Royalty, American Style!

I feel like I have perfect timing with my newest release.  With so much talk these days about Prince Harry and his new American “Princess” Meghan, American Royalty is a hot topic.  Unfortunately, my own American Royalty is ficticious, but that doesn’t make Colton King any less yummy.  After all, our heroes from our professional sports are the closest thing we have to royalty, next to the Kardashians, of course. 🙂

Check out this awesome cover and blurb!


Harper refuses to be the next notch on the King of Baseball’s bedpost.

Playboy Colton King is American royalty… sports royalty that is. The MLB all-star is also the newest millionaire bachelor in an R-rated cable reality show. Six gorgeous women are prepared to do anything to win him as their prize. So why does he only want the one woman on the set he’s not supposed to have?

Harper Gardener wasn’t supposed to be part of the show, but when Colton turns his charms in her direction, she finds resistance is futile. Can she make it out with her heart still in tact and without being made the fool on national television?

Author’s Note: This book first appeared in the Royally, Mine boxed set that was released in August, 2017.  I have added on approximately 8K new words to give readers a glimpse into their first Christmas morning together.

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An Excerpt from Harper’s POV:

“Okay, introductions are finished. The participants have mingled over drinks for thirty minutes. Mr. Wallace gave the green light for me to start serving the first course as soon as they’re seated,” Cecelia, long time caretaker of the property, confirmed.

“Sounds good. The salads are in the walk-in fridge on a tray to the right. I made a couple homemade dressings, too.”

“Wow, such talent. You’ve only been here a few hours.” The kind, older woman’s smile was genuine, a rare commodity in Harper’s life recently. “It’s so nice to have the kitchen back in use again after all these years. The Ungers weren’t well the last few years they resided here and well, the main house has been empty now going on a year.”

“I can’t believe this dream kitchen has been laying to waste. And don’t tell Mr. Wallace, but I cheated a bit. I made one of my signature dishes from my old job. I could make this ravioli dish in my sleep. I’ll have to work my way up to harder entrees after I get the lay of the kitchen,” Harper added.

But it wasn’t the kitchen she was worried about. It was the long list of special requests from the temperamental participants in the show that concerned her. Having dietary restrictions was one thing. The lists of things some of these women refused to eat read like a culinary final exam: what meal can you make from water and this stalk of celery?

Two identified as a vegan, which in and of itself was difficult for a chef responsible for feeding a large group of people. Another refused to eat carbs or dairy. A fourth hated vegetables and seafood while a fifth would only eat vegetables and seafood. Add in a gluten free and sugar free request and she felt like the producers should call her part of the show, Mission Impossible.

This should be fun.

The one thing she knew for sure was that they would all be hating tonight’s dinner. She’d kept it simple, with soup, salad, pasta and dessert, but based on the information sheets, each of the women would be equally disappointed by their first meal in their temporary home. She could only hope they’d be too distracted by the misogynistic asshole they were all trying to woo to notice.


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