O=Oral Exams #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet. The catch is every single sentence must have at least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.

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O is for Oral Exams

Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes. She needed an A on the English exam in order to keep her GPA up high enough to get into the orthodontist track. It was her family’s traditional occupation and her parents would be outraged if she failed to follow in their footsteps.

She’d studied hard over the weekend, and played a night owl before cramming for the written exam. Olivia was certain when she left the test that she’d aced her last obstacle before the quarter break, and yet the C+ shining back at her from the computer screen told her otherwise.

Olivia looked at her watch nervously to see it was almost four o’clock. Professor O’Keefe’s standing offer to administer an oral exam for students scoring poorly on the written exam was about to expire at the end of his office hours that afternoon.   She hesitated – she’d been a student at the University of Ontario a long time – long enough to know exactly what type of oral exams were offered in the office of the most handsome professor on campus.

If she was going to take him up on the opportunity to raise her grade, she needed to leave now.

The cold October wind flew up her short skirt as she stepped outside her off-campus apartment. She weighed her options on the way to the professor’s office, and by the time she was knocking on the thick wooden door, she was determined to provide whatever oral service was required to change her grade to an A.

“Ah, Miss Osborne, I wasn’t sure if you’d be joining me today or not. I must say, I was surprised you only scored a C on your last exam.   Am I to assume you’re here to take me up on the offer for an oral exam?”   He might be handsome, but the sly smile playing at his lips as he eyed up his twenty-one year old student creeped Olivia out.

She tried to put some distance between them as she replied. “Yes, Professor O’Keefe, I was hoping for a much better grade.”

“Well, you’re lucky I’m the kind of professor who believes in providing opportunities for students to opt-in to certain kinds of extra credit.”

Olivia wanted to point out that he was on the receiving end of some mighty nice benefits himself from the arrangement, but she opted to keep that opinion to herself.

She instead said the words he was waiting for. “Thank you for the opportunity, sir.”   He seemed pleased with Olivia’s over the top show of respect.

The professor ushered her into his rather opulent office, closing the door behind them. Based on rumors around campus, she wasn’t surprised to hear the click as he locked the door behind them to avoid an awkward intrusion.   Still, once she was locked alone with the unscrupulous professor, the warmth of the room became oppressive.

“Since this is your first time signing up for oral exams, Miss Osborne, I ought to make sure we both understand each other.   For example, I understand you want me to override your score to give you a better grade…”

She cut him off, “A MUCH better grade, Professor O’Keefe.”

The thin line of his lips showed his overt arrogance. “I’m only able to modify your original grade by so much with a simple oral exam, young lady.”

A familiar pressure to be perfect overwhelmed the young student, urging her to override the internal warning bells that were going off. Olivia wilted under the stern gaze of the authority figure standing between her and success.

She managed only a whisper, “Surely there has to be another option, sir.”

His stern response alarmed Olivia. “I’m disappointed that you failed to prepare properly, and Olivia, I don’t appreciate you pressuring me to overlook your poor output.”

For the briefest of moments, she worried the rumors of the outrageous activities perpetrated by Professor O’Keefe had been overstated.   Then he opened his mouth again.

“There’s only one offer I’m able to think of to remedy your problem, and I assure you, you’re going to hate the option I propose.”

His words were ominous, yet she had to ask. “I’d like to at least hear your offer, sir.”

He hesitated briefly before walking behind his desk, and grabbed one of several long rattan canes standing upright in the previously unseen orange and black canister. He returned to his desk to display the discipline device overtly for her inspection. Olivia’s heart rate skyrocketed as she contemplated the implications of the older man’s actions.

“As you can see, Miss Osborne, I believe a healthy dose of corporal punishment can help a young miss, such as yourself, learn how to buckle down and own her success. I’m afraid the only way I would feel comfortable modifying your grade as high as you obviously want me to would be to first ensure you atone for your obvious neglect of your studies.”   He paused, pinning her with an openly sexual stare. “I’ll need to hear you ask for your punishment in your own words before I’ll consider proceeding.”

Feeling trapped, her voice quavered as she forced the ominous words from her mouth. “Professor O’Keefe… sir… I’m so sorry I failed to study properly for the exam. I was hoping you’d consider overriding my previous grade in favor of an oral exam and…” Olivia couldn’t bring herself to ask for the ordeal he had implied.

