Guest Post: Taken by the Enemy by Jennifer Bene

I am so excited to have Jennifer Bene visiting my blog today with an excerpt from her hot new release, Taken by the Enemy.  If you’ve read any of Jennifer’s work before, you know she writes dark, edgy thrillers that take her readers to the very edge of the cliff before pulling us back just in the knick of time.  Truly, reading her books is like riding a roller coaster(I love them, btw), and like me, you’ll be so sad when the ride ends at the end of Taken by the Enemy.  Apparently, lots of other readers feel the same way because the book is burning hot, taking the #1 slot in three Amazon categories right out of the gate.



Emmie had spent her life pampered, sheltered, and mostly unaware of just how bad things were inside and outside of the city that she called home – but when reality comes knocking, Emmie must choose between staying and suffering, or running and breaking a promise that could break her heart.

After fleeing the city in the dead of night, Emmie expected the hazards of the forest, but she never thought she would run into real danger or be brutally taken by one of the raiders who had been banished outside the walls. She never thought she would be tied up and forced to submit to their rules, and she never planned to find herself kneeling before their leader – no matter how gorgeous he was.

Lucian had spent most of his adult life figuring out how to protect those banished by the corrupt men inside the city, but when he meets Emmie, he doesn’t just want to keep her safe, he wants to claim her – body and soul. But once he does, and she despises him for it, how can he possibly show her what life can be like when she’s really and truly free, and how can he show her that a good life might be possible with him?

In ‘Taken by the Enemy’ readers are taken on a dark journey of discovery where the truths that Emmie has held close since she was a child are turned inside out, and she discovers that the enemy she’s been raised to fear may just be her salvation. Will she be able to bend to Lucian’s demands for obedience, and the harsh ways in which he enforces them, so she can discover a world where real peace is possible? Or will she turn away from the people who can save them all just to protect her heart?


He’s coming after me.


Wincing against the twinge in her side, Emmie tore around a tree, trying to backtrack the manic path she had forged while escaping the boar. Nothing seemed familiar until she saw the downed log she had narrowly avoided just minutes before. This time she leapt it, crashing through the leaves on the other side as she ran for her makeshift camp.

If she could just reach her pack, she could grab it and run. She’d lose the blanket, and she could maybe try to return for it later, but she wouldn’t make it far without the water. Skidding to a stop, she caught herself on the ground to turn into the little hideaway she had found to sleep in. Scrambling across the ground, she grabbed her pack, throwing it over her shoulder as she moved to dart through the close branches on the other side – but she never made it.

Lucian’s powerful grip caught the other strap on the pack and he jerked her back, sending her to the ground hard. In an instant, he had tossed her bag to the side and his other hand caught the frantic kick she attempted. “Oh no, not this time, little bird.”

His nose was bloodied, a red smear across his left cheek, and even as he yanked her towards him over the rough earth, she cheered internally that she’d hurt him. With another useless attempt to kick him, she shouted, “Don’t touch me you bastard!”

“Touch you?” He huffed and stopped another rushed attempt to hit him, catching her wrist in his hand. Lucian flipped her to her stomach easily, pulling her arm sharply up behind her

back until her shoulder screamed. Biting her lip, she tried to struggle free, shoving herself forward with the toes of her shoes in the dirt, but his knee landed heavy in the small of her back.


“Little bird…” His voice sounded exasperated with her, and she yelled in frustration as she fought him.

“Stop calling me that!”

He laughed, a low and surprising sound. “Stop fighting then and tell me what I should call you.”

“Fuck off.”

“That’s an odd name.” He wrenched her arm higher onto her back, and tears burned her eyes as she whimpered. “Tell me your name, little bird.”

“Go to hell.” Emmie pressed her forehead into the leaves, and then she felt his breath against the back of her neck.

“You’re going to learn that it’s much easier when you obey me, little bird, and that there are consequences for disrespect.”


Taken by the Enemy is available now on Amazon US | B & N  | Blushing Books

Jennifer Bene is a best-selling author of erotic fiction. Her writing has been described by readers as “dark in a way that turns you on”, and she definitely takes that as a compliment! She has a terrible mouth that often gets her in trouble but comes in handy when she’s writing. She loves to write strong female characters and dominant male characters in stories that take readers for a walk on the dark side.

When she’s not attached to a keyboard, she likes to read, drink wine, do yoga, binge on Netflix, and enjoy life with friends/family. She lives in Texas, and no, she doesn’t own a horse or wear a cowboy hat, you’d have better luck finding her on the dance floor downtown. Seriously.

Jennifer would love to hear from you! She does her best to keep readers up to date via social media, and tries to always respond when readers are nice enough to message her!

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