Countdown to Securing it All

After dreaming of becoming a published author for so long, the fact that my second book will be published in just a couple of days is exciting. I’m thrilled with the reception book one in the series, Wanting it All, has received.  I’m looking forward to the reaction to Securing it All from those fans that enjoyed book one.

Yesterday, I shared an early scene from the book between Markus and Brianna on Thianna D’s website. Check it out here if you missed it!  Click Here Today, I’d like to share an early scene between Lukus and Tiffany as they are getting to know each other.  Tiffany is a total newbie to the BDSM scene and is having second thoughts about staying at Master Lukus’ loft.

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When Tiffany finally opens her eyes, he can see the glossy sheen of her tears. He continues to speak gently. “First, thank you for being honest with me about wanting to leave. This will never work if you hide your feelings from me. Now, if you feel uncomfortable at my place, that’s okay. I can fix that. I can take you home to your place or to a neutral downtown hotel with lots of wonderful amenities to spoil you. Just tell me where you’ll feel comfortable and I’ll make it happen. But walking away is not an option, Tiffany. I won’t allow that to happen. I’m not letting you out of my sight until we can get a handle on whatever the hell it is that’s happening between us.”

When she remains silent, he continues. “And for the record, you couldn’t be more wrong. The fact you think this is just a normal day for me just proves you don’t know me as well as you seem to think you do. Maybe – just maybe – you should give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove I don’t deserve it. You think you can do that?”

He can see the hope flicker in her eyes. He detects her slight nod as her only reply. “So, where’s all that sass now, Miss O’Sullivan?” he asks, grinning. “You’ve got me hooked on your beautiful, sassy mouth. Don’t tell me you’re all out of jibes for me.”

He knows he’s succeeded at breaking through her defenses when Tiff’s shy smile returns. “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll never run out of sass. Maybe I’m just being careful to use it more wisely. After all, I’m not entirely sure I understand all the rules of the game we’re playing.”

Lukus is suddenly serious again. “Oh baby, that’s your whole problem. This isn’t a game, at least not for me. Nothing has felt this real to me in a very long time.” Tiff sucks in a sharp breath, surprised by his admission. “Why me, Lukus? Seriously…”

Lukus moves his fingers to her lips, effectively shushing her. “Stop. Enough analyzing. We have plenty of time for that later. Tonight, let it be enough to know it’s because you look amazing in my favorite shirt.”

Tiff’s playful smile tells him she’s pleased. “This is really your favorite shirt?”

Lukus’ smile turns predatory. “It is now,” he says, and watches surprise flicker in her eyes. As their gaze remains locked, Lukus expertly seeks out the few buttons holding his favorite shirt closed. He feels lower, unbuttoning each button slowly until none remain.


I can hear the collective groan for stopping there.  Sorry, but the good news is you only have two more days to wait to see if they finally consummate the dance they started in book one.


A shattered marriage is rebuilt for one couple while their two best friends navigate a newly formed relationship – both against the backdrop of the BDSM culture.
Brianna Lambert’s infidelity has come with a heavy price. Being handed over by her husband for punishment by his friend and experienced dominant, Master Lukus, has not only revealed Brianna’s deep submissive nature, but allowed Markus to finally expose his hidden past as a dominant. Now the couple revives their marriage with a new dynamic – and new rules. Markus will no longer just be Brianna’s husband, but her Dom, and in the Punishment Pit where they once again found each other, Markus begins his beautiful wife’s training.

But they aren’t the only couple charting new ground. Master Lukus had no idea when he met Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany, that he could fall so quickly for a woman. But Tiffany’s experience with BDSM has been limited to that of a spectator. Can Master Lukus turn her smoldering interest in the lifestyle into a full flame of passion? Even as his best friend Markus, trains his wayward wife, Lukus find himself with the challenge of introducing Tiffany into his world of pain and pleasure.

Securing it All, Passion Series, Book Two will be released on Wednesday, September 24th.

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14 thoughts on “Countdown to Securing it All

  1. Hey Livia, Congrats on the website. Looks beautiful. I am so looking forward to the its releases. I loved the excerpt. I know the book will be great judging by book #1. Sadly, I have to work on release day but I will grab my Ipad during breaks and on lunch. Woo Hoo, So stoked. I know this will go straight to #1 on the best seller list.

    • Thanks so much, Jules! I am so excited too and can’t wait to hear what you think. I would be careful reading some of the scenes at work. Let’s just say they are not safe for work 🙂

      • I know what you mean. I have read a few books that should be labeled: Do NOT Read in Public. I usually read in my car at the far end of the parking lot.

  2. I love your writing. I found you on Lit. and read everything you posted. I am happy things are going so well for you. It seems to be happening so fast.
    Looking forward to the next book.

    • Thanks so much, Cherry. I know what you mean about things moving fast. I am trying to stay focused on writing more, but have been side tracked with publishing and my website activities. I’m still trying to find a balance. Thanks for your support! I’m so lucky to have fans like you at this early phase of my writing career.

  3. I have my Kindle card bought and ready for the release. I know it will be great. I am so glad you posted pics of who you envisioned. Wow, Lukus is one HOT guy. Markus is not to bad either.

  4. Good news! I checked my schedule and I, in fact, DO have release off work. Going to spend the day reading your book. I am so excited.

  5. I see it is up on Blushing but I only buy on Amazon. Hopefully it will be up sometime Thursdays on Amazon. Looking forward to reading it.

    • I am sorry Jule! I was worried this might happen. It happened last time too. It hit Blushing late in the day and Amazon twelve hours later. Maybe next time I’ll announce the date as the day AFTER it is supposed to happen. Don’t buy it from Blushing anyway because there is an error and the book is coming up as empty for those who do buy it there. I’ve reported the error to my editor and Blushing. I hope they get that fixed asap. Night!

  6. I just downloaded Securing it All. Sadly, I have to get ready for work. I will read a bit on my lunch hour. I do not know what time it went live on Amazon. I checked just before midnight Eastern time and it was not up then. Maybe it was a good thing as I would not have gotten much sleep if I had it late last night. Well, I am off to work. I’ll post my review after I finish and give you a shout out as I read. Congrats! JULE

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