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Today you get a two’fer.   It’s not only #SatSpanks day, but I’m also sharing my brand new cover for Blessed Betrayal, my newest single being released next week.  I’m kinda excited and nervous all at the same time as this will be my first solo foray into self-publishing.    Check out this awesome cover!

Blessed Betrayal - High Resolution

This story is a bit different from the others I’ve written in that it is not primarily a spanking romance, although there are definite power exchange themes going on.   Blessed Betrayal first appeared in an Erotic Collective anthology, Twist.   In the scene I’m sharing today, Cali is remembering a dark night in her marriage, confused by her reaction even a year later to her husband’s dominance.   Because this story has several twists, I’m afraid you’ll have to read it to learn more.   I promise… you won’t regret it.

Teaser: The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.



Cali had received her first punishment spanking bent over the large wooden desk her husband liked to work at. As angry as she’d been at him, even now, she knew she had deserved that particular punishment. She had crashed her car into a parked van while texting in the parking lot at the mall. It had caused over ten thousand dollars in damages and their insurance premium had gone up.

As she stood in the entry to the room looking at that desk, she knew that had been the day her marriage had changed forever.   It was that fateful day she’d discovered her husband was a sadist who enjoyed punishing his wife. She had also discovered that, in spite of the pain and how much she hated the loss of control, there was a hidden part of her that responded to Kevin’s domination. Even now, over a year later, she still didn’t understand how her body could react the way it had under his domination.


Calista Bennett was supposed to be living happily ever after with her handsome husband, Kevin. But underneath the perfect exterior of their marriage lays an ugly truth Cali can’t admit to anyone.

Across town, Nicholas Mikos’ marriage isn’t going much better.   When Veronica had shown up on his doorstep with the most wonderful secret years before, he’d planned their own HEA. Now years later, he feels his marriage slipping away and is helpless to stop it.

In one moment, all of their lives come crashing together, changing life forever.   Has the universe conspired to bring two people together who deserve to be happy, or will fate deliver a final blow, sentencing them to a lifetime of sorrow?   Can true love rise out of the ashes of the ultimate betrayal?

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17 thoughts on “Not Everyone Likes Spankings #SatSpanks #BlessedBetrayal

  1. Love the cover, Liva. I remember reading twist and love this story along with a good deal of the others too. Kevin and Cali are a great couple and I really like power exchange. Hot snippet! ☺

  2. Can’t wait to get my mits on this one. My a Kindle account just got reloaded and I have money set aside for this one. Love the cover!

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