pat Cali’s knee in a fatherly way.  “I know you and your husband are anxious to get your family started, but you’re only twenty-four.  You have plenty of time.  We have a lot of options we haven’t tried yet.”

Cali struggled to hold back her tears.  How could she tell her kind doctor how important it was for her to get pregnant?

He continued on with his instructions.  “I think it’s time for us to do testing on your husband.  Since we haven’t found any smoking gun on your side of the equation, it’s time to take a look at Mr. Bennett’s sperm count and mobility.  That will help me decide our next steps.”

“I don’t know about that, Dr. Galloway.  Kevin is so busy with his job.  He joined his father’s law firm last year and is working crazy hours.  I doubt he can come in for an appointment.”   Cali didn’t know how to tell the good doctor that her husband had made it very clear that giving him an heir was her responsibility and the only help he planned on contributing to the process was a ‘daily hard fuck’.   The array of bruises scattered across her body were proof he was living up to his hard promise.

Calista trembled as she realized her temporary veil of protection had fallen with the negative test result. Kevin was more gentle with her during the weeks of the month she might be in the process of forming a fragile new life.  For the last year, each month the results were negative, he not only deemed it his responsibility to punish her for failing him yet again, but he then proceeded to make up for lost time.  The next two weeks of her life were going to be hell.

No.  She couldn’t tell the kind doctor that.

“What would he have to do?”

The doctor got a wolfish grin.  “Us men have it pretty easy, to be honest.  You poor women get poked and prodded with all kinds of needles and drugs.  Your husband just needs to come in and give us a deposit of his sperm.  He’ll have a private room and will be able to bring along reading or viewing material he might need to help.  All in all, the men have it pretty good in this deal.”

How right he was.  “Okay, I’ll talk to him about it.”

“Sounds good.  Keep your chin up.  We’ve done a lot of tests and I see no reason why you can’t get pregnant.  It’s gonna happen when the time is right and not a minute before.”

She forced a smile to hide her growing sense of dread.  “Thanks again, doctor.  I’ll see you next time.”

As Calista redressed, she said a small prayer that Kevin would be in a good mood when he got home today.  He’d been out of town on business the last two days.  Since passing the bar exam, he had been working eighty hours a week or more and in truth, he was gone so much it made her life less stressful most of the time.  Unfortunately, he still checked in at home often enough to dump his dirty laundry and contribute his duty to operation ‘give me an heir.

Sitting at a stop light on the drive home, Cali once again questioned why she stayed with her husband.  He had changed so much since they got married almost two years before.  He had always been dominant… demanding.  The problem was he’d begun to take the definition of dominant to a whole new level.  Cali used to think of herself as a submissive.  Lately, she felt more like a well-worn doormat.


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12 thoughts on “Blessed Betrayal – New WIP for #WiPitUp Wednesday

  1. This is amazing… poor Calista; I do hope she leaves that bastard Kevin. Love the blurb, brilliant concept, great title. Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG I love this! I can’t wait to read it in Twist! You write so freaking well, I am impatiently waiting. Maybe I’ll get to beta read for you when we all swap for the Erotic Collective!!

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer. I’m thrilled to be in this Erotic Collective set. Can’t wait to read your story too! That would be sweet if we get to beta for each other. 🙂

  3. That sounds really good. When is it coming out? Also when is the third book of wanting it all coming out?
    Big hugs. Laurel

    • Thank you so much Laurel. I made myself cry a couple of times as I wrote this book. I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope everyone else is too. As for Having it All, I have some forward movement (yippy!!) and hope to have an official release date soon. I could be as early as mid-late April. 🙂 Can’t freaking wait!!

  4. I do not approve of Kevin at all, and will be waiting for something horrid to happen to him. 🙂 Also, I better get writing my story. Halfway done, and that clock’s ticking!

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