Introducing Livia Grant writing as Livia Bourne:

Alpha’s Capture
Release Date: June 19, 2019

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Khalil and his elite team of Alpha warriors are strong, honorable, and completely bored babysitting their princess on a peacekeeping mission. Although the disobedient, sassy female Zahara does make things interesting for Khalil – until everything goes wrong.

Attacked. Abducted from their spaceship. Caged.

The Trakonians are the most vile and dangerous males in the galaxy, and they have developed their greatest weapon, a drug called Fragment with multiple devious forms. One that brings insanity, one that freezes you in place with pain… and the worst of all, ‘heat.’ This time the enemy doesn’t just want to kill them, they want to use Khalil’s team of Alphas for entertainment.

Driven into a crazed rut by the chemical heat, there is no way to resist, no way to be honorable, and the vulnerable females from their ship are going to suffer.

Author’s Note: Alpha’s Capture is the first yummy episode in the Caged Alpha serial. If you enjoy a gritty sci-fi adventure that devolves into a raw and sexy omegaverse tale with a reluctant reverse harem, this is the series for you.Blessed Betrayal
Can tragedy lead to a second chance at love?
Release Date:  Oct 5, 2018

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Beautiful. Rich and… Betrayed.
Calista’s perfect life is destroyed when an ugly truth is revealed.
Handsome. Successful and…Trapped.
Nickolas has it all, but appearances can be deceiving. He is sinking under the weight of the lie his life has become, but sees no way out.
Until a twist of fate. 
Can these two strangers get past their fear and anger to build a new life together? To see the blessing in betrayal?Royalty, American Style – King of Baseball
Harper refuses to be the next notch on his bedpost.
Release Date:  December 4th, 2017
Publisher: Black Collar Press

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Playboy Colton King is American royalty… sports royalty that is. The MLB all-star is also the newest millionaire bachelor in an R-rated cable reality show. Six gorgeous women are prepared to do anything to win him as their prize. So why does he only want the one woman on the set he’s not supposed to have?

Harper Gardener wasn’t supposed to be part of the show, but when Colton turns his charms in her direction, she finds resistance is futile. Can you make it out with her heart still in tact and without being made the fool on national television?


Out of print stories


Melting Silver
Red Petticoat Saloon Series
Release Date: August 24, 2016
Publisher: Blushing Books


Emelie Svennson’s dream is to sing on stage. When a musical troupe passes through her home in Wisconsin, she believes her dream will be fulfilled when the leader invites her to be the star of his show. By the time she realizes he is nothing more than an abusive bully and her dream is now her nightmare, she finds herself stranded in San Francisco with no money and on the run from the law. As she tries to make her way home to her family, she stops in Culpepper Cove and is drawn to the amazing melodies coming from the Red Petticoat Saloon. The handsome piano player is almost as remarkable as his music.

Charlie Walker adores all of the gems he works with, but from the minute he meets Emelie, he knows there is something special about her. As much as he wants her to stay in Culpepper Cove, the thought of her putting on red petticoats and entertaining men upstairs as Silver cuts him to the core.

As their pasts clash, Charlie will have to work hard to convince his new gem that he will not only love and honor her, but that he won’t hesitate to drag her across his knee for a bare-bottomed spanking that promises to warm more than just her backside. Can he convince the woman with the voice of an angel that dreams can come true?

Call Sign: Thunder
Military Bad Boy Rescues Kidnapped Co-ed
Release Date:  July 3, 2017
Publisher: Blushing Books


Allison Benson wants to cut loose as an exchange student in Colombia, finally away from her father’s overbearing protectiveness for the first time. But she grows careless and soon finds herself being kidnapped, headed for certain hell on earth.

Captain Zachary Garrett shouldn’t even be on the ground in the Colombian forest, but the helicopter he was piloting was shot down behind enemy lines. When he hears a distinctly American, distinctly female voice screaming for help, he realizes that he is probably the only hope the beautiful woman has of escape.

After he has returned her to safety, she disappears from his life, but he can’t stop thinking about Allie. They spent just a few hours together, so how and why was she able to get under his skin in so short a time? More importantly, does she feel the same way about him? Should he try to find her, to see if they can turn a short, sizzling encounter into something more?

Publisher’s Note: This fast-paced military romance with action adventure and suspense that will keep you on edge.

   USA Today Bestseller!

13415648_613352935497164_6846681082762959689_o (2)Hero to Obey: Twenty-Two Naughty Military Romance Stories is packed with ALL-NEW sexy novellas, penned by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors of BDSM romance.

Your hot, dominant military heroes are waiting—and they expect your complete submission.

Featured authors: Selena Kitt, Paige Tyler, Sierra Cartwright, Alta Hensley, Sue Lyndon, Renee Rose, Vanessa Vale, Desiree Holt, Abbie Adams, Tabitha Black, Zoe Blake, Bethany Burke, Alexa Day, Livia Grant, Yasmine Hyde, Isabella Kole, Cerise Noble, Kate Richards, Maggie Ryan, Lee Savino, Maren Smith, and Maddie Taylor.

★HOTTEST box set of the summer!!★

51FohvMWZKL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Finally a Family
Windy City Anthology – Holiday Boxed Set
Scheduled Release Date: November, 26 2015
Publisher: Windy City RWA Chapter

Curl up and feed your soul with A LOVELY MEAL. A collection of fourteen delicious novellas of romance and recipes that will be sure to leave you satisfied. From the sweet tastes of sugar cookies and kisses to the sensuous bite of vodka and mint, this collection has a flavor to please every appetite. Windy City RWA is proud to present A LOVELY MEAL. All proceeds will go to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.

