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So now we wait.  I’ve pushed the publish button for Black Light: Rocked, book one in my brand new BDSM series.  In order to distract myself from checking Amazon every ten minutes to see if it’s gone live yet, I thought I’d do something a bit more productive, like sharing a juicy excerpt from early in the the story.  This is from Jonah’s POV.  Enjoy!


She’d finally come.

The sudden appearance of the only woman he’d ever allowed to hurt him rocked Jonah to the core. For the first few years of Crushing Stone concerts, he’d scanned the crowds endlessly, waiting for the day she’d realize she’d screwed up and came back to him. As each year had passed, he’d looked less and less until her absence had become his new normal.

Christ, she looked good. Amazing even. She’d somehow maintained her innocent girl-next-door look while still maturing into the gorgeous woman he’d always known she’d be. Her long, thick brunette hair accented her caramel brown eyes. The same eyes that were staring back at him now with uncertainty.

He’d stopped singing mid-sentence. He vaguely realized the band was still playing the accompaniment, doing their best to cover up his gaff as if this were all a planned part of the show, which was utter bullshit.

Snapshots from a different time in his life crowded his brain as the nearby media jumped up to snap photos of the frozen singer. The light flashes acted as a wake-up call that he was in a very public place, the center stage attraction, as a room full of fans witnessed his astonishment. He shook his head, trying to shake the rushing memories out and willing the lyrics to a song he’d sung a thousand times or more to come back to him.

But instead of lyrics, he thought about school bus rides and elementary lunch rooms. Flashes from Friday night football games and late night band rehearsals in Ryan’s family garage— always his best fan, Sami, never more than a few feet away as she looked at him as if he were the center of her universe.

It was when memories of their last night together crashed in on him that his surprise turned to anger. This was the woman who had turned on him—throwing away everything good without a backward glance. He’d thought he’d come to grips with her betrayal through therapy. Seeing her here being surrounded by security made him know he’d been a fool to think he was over her deception.

Jonah stood frozen until the security guards started pulling Samantha away from the runway. She kept craning her neck, fighting to stay behind. Fighting to maintain their visual connection.

Fuck if I’m going to let her get away again. She owes me answers, God dammit.

Without a plan, Jonah closed the last few feet at the end of the runway and jumped out into the crowd turning his confused fans into an impromptu mosh pit. He struggled to get his boots on the floor as dozens of hands clutched at him, happy just to touch their idol. He never took his eyes off the burly security guy currently manhandling Sami towards the exit of the club.

She was getting away.

His forward progress was halted by a concerned Jaxson who had stepped into his path.

“What the fuck, Cash? You’re in the middle of a show here, dude.”

Jonah reached out to his friend, pulling him close to talk into his ear in order to be heard over the chaos erupting in the club.

“I need to stop that woman from leaving.” He pointed at Samantha, giving the nearby press a confirmation on exactly what, or rather who, had grabbed his attention.

“Seriously, your booty call is gonna need to…”

Jaxson never got the chance to finish his sentence. His anger spilling over, Jonah grabbed the front of his friend’s tuxedo, pulling him chest to chest.

“Fuck you, Jax. This isn’t a booty call, dammit. I have to talk to her.”

The men had known each other long enough that Jonah recognized Jaxson’s acceptance of his odd request.

Chase had joined them and all three men swung to watch Samantha fighting security in an attempt to break free.

f4333608edcc54b6a30a46481ed2e992Chase questioned, “You mean Samantha?”

Hearing her name out loud rocked him. He had so many questions. Why was she here? How did Jaxson and Chase know her?

To their credit, his friends formed a human plow in front of him and began pressing through the crowd with Jonah on their heels. Security almost had her shuffled to the revolving door marked VIP entrance when Jaxson waved and started shouting at them to stop.

“Blake! Hold up!” The security detail must have heard through the din because they stopped a few feet before the door, just next to the VIP coat check counter. The crowd was thinning the farther back in the club they got until Jonah could finally walk freely without being groped by passing fans.

Sensing their friend’s need to reach the frightened Samantha, Jax and Chase separated, allowing Jonah to take long strides, closing the final distance between them quickly. It took all his effort to stop himself from grabbing her up—to kiss her or to squeeze the life out of her, he wasn’t sure which.

The band’s instrumental rendition of the ballad Jonah had written for the very woman now standing only an inch from him felt like the soundtrack playing for the dramatic scene playing out. The club lights had been dimmed for the show making it difficult for him to read her despite their proximity. Long seconds passed with neither speaking.

As his eyes became accustomed to the dim lighting, he could see the fear bordering on panic flitting in her eyes. He should have felt vindicated by her fear, but her vulnerability instead awoke a protective persona he’d abandoned years before.

“You came.” He choked the words out.

Her eyes widened before she answered with a simple, “I came.”

His left hand reached out and squeezed her right bicep on its own accord. “Why?” The venom in the single word matched the strength of his bruising grasp. He was grateful she had on long sleeves. It would be too dangerous to touch her skin.



They had unfinished business.  

She went there for closure, but he deserved his revenge.

They both learned to be careful what you wish for.

When Samantha Stone hears the popular rock band Crushing Stones created by her childhood sweetheart is headlining at a new dance club nearby, she considers it fate. She’s waited seven years to get answers. Why had he deserted her without even saying good-bye?

Jonah “Cash” Carter has scanned the throngs of fans for years looking for her. Waiting. When he spots Sami in the crowd, he freezes mid-song. He’d named his band for a reason, and tonight would be the night he finally got to crush a Stone.

Too many secrets. Too much history. Can they find their way to the truth without destroying each other?

Author’s Note: Black Light: Rocked is a steamy bad-boy rocker romance with an HEA. It is meant for mature audiences only. It has explicit sexual situations as well as BDSM power exchange elements that may not be suitable for all readers.

Coming Saturday, December 17th!!

In the meantime, you can read the PREQUEL to the Black Light Series, Infamous Love.

Buy it here:

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

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