Brianna’s first intimate punishment from her husband

We made it to release day for  Securing it All!  Today I’m sharing the first intimate punishment scene after Markus arrives back at The Punishment Pit to pick up his wayward wife, Brianna.  He is struggling to not only forgive her, but more importantly, to assume the role of her Dom after pushing that part of himself down deep for over three years.


As his beautiful wife situates herself over his lap, Markus is filled with a forgotten cocktail of feelings. He feels surges of both dominance and dread at the thought of having to discipline his wife. It feels both better – and worse – preparing to punish Brianna than Georgie; Georgie was so submissive in every way that she almost never earned a real punishment. For that reason, almost all of their sessions had felt more like staged scenes, all part of the D/s game.

Tonight feels totally different. It’s real. Intimate. He can’t deny the Dom in him can’t wait to feel his sexy wife wiggling across his lap, grinding into his cock as she learns her lesson. The powerful feelings coursing through him are intoxicating as he takes a few minutes before starting to simply massage his wife’s lower back, ass and thighs, admiring the evidence of her previous punishments still visible across her bottom.

Overshadowing his feeling of dominance is his feeling of responsibility to her – to protect, cherish and guide her when she gets off course, to punish her when she needs to learn an important lesson. The fact that she trusts him enough to play this important role in her life humbles him and he’s surprised to find himself dreading having to actually hurt her. He’s always hated to hear Bri cry for any reason, and he knows he’s going to have to harden his heart tonight against her impending tears.

‘This is what she needs and you know it, Lambert. Hell, it’s what you both need, so don’t be such a pussy.’

The first spank to her right butt cheek surprises Brianna and even though it isn’t necessarily that hard, she gasps. Plunging in, Markus delivers a quick dozen swats spread evenly across his wife’s already pink ass. He’s proud of her for not trying to squirm out of position or cover her bottom.

“Good girl staying still. I forgot to tell you to reach your hands out above your head on the bed. I don’t want you to bring them back to your ass. I don’t want to accidentally hurt your hand. Do you understand?”

She replies quietly. “Yes, Markus.”

Giving her ass a sound spank, Markus reminds her. “During a punishment you will call me ‘Sir.’”

“Yes, Sir.”

Markus resumes a steady rhythm of hard, open-handed spanks as he lectures his wife to make sure she is learning her lesson. “Good girl. Now, Brianna, tell me again why you’re being punished tonight.”

“Because I cheated on you with Jake and put our marriage in danger.”

He delivers several harder spanks to her ass, causing her to flinch and wiggle in his lap. “Yes. That’s pretty serious, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m so very sorry, Sir.”

“I know you are. Why else are you being punished?”

“Because I lied to you.” As the loud, steady whacking sound of hard spanks fills the room, her wiggling gets worse, but so far she’s been able to keep her hands above her as he’s told her to.

“That’s right. I will not tolerate lies, Brianna. You will be severely punished each and every time I find out you lied to me. Is that understood?”

“Oh, God! Yes, Sir. I understand.”

Markus hears the quaver in her voice and can detect she’s starting to cry. He hates that he can feel his cock beginning to throb as it’s trapped beneath her wiggling tummy. It feels so wrong that he’s getting turned on by her vulnerability, at least up until he hears the telltale moan that escapes his beautiful wife after a particularly fast volley of spanks to her sensitive sit-spot.

“Brianna Nicole Lambert, you had best not be getting close to coming, do you hear me?”

“Oh please, Markus. I’ve dreamed of you spanking me like this for so long now that I’m so turned on. Please, can’t I come?”

He can’t help but chuckle. “Oh, I think I’m in big trouble here. I can see I’m going to have to come up with some other creative ways to punish you that you actually don’t like. Either that or you’re going to start being more and more naughty just so you can get a sound, hard spanking on this beautiful bottom of yours. I can see I’m going to have to give this some thought. You will not come. Not yet. We aren’t even close to done yet.”

Securing It All Cover 500x755


A shattered marriage is rebuilt for one couple while their two best friends navigate a newly formed relationship – both against the backdrop of the BDSM culture.
Brianna Lambert’s infidelity has come with a heavy price. Being handed over by her husband for punishment by his friend and experienced dominant, Master Lukus, has not only revealed Brianna’s deep submissive nature, but allowed Markus to finally expose his hidden past as a dominant. Now the couple revives their marriage with a new dynamic – and new rules. Markus will no longer just be Brianna’s husband, but her Dom, and in the Punishment Pit where they once again found each other, Markus begins his beautiful wife’s training.

But they aren’t the only couple charting new ground. Master Lukus had no idea when he met Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany, that he could fall so quickly for a woman. But Tiffany’s experience with BDSM has been limited to that of a spectator. Can Master Lukus turn her smoldering interest in the lifestyle into a full flame of passion? Even as his best friend Markus, trains his wayward wife, Lukus find himself with the challenge of introducing Tiffany into his world of pain and pleasure.

Securing it All, Passion Series, Book Two will be released on Wednesday, September 24th.


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  1. I love this scene! He cares for her so very much – enough to fix what went wrong instead of walking away. I look forward to reading about their new journey together.


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