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Happy Saturday! Thanks for dropping by.  I’m celebrating the release of my first self-published book this week.  Blessed Betrayal is now available for only $.99 for a limited time.  It is a bit different than most of my other books in that it is not a BDSM/DD title, but it is a good old fashioned tale of sweet revenge.   I’m finding it hard to do much marketing for this book as there are many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge and so of course, I don’t want to give too much away.  Just suffice it to say, you should find yourself cheering along with the good guys in this one if I did my job right.

Blessed Betrayal - High Resolution

I’m sharing a snippet of Cali and Nick’s first kiss.  They are couple you will be rooting for throughout to get their HEA.  They have both been through a tragedy and have just been friends up until this pivotal scene.

Teaser:  The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.


It started as a chaste kiss, but didn’t take long to escalate. Cali could taste the ale Nick had been drinking earlier as his tongue slipped between her lips.   Her knees grew weak beneath her and he strengthened the hold he had on her, ensuring she wouldn’t topple over. He shuffled them backwards until Cali pressed against the unforgiving front door at her back. Nick’s solid body mashed against her.

By the time Nick pulled out of their kiss, they were both short of breath. Cali kept her eyes closed, afraid she’d see reproach in his eyes. “Cali, baby, open your eyes.”

When she did, he looked more in control than he had at any time since she’d met him.   The desire she saw on his face confused her.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t take advantage of you like this. You have enough shit on your plate to deal with without adding this to the pile.” Figures he would apologize.

“What exactly is this?”

“A mistake, that’s what it is.”

“Ouch. So I’m a mistake?”

“Dammit, Cali. Stop putting words in my mouth. You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Do I? Listen, I get it. It’s complicated, but I just thought…”

“Stop. It’s the Cosmos talking.”

“I’m not that drunk, Nick. I’m lonely. I know you could make me feel better.”

“Maybe, but you’d only feel better for tonight. Tomorrow, you’d regret it.”

“How do you know that?” Dare she finish her thought?   “I’ve thought of you a lot since we had dinner. It’s helped.”

“Oh, Cali, I’ve thought of you too, but we’re both so raw right now. I don’t want either of us to get hurt worse than we already are.”


I just love Nick to pieces.   Buy the full story here.


Calista Bennett was supposed to be living happily ever after with her handsome husband, Kevin. But underneath the perfect exterior of their marriage lays an ugly truth Cali can’t admit to anyone.

Across town, Nicholas Mikos’ marriage isn’t going much better.   When Veronica had shown up on his doorstep with the most wonderful secret years before, he’d planned their own HEA. Now years later, he feels his marriage slipping away and is helpless to stop it.

In one moment, all of their lives come crashing together, changing life forever.   Has the universe conspired to bring two people together who deserve to be happy, or will fate deliver a final blow, sentencing them to a lifetime of sorrow?   Can true love rise out of the ashes of the ultimate betrayal?

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12 thoughts on “Sweet Revenge ~ Blessed Betrayal #SatSpanks

    • Thanks, Natasha! It is exciting and I love the KDP dashboard. I did have the link in there, but because it is only on Amazon so far I didn’t have it marked as clearly. Just had “Find the rest of the story here” where here was the buy link. I updated it to make it clearer though because I don’t want anyone to miss it if they are looking!! Thanks.

  1. Congrats on your first self-published book. I’m never sure about marketing, no matter what. I think I bought this last week, I’ll have to check. The time for reading is the problem – so many books – so little time and then there’s the writing. lol

    • Boy do I understand the time for reading problem, Leigh. My TBR pile is bigger than ever right now. The A to Z blog killed me. I’m behind on writing AND reading now. If you have time to add this one to your pile, that’s great while it is only $.99. It only went up for sale this week so last week you only saw the cover reveal. Thanks!!

  2. That teaser line you have up there is great and oh so very true.
    I’ll chime in with a big “Congrats” on your first self-pub. I always enjoy your books and for under a buck, I simply must add it to my TBR.

  3. Congrats on the new release!! I love the cover and the snippet! This definitely just got added on to my TBR list!

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