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I made it!  Today is the letter Z in the Spanking A to Z Blog Hop.  I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the free erotic short stories I’ve written this month for the hop.  It was an interesting challenge and I had a lot of fun.  I won’t lie though, I spent literally every minute of my writing time on this and so I’ve fallen behind on my writing commitments.  I hope to catch up soon.

Today may be the last story, but keep an eye out for a few additional blog posts where I’m going to give readers the chance to vote on the story they would most like to see me write another chapter for.   Would you like to know what happened to the the bratty bride?  How about Heather and her king?  I know I’d love to check in on the governor and his naughty governess.  You’ll have your chance to vote in early July for a continued story.

A final thank you to Christine Hart for editing today’s short story.  She helped many times this month as did Jennifer Bene, Bruce Stern, Sophie Kisker and Myra Danvers.   I couldn’t have pumped these out without their help because I was writing so fast that I needed editing help more than ever.

And now the final story, Z is for The Lucky Zipper.

Zoie threw her heavy winter coat on, anxious to escape from work after an especially stressful shift. She normally loved bartending at Zero Gravity, the trendiest dance club in town. Tonight, however, something happened that she couldn’t wait to get home to slip into her jammies, pour a glass of zinfandel and analyze.

She chuckled at the irony of her coat’s zipper not cooperating considering the center of her problems that day had revolved around broken zippers.

Earlier that night, nothing could have prepared her for literally bumping into the man of her nightly dreams, zillionaire Zachary Zimmerman.   She’d known from the tabloids he’d be in her hometown of Zion for an awards banquet, but she’d never dreamed he’d walk into Zero Gravity.   She wished she could zap the memories of the fool she’d made out of herself from her mind.

The club had been less crowded than usual when Zoie was shocked to look up and see Zachary wandering into Zero Gravity. Zoie was slightly vexed when Zachary ordered a Zipperhead and was arrogant enough to think she didn’t know how to mix vodka, raspberry liqueur and soda water to make his requested libation. She was zealous when it came to mixing drinks and one of her specialties was Zipperheads.

Being slightly smug herself, Zoie personally served the Zipperhead to Zachary and waited for his reaction. His reaction was zestful but that changed when he realized the corner of Zoie’s bar apron had, somehow, gotten stuck in his zipper.   Zachary tried to get his zipper unzipped from the apron, but it only became tighter than a zip-lock. Zoie tried to be helpful by giving a zig-zagging tug on her apron but was mortified when Zachary’s zipper zone zapped out. A moment later she watched Zachary and his broken zipper zooming out of Zero Gravity, leaving the Zipperhead behind.

Finally wrangling her own zipper, Zoie exited out the back employee entrance to head to her 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. Unfortunately, a long, stretch limousine with the license plate of ZZ blocked the entrance to the small parking lot. It didn’t click whom it belonged to until the back door swung open and Zachary Zimmerman himself stepped out onto the snowy pavement. Her mind raced, wondering what brought the zillionaire back to the club hours after he had left with his broken zipper.

Zoie stopped dead in her tracks, forcing the handsome zillionaire to walk through the snow to reach her. She half expected him to walk past her since she could come up with zero reasons for his seeking her out.

“Hello again, Ms. Zalinski.” Zach’s voice was pure butter, melting over her and warming her from the inside out.

“Y…you… Z… Zachary Zimmerman knows my name?” Zoie managed to stutter like a raving lunatic. She hoped the dark parking lot hid the beet red embarrassment that had to be zapping across her face.

Zach smiled graciously, “Of course I know your name, Zoie. I try to make it a habit to know the name of any woman to tries to attend to my zipper in my time of need.”

Zoie knew he was teasing her, but she appreciated his attempt to put her at ease. “If I recall, I only made your zipper situation worse. I tried so hard to be as zealous as a housewife mending her husband’s zipper, but then when I had my big chance, I was about as helpful as a zinnia.”

She felt a zing to her heart when he grinned right at her, producing his trademark dimple in his chin. “I wasn’t aware I was auditioning for a housewife, Zoie, but if I were, I think I’d be honored if you’d apply for the job.” Zach proved he was a pro at flirting.

The zing she had been feeling grew to an outright zap when he reached out to touch her hand. “That is kind of you to say Mr. Zimmerman, but you can have any woman you could ever possibly want. Why would you want a nobody from Zion who can’t even fix a zipper?”

His zany grin was gone in a heartbeat and he had her arms grasped tightly in his large hands. “That’s enough, Zoie,” he scolded. “You are right that women often pursue me for my money or possessions, but they have zero care for me personally. In the few minutes we were together tonight, I felt a zing of attraction to you I haven’t felt for someone in a long time. I came back here to see if you’d agree to come with me for some late night pizza and zabaglione at Zoltan’s. We can drink a glass of zinfandel and get to know each other.”

Zoie used her right hand to pinch the back of her left hand. Zach asked her questioningly, “What was that for?”

“I just wanted to make sure I’m really awake because I’ve dreamed of Zach Zimmerman asking me out so many times, I thought I was asleep.”

His grin was back as he ushered Zoie towards the open door of the limo. “I assure you you’re wide awake Ms. Zalinski, but if you’d like, I’m sure I could come up with a few physical activities that would convince you.” He let his hand slide to Zoie’s covered ass and popped her with a quick slap.

Her heart rate skyrocketed as she realized the tabloids had most likely got that story right about Zachary. She pursued her line of questions with, “Ah, a spank to my bottom, Mr. Zimmerman? Am I to believe the tabloids got it right when they described you as a zealous spankofile in your personal relationships?”

Zach slid in behind her, closing the door to the limo and providing them their first moment of privacy before turning to answer her. “And what if I am, Zoie? Would you like to zoom out of here?”

Zoie’s heart was pounding hard in her chest. Did she dare tell Zach? “No need for me to zoom away. That rumor was one of the things that made me like you in the first place, Mr. Zimmerman.”

“The name is Zach, and you won’t need to call me anything but that or Sir when you are over my knee. I think you deserve a spanking for zapping my zipper. What do you think, Zoie?”

Zoie nodded with zeal. Who would have ever thought a zapped zipper could be so lucky?


Why can’t I meet a zillionaire who needs help with his zipper?  Leave a comment for your last entries into the drawing.  I’ll announce the winner in a couple of days.   I thank everyone who has followed and left comments!


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