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Happy 2016!  I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s celebration and that things are off to a fabulous start for you so far.   We are in a new release countdown with only three weeks until Protecting it All comes out on January 23rd. For Passion Series fans, you know Jake Davenport is the man we love to hate. If you are like me, I found myself shouting at Hannah not to trust him. But alas, she didn’t listen and early in the story finds herself locked in his home, having been drugged by the devious man attempting to consume her life.


Jake moved behind his desk, sitting in his chair, cradling her too gently in his arms. For a moment it felt nice, as he stroked her long, sandy-blonde hair intimately. She had just about convinced herself she’d been imagining the danger when she noticed the heavy steel rings attached every few inches along the exterior edge of Jake’s desk. They lined the top and bottom edge of the desk. They seemed like a strange choice in decor.

“This is an odd desk.” Her own words sounded distant.

“It’s a special desk. I like to engage in unique activities in my office. This desk is an important part of that.”

“Activities?” Her tongue felt thick, making the single word sound distorted to her ears.

“Let’s call them performance evaluation activities. I am a precise man. I require precise performance from my employees. If they miss the mark, I enjoy correcting employees in order to help improve their performance.”


Protecting it All is book four in the Passion Series. All of the characters you know and love are a major part of the story, but we will also meet Hannah Martine and several of her friends as they become the focus of Jake’s crazy.  Can Lukus and the gang from Titan Securities protect Hannah before it’s too late and will Dylan be able to convince her that not all men prey on women like her would-be employer?  Most important, will Jake get what he deserves for terrorizing women?

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8 thoughts on “Dangerous Bosses #SatSpanks

  1. I’ve had a few bosses where I would have loved if he had used this method to correct my performance. Of course there are others I’ve had where I would have ripped there heart out if they had tried.

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