More the Merrier Two Anthology
My story: Six Hours

Release Date:    October 7, 2015
Publisher: Erotic Collective


When Emma Fischer is stranded in the south of France, she’s short on cash and unable to speak French. The friend she’d been traveling with deserts her to gallivant around Europe leaving Emma on her own to navigate from the French Riviera to Paris in time to catch her flight back home to Wisconsin.

Jaxson Davidson and Chase Cartright are high-demand fashion models, in France for a shoot. Sparks fly when they come to Emma’s rescue at the train station. The men have their pick of women, but they recognize curvy Emma is exactly the type of woman they prefer to spend time with. The best friends invite her to join them in their private berth for the six-hour ride to Paris.

Emma gets on the train a girl, but the intimate time spent in the men’s arms turn her into a woman. Her only problem is surviving the good-bye.

Six Hours is a M/m/f erotic romance novella with explicit ménage sex scenes and light BDSM.

Sting of Lust Boxed Set

Release Date: September 8, 2015
Publisher: Excite SpicestingoflustLARGE3D

Psychology of Submission
Corbin’s Bend Season Three
Release Date: 6/4/15
Publisher: Blushing Books


Traci Jackson has been a therapist in Corbin’s Bend for several years. She’s helped many residents navigate their own D/s and DD relationships, but she hasn’t found her own HoH. Through her patients, she’s been researching and writing about the dynamics of dominance and submission in relationships for years. She loves her field, but she hates attending professional conventions where she’s treated like her specialty isn’t valid.

Sean Campbell is juggling raising his teenage daughter alone in Chicago while running a large convention hotel. When the annual psychologist convention comes to town, he literally bumps into the most beautiful and intelligent woman he’s met in a long time. He gets the surprise of his life when he finds out her specialty is D/s with an emphasis on corporal punishment.

They may find sparks from the minute they meet, but Traci and Sean have more than just the long distance between Chicago and Corbin’s Bend separating them. Sean has never heard of domestic discipline before. Will Traci pack up and leave Corbin’s Bend to be with the man she’s falling in love with, even if he can never be her true HoH?

11041764_426560714190965_8675910372527966878_n 2

Twist Anthology Boxed Set
My Story: Blessed Betrayal
Release Date
:  5/13/15
Publisher: Self-Published with Erotic Collective

Do you know how the story ends?
Eight BRAND NEW stories. NO CLIFFHANGERS. Over 700 pages of incredibly hot erotic action!
Indulge yourself with this boxed set collection of eight complete stories.

A Touch of Blackmail by Tara Crescent – Natalie can never say ‘no’ to a dare. But when the challenge is to blackmail her hot, dominant co-worker, things are about to get a lot more interesting.

Blessed Betrayal by Livia Grant – The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.

Of Fog and Fire by Jennifer Bene – Phee isn’t what anyone would call normal. She grew up dreaming of faeries, forest queens, and kings of fire – all while she was poor, and trapped in the dense fog south of downtown. A normal girl would have never teased and flirted with Bryant Holbrook, a normal girl would have just served him lunch, but normal girls have very boring lives.

The Penitents by Sophie Kisker – Twenty years ago, Leina’s people almost destroyed Samiel’s. Now she must pay a terrible price to earn his forgiveness, and the forgiveness of his people.

The First Time by Christine Hart – All the pieces are there. She’s attractive, smart, elegant, classy and the perfect submissive. Or is she? One piece of the puzzle doesn’t quite fit.

The Fairy Captive by Alice Schermer – Janet gets lost in the woods, and finds trouble in the form of a handsome stranger. A modern take on an old tale.

Open Your Eyes by Livnah A. Eden – Life is a cycle of beginnings and endings. The key is to recognize each for what it is and to make the best of them. Bree’s cards have been read and her destiny is in her own hands. Fate is hers for the making and she will be faced with choices that may take her on a new path and could change her life forever. Her journey begins with her self-proclaimed rebirth. Will it end in fortune or in ruin?

Trucker’s Curse by Richard North – Jim lives a lonely life as a trucker, keeping himself apart from women in order to protect them from his terrible, seductive power. Now he finds himself hunted by Lisa, a woman seeking to eradicate the potential threat he represents to all womankind. As the two of them journey north, can Jim find a way to convince Lisa of his honorable nature, or will he betray his conscience and become the very monster she came to destroy?

NOTE: This anthology contains many explicit scenes. It is intended for mature readers.

Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy

Corbin’s Bend Series
Release Date: 12/18/14
Publisher: Blushing Books

Violence has been part of Hallie Boudreaux’s life for too long. Deciding all men are barbaric abusers, she’s once again on the run away from danger. Desperate to feel safe, if even for a few days, Hallie remembers the only time she had felt truly happy in the last seven years were the summers spent at her Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam’s. Taking a chance her aunt might take her in, Hallie points her dilapidated car towards Corbin’s Bend, praying she makes it there before her clunker takes its last gasp.

Troy Jackson can’t wait to surprise his sister on her 30th birthday. He’s recently moved back to Colorado to be closer to his only relative, Traci, a psychologist living in Corbin’s Bend. The surprise is on Troy when his normally conscientious sister runs amok on her big birthday proving that even intelligent, independent women still need the stern guidance of the men in their lives. Having grown up with loving parents who practiced the domestic discipline way of life, both Traci and Troy subscribe to the founding principles of the Corbin’s Bend community wholeheartedly.

Hallie’s family is thrilled to have her in Corbin’s Bend, but can Hallie come to terms with living in a community based on its endorsement of spanking, a practice Hallie sees as abuse. Can Traci’s counseling help her overcome her fear in order to accept her new life in Corbin’s Bend, or is it Traci’s brother who ultimately has the power to show Hallie that not all men are abusers?

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