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E is for Erotic Examinations

Ellie felt herself slowly emerging from the extreme dream she struggled to escape. She was disoriented as memories of where she was eluded her. Her head ached behind her eyes as she racked her brain.   The last thing she remembered was her boyfriend, Eric, driving east on Elm Street through an enormous blanket of fog. Then, suddenly, an explosion of light as the interior of the car became enveloped with a strange energy.

As the mental cobwebs exited her brain, Ellie felt panic and dread. She opened her eyes to discover she was blindfolded. She tried to edge the cloth away from her eyes, but she couldn’t move. When her limbs wouldn’t extend, she was more confused. What felt like rope held her elbows and wrists high and wide above her head.   Her legs were paralyzed in a wide-open, spread eagle position.

She pulled erratically at her bindings in an attempt to escape, emitting forlorn whimpers with her struggle. The sound echoed as if she were in an enormous room, alerting the captors who had her bound. Something soft brushed her empty tummy, moving across her exposed breasts, along her neck, and eventually grazed her ear. Ellie was filled with alarm when she realized she was naked, a stationary exhibit for the stranger who held her captive.

Ellie became enraged at the thought of her treatment. “Let me go, you evil asshole!”

An excruciating pain erupted across her bare breasts as she was presumably punished for her expletive. Ellie’s scream almost drowned out the sound of Eric shouting threats to their captives. She exhaled with relief to know her boyfriend was alive and nearby. Hopefully Eric would know what to do in an emergency like this.


“Ellie! Don’t engage with the aliens!   They are everywhere. I can’t figure out what they expect from us yet, but I’m trying to establish a rapport so we can try to emerge from this nightmare in one piece.”

“Why are you exaggerating?   That’s enough nonsense about aliens.”

“They took the blindfold off my eyes. Trust me, you want to evade seeing what I can see at all costs.”

Ellie was concerned Eric’s talk of aliens meant his head had been injured in the accident. When the cloth over her eyes was removed several seconds later, and Ellie found herself surrounded by eight large beings that could not possibly be from the planet earth, she shuttered.

Each creature’s build emulated that of earthlings. They crowded around the padded table she was immobilized on, their emerald eyes exploring every inch of her naked body, staking their claim on their captured earthling.

Ellie’s head was elevated just enough to allow her to glance across the expanse and see eight female aliens intimately examining a naked Eric.   She hated the jolt of excitement she felt watching them stroke his jutting erection as if it were a novelty.

Movement near the ceiling captured her eye.   A enormous wave of embarrassment consumed her when she realized the round room contained a whole gallery of onlookers observing the erotic exhibition from their higher elevation. At least eight hands examined her body from head to toe as she tried to focus on counting the over eighty audience members. Each one possessed an almost euphoric expression as they eyed the examinations in progress.

Ellie’s body betrayed her while fingers explored every inch of skin–pinching, pulling, licking, rubbing. She lost all sense of time as she endured the erotic massage. Against her will her sexual exhilaration grew and when long digits breached her slick pussy, Ellie erupted into an unexpected orgasm. She felt herself blush red with embarrassment at allowing her captors to entice her body into betraying her.

In her sexual haze, she nearly missed Eric excitedly watched the scene from across the chamber. Their eyes connected as a female alien stroked his erection hard and fast until milky cum erupted from Eric’s thick cock.  Ellie shivered with ecstasy while aliens massaged her clit as she watched a female extraterrestrial expertly engulf her boyfriend’s still erect penis in her throat, and another licked the ejaculate from his body.

Ellie had just begun to embrace the erotic examination when a blinding pain exploded in her left bicep. She watched an alien edge away from the table with what looked like a tattoo gun. Glancing at her arm she knew he had embedded something inside her. She panicked, wanting to eliminate the foreign feeling spreading throughout her body. Within seconds, a feeling of euphoria consumed her. White lights blinded her as she became dizzy, and the sound of Eric’s screams echoed in her ears until she blacked out.


Ellie awoke to sun emerging through the bedroom curtains. She was snuggled against Eric’s broad chest, his arm holding her close in their slumber. Memories of the strangest dream she ever had flit through her mind, the details of aliens and sexual examinations beginning to evade her memory.

“Morning, Ellie. I’m glad it’s almost eight o’clock and time to get up. I had the most exotic dreams last night.” Without delay Eric rolled her to her back, pinning her naked body and pressing his thick erection home, entering her wet pussy in one exquisite thrust.

Ellie arched her back, meeting every thrust with her own excited exertions. Each chased their orgasm with their hard and fast coupling, exploding together in an ecstatic eruption made all the better by the memories of her exotic dream of aliens and erotic examinations.   After they were both spent, the couple collapsed to the mattress to enjoy their post-coital time.

She was about to share the memory of her odd dream with Eric when she noticed him examining his upper arm. Alarm bells erupted. Ellie moved her fingers across her own bicep, somehow knowing what she would find. The slightly elevated bump accompanied by the achy soreness confirmed her worst fears.

Eric and Ellie stared into each other’s eyes, each afraid to admit how ridiculous their shared dream had been.   It had to be just an erotic dream. The alternative brought on an endless list of questions neither seemed ready to tackle, at least not without their first cup of coffee.

“I’ll make the coffee if you make the eggs.”

Eric grinned. “Excellent idea.”


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