Guest Post: Reunited by Jennifer Bene

Congratulations to my friend Jennifer Bene on her hot new release, Reunited.  If you like hot M/F/M menage action, this book is for you.  It follows three friends from high school who meet up years later at their reunion and the sparks light up the sky!  The first part of this story was published in The More The Merrier Two boxed set last fall, but Jennifer added on over 10K in added content to the original story.  So if you want to catch up on what Megan, Eric and Colby have been up to, here is your chance!Version 2 - High Resolution


Megan Harper hasn’t had the best decade since she left high school and the love of her life behind. She gave up on her dreams and dropped out of college to get married, only to have her marriage fall apart leaving her divorced, disappointed, and back at square one trying to get her life started again.

When her high school reunion comes around she doesn’t want to go, but her sister insists. That’s how Megan finds herself dressed up at her old alma mater hoping her miserable evening ends quickly. That is until Eric Lewis, her gorgeous, hot, and once-dominant high school flame, shows up and only has eyes for her. When Colby Warren, the playboy of Whittaker High, joins them and seems just as intent on having her attention for the night she feels like she’s dreaming.

As both men dance and flirt with her, it becomes increasingly clear that not only do they both want her, but that Eric’s urge for dominance has only increased in their years apart. Will Megan dive in for one last fling in the halls of her school, or will she run and miss the chance to be reunited with the one man that’s haunted her for years?

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Hot Excerpt:

“Oh, definitely. There’s only one thing we can do now.”

“What? Guys… what are you thinking? Seriously, those looks -” Meg felt a nervous energy flood her underneath the buzz of the alcohol in her veins, but then Colby put her empty glass on the bar and they both grabbed her hands.

“We’re going to dance, Megster!” Eric hauled her onto the dance floor and Colby was happy to pull her along as well. As soon as they met up with the other alumni underneath the flashing lights, Eric moved close in front of her and started to move his hips in a rhythm that had her suddenly very, very wet. “Come on, please tell me you remember how to dance.”

“I know how to dance, jerk.” It was the verbal shove she needed to start moving her hips to the beat, but she didn’t need any encouragement to press herself closer to Eric’s hard chest. The alcohol had been flowing for over an hour and the other attendees were dancing and singing along to the greatest hits from their years in high school. It was like one giant flashback to her senior year, with Eric’s hands on her hips and Colby rocking it out in the open space to their left. He started singing along to All-American Rejects, grabbing the hand of a woman dancing with friends as he serenaded her, telling her he’d keep her his dirty little secret. She blushed and laughed loudly, and soon he was surrounded by the other women who all started dancing and cheering him on.

“He’s got no shame,” Eric laughed and spoke directly into her ear. His breath against her cheek sent a shiver over her skin.

“Did he ever have shame? I think he was born without that functional part of the brain.”

“Well, I was a brain surgeon for a while… I could check.” He was grinning when she leaned back from him and slapped his shoulder. In a flash his hand was around her wrist and he’d flipped her around so she was against his chest – but now he had her arm pulled slightly up behind her back. Somehow he managed to keep dancing, his other hand keeping her hips in beat with him as he restrained her with ease. A memory of him pinning her to the narrow bed she’d had in her parents’ house emerged and a frisson of heat pulsed down her spine to nestle itself between her thighs. “Now, that wasn’t very nice, Megan.”

Her mouth went dry as his voice purred out her full name and she was ninety-percent sure that the hard press against her back wasn’t something in his pocket. She felt seventeen again, excited and unsure about what to do next. She tried to swallow to regain her voice, but all she managed was a breathy, “Eric?”

“Do you want me to let go?” His grip tightened slightly and a barely audible moan slipped from her before she bit down on her lip. The blush in her cheeks spread, and she felt like the whole dance floor had to know what was going on. It had to be obvious they weren’t just dancing, and she’d always been terrible at keeping her face straight. All it would take was one person glancing over, just one person noticing the vice-like grip he had on her wrist, or the way he lifted her arm just a little higher so her body angled back against his in an effort to ease it. Her anxiety crashed into the arousal humming under her skin, because Eric had been the first guy she’d ever really wanted – the first guy she’d played even the tiniest bit rough with. He’d been the one to make her crave it, to crave more, but it was something she’d never been open about outside of a few relationships.

“I’ll keep YOU my dirty, little secret!” Colby appeared in front of her, singing at an obscene volume, and Eric instantly released her wrist as Colby continued dancing like some extra from Magic Mike. As he rolled his hips and leaned back pulling up his shirt to expose a carved set of abs, the women to their right exploded into cheers and hollers. “My turn, Megster! Dance with me!”

“You seem to be doing a good job all on your own, Col-” Megan was trying to get her hormones under control when he reached forward and pulled her towards him, effectively cutting her off. More hard muscle under her hands as she caught herself against him, and she couldn’t help but feel an inward cheer when the women next to her looked on in envy. He dropped down in front of her and then ran his hands up the backs of her calves, the outsides of her thighs, her hips, her waist, and then he was lifting her arms over her head as the music started to change. Colby stepped closer to her, his body barely an inch from hers as those blue eyes locked onto her own, with that manic grin still plastered across his face.

A downbeat, and then the music was slower, a dark, thumping beat that Colby didn’t fail to catch with each movement of his body. “Come on, Megster.” His hands caught her waist and he pulled her tight against him, his thigh finding a nesting place between her own, successfully nudging the hem of her dress a little higher. She was about to pull back when his fingers traced along her cheek. “I have to say… whoever your ex is, he was an idiot not to notice how gorgeous you are.”

Against all logic after the events of the evening so far, Megan’s heart rate increased even further. First, there had been Eric’s kiss, then he’d teased her with the dominance she had all but convinced herself she had imagined in high school, and now Colby Warren, the playboy of Whittaker High, was calling her gorgeous. She had stepped through the looking glass, been sucked into some Matrix-like alternate reality, or fallen on the way in and cracked her skull open and she was actually in a hospital somewhere, because this – this couldn’t be happening to her.

Not her.

Not Megan Harper, the college drop-out, the divorceé, the scrub-wearing vet tech by day who hadn’t touched make-up in over a year. Shaking her head she tried to push away the arousal tapping at her inner doors, begging her to wake up. “Is that the line you used on all the girls in school, Colby?”

“Why? Is it working?” He smiled at her like she was part of some inside joke, and she laughed.

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