“I’m afraid you omitted the most critical requirement of your request. Mind you, I’m under no obligation whatsoever to change your grade. You are going to have to be less obscure and say plainly what you want, Miss Osborne.”

The bastard’s eyes shone with excitement as he purposefully swished the thick cane once against his slacks as she suffered in obvious humiliation.

She weighed her options before finally buckling under and obediently putting herself at his mercy. “Professor, sir, would you please use your cane to provide the physical lesson I deserve for omitting my efforts to study hard?”

“Closer, Miss Osborne, but you’ll obviously need to be more clear. Exactly where would you like me to apply my cane on your body?” His dark eyes ogled her up and down.

“Well… okay… I guess I have to say on my bottom.”

“You ought to be more precise. What part of your bottom, Olivia?”

“My bare bottom, Professor O’Keefe.” She observed her shoes in embarrassment.

“Very well, if you insist, I’ll have you place yourself over my desk now to prepare for your discipline.”

Olivia moved on autopilot, shuffling forward to bend awkwardly, placing her upper body on the wood desk.   She felt the professor’s hands on her own, stretching her arms above her head.

“I’ve had accidents occur when a student is overwhelmed by the lesson I’m teaching, so I must insist that you grasp the opposite edge of the desk and do not release your hands until your discipline has been delivered. Do you understand, Miss Osborne?” His ominous order made it clear he expected to be obeyed.

“Okay,” was all she could mutter.

His hands were cold as he brushed her body intimately, lifting her skirt, exposing her orange thong underwear.   He could have left them on as her bottom was already bare, but he was determined to complete her humiliation by looping his fingers in her panties and lowering them to just above her knees.   He used the toe of his shoe to tap her feet, silently telling her to widen her stance.   She caught a whiff of her own sexual juices and she knew he had to be able to smell the odor as well, which tipped her farther into her submission.

Olivia’s breath came in uneven gasps as he made her wait for the oppressive punishment.   The first slice of the cane across the orbs of her ass hurt like no other pain she had ever experienced.   Her ass felt as if it was on fire and he’d only delivered one stroke.   She panicked when she realized she hadn’t asked how many strokes he’d be offering today.

The second stroke came too soon as she opted to bite her lip rather than scream like she wanted to. She was determined to avoid an outcry that might be overheard by someone passing by, but she failed miserably when the third swish could be heard just before the lick of flames lit up her sit-spots. Her blood-curdling scream surely was heard outside the building.

Professor O’Keefe took his official role of disciplinarian seriously, delivering a full set of twelve cane strokes to Olivia’s now welted bare bottom.   She gasped to suck in oxygen as she sobbed through the ordeal.

Before she understood what he was up to, she found herself standing just before being quickly shoved to her knees on the floor.

“Hold your skirt up, Olivia. I’m going to enjoy looking down on your striped ass as you take your oral exam.”

This part she’d expected on the way over.   Her knees crashed hard against the hardwood floor as he opened the zipper to his khakis, pulling out his oversized cock, already long and thick.

“Open wide. I have a long and hard exam for you to pass before I’ll give you the opportunity to have your score revisited.   Until the exam is over, I’ll be expecting your full oral cooperation.”

His manhood gagged her as he pressed against the back of her throat, overtly possessing her submission. She got light-headed as she ran out of oxygen just before he pulled out long enough for her to gasp for precious air. He plunged in again and again, overpowering his student on her knees as he drove himself to a loud, grunting orgasm.

She felt his hot cum as it shot deep in her pried open mouth.   She looked up to meet his dominant glare from her knees, his manly organ still pulsing as it pumped ooze.   She wanted to take offense at his treatment of her, but in that moment, all she could muster was overwhelming pride that she’d been able to obediently service him to pass the final exam.

Relieved at meeting her objective, Olivia rose and accepted his help in righting her outfit.   She couldn’t wait to get out of there.   She was at the door when she heard him call out.

“You passed your oral exam with flying colors, Miss Osborne. Your adjusted score will be posted by one tomorrow.”

She didn’t trust herself to speak so she flung open the door to escape. Olivia was surprised to find another student from her class waiting nervously in the chairs outside Professor O’Keefe’s office. She wasn’t surprised that another student might take him up on the offer for extra credit. What surprised her was who occupied the chair.

The professor’s voice was right behind her as he ordered the next student inside. “Mr. Olsen, I see you’ve come for your oral exam.”

