Markus and his belt are waiting #SatSpanks

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I am so excited!  We are down to just a few days until the next book in the Passion Series is released.  Having it All will be released on April 21st.   Today I’m sharing a snippet from a night out on the town for Brianna and Markus.  Bri has been dallying in the ladies room and Markus has sent a woman in to make sure she is okay.   I’d love a show of virtual hands at the end of the snippet to know who would like to be in Brianna’s shoes?


“You wouldn’t be Brianna, would you?”

Brianna is surprised. “Y-yes. I’m Brianna.”

“Thought so. Your husband is waiting outside. Seems he was worried something happened to you since you’d been gone so long from your table.”

“Oh. I’m fine. Thanks.”

The woman’s smile grows as she starts to chuckle. “I think I’m starting to understand.”

Brianna is confused. “Understand what?”

“The second part of your husband’s message. He told me to get him right away if something was wrong, but if you were fine, he asked me to pass along a rather personal message.”

Brianna has an uneasy feeling that she’s not going to like that message. “Do I want to ask?”

“I guess that depends.”


“On if you like spankings. He said to tell you he and his belt are waiting impatiently outside the door.”

“Oh, shit.”


If you are a fan of Wanting it All, I think you’ll enjoy how much fun Brianna and Markus get to have in this book compared to how heavy things were in the last two for them.   If you haven’t read the start of their story, why wait?  Start here.

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