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Hello and welcome! Today I’m sharing a juice excerpt from Expecting it All, the latest in the Passion Series.  This was such a fun book to write, learning a lot about how having children can change the dynamics of a long-term BDSM/Age-Play couple.  This book can be read as a stand alone so even if you haven’t read earlier installments in the series, you can pick up here. Today’s scene is from Rachel’s POV.


Rachel complied and he rewarded her obedience with his first deep plunge, touching deep inside her before withdrawing. His strokes were slow and deliberate, as if he were waiting for proof that he wasn’t hurting her. For Rachel, it felt heavenly as long as he kept giving her his all.

“Christ, baby, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this,” he groaned.

“Not as much as I have, Derek.” The second his name slipped from her lips, the mood changed. She had never called him by his name during sex. He was her Daddy or sir. That was their dynamic. Or it had been. They were back to everything being topsy-turvy.

Instead of being angry, her husband smiled, his cock still buried deep inside her. “I guess we’re both going to have to get used to that, now, aren’t we?”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. It just slipped out.”

“Don’t be sorry, baby. Things are getting complicated. I understand. Are you doing okay?”

“I’m fine, really. I wish you’d just—”

She didn’t finish her sentence. Her husband must have believed she was okay because he began to thrust inside her, hard and deep. He was finally delivering the kind of pounding they both loved. The sound of his body slamming into hers filled the small room as the smell of sex drifted through the space.

She closed her eyes, reveling in the full feeling of her husband reclaiming her. The sex was great, but it was the intimacy she’d missed the most. It was like coming home as she felt his length filling her.

“Open your eyes, baby. I love to watch you come. I’ve missed it so much,” he said.

His rhythmic thrusts became erratic as he got close to his own orgasm. Just as she was about to come, she pinched her nipples. She arched her back as best she could in the flexible swing, letting the ecstasy wash over her. Derek’s long grunt as he emptied his seed deep inside her body made her heart flutter with love.

Several minutes later, he was finally able to recover enough to help untangle her from her bonds. He didn’t stop to pick up his clothes or her blanket. He merely lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs to their king-sized bed. He lay her down on her side, knowing it was her most comfortable position in her advanced pregnancy. She was happy when he crawled in behind her, spooning her while pulling the blankets up for them to snuggle under together.

The weeks of growing tension were seemingly gone, restoring them to the solid couple they had always been. His arm draped over her to gently fondle her baby-bump. Many nights he took the time to kiss her belly, telling their young son goodnight. As if the baby missed their routine, he kicked, shifting position inside her womb. Derek’s hand was pressed over the spot where a small foot connected with his mommy’s tummy.

“Whoa there, kid. Don’t kick your mom so hard.” He leaned up to talk softly against the shell of Rachel’s ear. “I’ll never get tired of the miracle, you know? Our baby is inside you.” He made it sound as though it was the most wondrous thing in the world.

Rachel giggled. “Yes, well that’s how these things usually work.”

Derek was quiet for a minute. “I understand how he got in there. It’s the getting him out that worries me. I dread it.”

They hadn’t really talked about it yet, and she was too tired to talk about it now. “Don’t dread it. I haven’t mentioned it to you yet, but I think we should sign up for a childbirth class at the hospital. The doctor recommends that all new parents go before the delivery.”

Derek was quiet. Only his firm grip on her, pulling her tight against him, gave away his growing tension. “I think that’s a good idea. I think it will help to know what to expect.”

Rachel was fading fast. She relaxed into her husband’s arms, letting sleep take her.


Expecting it All is available now at the following locations.  It will only be at the sale price of $2.99 for another day or two!

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Nook


Have you ever wondered what happens to the relationship when age-play couples decide to have children? Derek and Rachel Parker have been married for five years, and while Rachel adores her ‘Daddy’, and being his little girl, she longs to have a baby of her own.

When she finally becomes pregnant, Rachel is overjoyed, but all too soon she begins to realize that a baby changes everything. How can she still be her Daddy’s ‘little girl’ when she becomes a mother herself? None of the pregnancy advice books say anything about maintaining a healthy age-play/BDSM relationship in the face of real parenthood.

Derek, too, finds himself tormented by sudden fears and doubts. He loves caring for Rachel as a BDSM ‘Daddy’, but this will be different. He’s going to be a real father to a real infant; wholly dependent on him for round-the-clock care and nurturing. Can he do it?

Expecting it All takes a deeper look into the psychology and love behind age-play. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a front row seat as we watch two beloved characters from the Passion Series have their new, exciting futures shaped with childbirth and parenthood, through tears and laughter. All the characters you know and love from Grant’s powerful ensemble cast make an appearance in this, the fifth, fun, and light-hearted installment of Livia Grant’s best-selling series!  Best of all, this book can be read as a standalone!

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  1. This book is great, Livia! I enjoy it as much as I do the others in this series! I love all the interaction between the couples and among all the characters that we have come to love. I think it’s amazing that we know all the couples and that it feels like we can mingle when they all get together. So, here’s the big question, when can we expect to attend Lukus and Tiffany’s wedding? 🙂

    • Ah, so I see you read it quick (it was a bit shorter than the others) Glad you enjoyed catching up with the gang. Good news, we will get to go along with them on a part of their honeymoon to The Castle (Maren Smith’s awesome series) with some flash backs to the wedding. It will be fun, I promise.

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