Orrin Olsen’s eyes widened at the ominous tone of the professor. “Yes, sir, Professor O’Keefe.”


Thanks for stopping by.  I feel the need to say this story creeped me out just a bit because I have a kid is in college. Needless to say, this is pure fiction, because if a professor tried this shit on my baby, I’d kick his ass!!

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C=Chastised by her Cowboy #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the free erotic shorts I’ve been posting so far this month as part of the Spanking A to Z blog hop.  In case you missed my previous posts, you need to know I’ve challenged myself to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet this month. The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter. Take my word for it. This is considerably harder than one would think at first blush.  I just hope you all will forgive me if I use the same word a few times due to my alphabetical limitations. 🙂

Without further adieu, I present C=Chastised by her Cowboy . A huge shout out to Bruce Stern for agreeing to edit my posts for me this month. I also have an announcement at the end of today’s story for those of you who stick with me to the end.

C is for Chastised by her Cowboy

Catherine fought the desire to cry as she stood naked in the corner of their rustic kitchen. Calvin, her husband, had deposited her there after chastising her for creating a scene after church that morning. She hadn’t meant to embarrass her crass sister-in-law, but after Cassie burst into melodramatic tears Catherine saw the look on her cowboy’s face and knew she was in trouble.

She heard Calvin gathering up the dreaded cane and crop from the tall canister near the front door. Calvin liked to leave the punishment devices his wife hated the most in her line of sight to help control her catty tongue, as he liked to call it.

Her arms were beginning to cramp from clasping her hands behind her head. Her husband enjoyed seeing her nose pressed against the coarse wall in the corner.

She’d been lost in thought and missed Calvin creeping up behind her. Her confirmation he was near was the grip of the tight nipple clamp being clipped onto her protruding tip. The burn was immediate and Catherine cried out, but held her position until the second clamp clinched her other nip. She couldn’t help but panic from the pain.

“Control yourself, Catherine. I’m just getting started with your correction session.” He cupped her chin and steered her to the butcher-block table that doubled as a work counter. He had cleared it of the clutter so he could lay her out vulnerably. Before she could react, her husband had her clamped tits crushed on the unforgiving wood while he spread her legs wide, immobilizing her. She cowered, knowing her punishment was going to be severe.

Once she was completely under his control, Calvin began his lecture. “I’m disappointed you continue to let Cassie coax you into unladylike behavior. If you want to act like a naughty girl, I’ll be happy to chastise you accordingly.   We’re going to start with the crop, and if I feel you are resisting, we’ll move to the cane. I haven’t decided on the count yet.”

The first strike of the crop bit into her left butt cheek. She held back the cry until seconds later it struck again on her right cheek. Catherine was already choking out a chorus of apologies, crammed in between her cries for him to stop. By the time she heard the crop drop to the floor, she was frantic for release from the consuming pain centered on her ass and upper thighs. While trying to calm herself, she couldn’t believe Calvin was cramming a hard plug into her back channel. She both hated and craved to be taken back there and her husband knew it.

He then turned his attention to her slick cunny, creaming cum onto the cabin’s floor. He flicked the end of the cane against her private place until she cried out in pain.   Her body was barraged by the consuming correction to her nipples, tight asshole and now cunt lips.

“Please Calvin! I’m so sorry I was rude to Cassie! I’ll do anything to convince you it won’t happen again, but I need you inside me. Please fuck my cunny!”

“I don’t know, Catherine.   Do you deserve to come or should I just keep chastising you until I believe you’ve learned your lesson?” He followed with a dozen quick corrective cracks to her flesh with his large palm. His calming hand stroking her bare back in direct contrast with his blistering delivered by his other hand.

When he stopped, she had no time to prepare for him thrusting his cock deep into her core. He bottomed out at her cervix and because her anal cavity was stuffed with a plug, she had never felt that completely full in her life. They coupled with a carnality that only came after physical discipline.

Calvin pistoned her, pressing her clamped nips against the hard wood table.   Her crimson ass was taking a second pounding from his body slapping her. It only took minutes for the couple to call out their climax.

Calvin recovered first. “I expect you to be more careful now, Catherine.”

“Oh yes, sir, I’ll be very careful.”

What she didn’t confess to him was that she would be very careful to use any course language necessary in order to get chastised by her cowboy again… and again…

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