Inside the Mind of a Dom #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev

Hello and welcome!  Glad you stopped by for my #SatSpanks snippet.  This week, I’m sharing an intimate look into the mind of Markus as he prepares to punish his wife, Brianna, for endangering their marriage and even her life.   In Securing it All, they have only begun to understand that each of them had kept many secrets from the other.


Tonight feels totally different. It’s real. Intimate. He can’t deny the Dom in him can’t wait to feel his sexy wife wiggling across his lap, grinding into his cock as she learns her lesson. The powerful feelings coursing through him are intoxicating as he takes a few minutes before starting to simply massage his wife’s lower back, ass and thighs, admiring the evidence of her previous punishments still visible across her bottom.

Overshadowing his feeling of dominance is his feeling of responsibility to her – to protect, cherish and guide her when she gets off course, to punish her when she needs to learn an important lesson. The fact that she trusts him enough to play this important role in her life humbles him and he’s surprised to find himself dreading having to actually hurt her. He’s always hated to hear Bri cry for any reason, and he knows he’s going to have to harden his heart tonight against her impending tears.

This is what she needs and you know it, Lambert. Hell, it’s what you both need, so don’t be such a pussy.’


Want to know more about Markus & Brianna?  Start here.

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