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Welcome back!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the free erotic shorts I’ve been posting so far this month as part of the Spanking A to Z blog hop.  In case you missed my previous posts, you need to know I’ve challenged myself to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet this month. The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter. Take my word for it. This is considerably harder than one would think at first blush.  I just hope you all will forgive me if I use the same word a few times due to my alphabetical limitations. 🙂

Without further adieu, I present C=Chastised by her Cowboy . A huge shout out to Bruce Stern for agreeing to edit my posts for me this month. I also have an announcement at the end of today’s story for those of you who stick with me to the end.

C is for Chastised by her Cowboy

Catherine fought the desire to cry as she stood naked in the corner of their rustic kitchen. Calvin, her husband, had deposited her there after chastising her for creating a scene after church that morning. She hadn’t meant to embarrass her crass sister-in-law, but after Cassie burst into melodramatic tears Catherine saw the look on her cowboy’s face and knew she was in trouble.

She heard Calvin gathering up the dreaded cane and crop from the tall canister near the front door. Calvin liked to leave the punishment devices his wife hated the most in her line of sight to help control her catty tongue, as he liked to call it.

Her arms were beginning to cramp from clasping her hands behind her head. Her husband enjoyed seeing her nose pressed against the coarse wall in the corner.

She’d been lost in thought and missed Calvin creeping up behind her. Her confirmation he was near was the grip of the tight nipple clamp being clipped onto her protruding tip. The burn was immediate and Catherine cried out, but held her position until the second clamp clinched her other nip. She couldn’t help but panic from the pain.

“Control yourself, Catherine. I’m just getting started with your correction session.” He cupped her chin and steered her to the butcher-block table that doubled as a work counter. He had cleared it of the clutter so he could lay her out vulnerably. Before she could react, her husband had her clamped tits crushed on the unforgiving wood while he spread her legs wide, immobilizing her. She cowered, knowing her punishment was going to be severe.

Once she was completely under his control, Calvin began his lecture. “I’m disappointed you continue to let Cassie coax you into unladylike behavior. If you want to act like a naughty girl, I’ll be happy to chastise you accordingly.   We’re going to start with the crop, and if I feel you are resisting, we’ll move to the cane. I haven’t decided on the count yet.”

The first strike of the crop bit into her left butt cheek. She held back the cry until seconds later it struck again on her right cheek. Catherine was already choking out a chorus of apologies, crammed in between her cries for him to stop. By the time she heard the crop drop to the floor, she was frantic for release from the consuming pain centered on her ass and upper thighs. While trying to calm herself, she couldn’t believe Calvin was cramming a hard plug into her back channel. She both hated and craved to be taken back there and her husband knew it.

He then turned his attention to her slick cunny, creaming cum onto the cabin’s floor. He flicked the end of the cane against her private place until she cried out in pain.   Her body was barraged by the consuming correction to her nipples, tight asshole and now cunt lips.

“Please Calvin! I’m so sorry I was rude to Cassie! I’ll do anything to convince you it won’t happen again, but I need you inside me. Please fuck my cunny!”

“I don’t know, Catherine.   Do you deserve to come or should I just keep chastising you until I believe you’ve learned your lesson?” He followed with a dozen quick corrective cracks to her flesh with his large palm. His calming hand stroking her bare back in direct contrast with his blistering delivered by his other hand.

When he stopped, she had no time to prepare for him thrusting his cock deep into her core. He bottomed out at her cervix and because her anal cavity was stuffed with a plug, she had never felt that completely full in her life. They coupled with a carnality that only came after physical discipline.

Calvin pistoned her, pressing her clamped nips against the hard wood table.   Her crimson ass was taking a second pounding from his body slapping her. It only took minutes for the couple to call out their climax.

Calvin recovered first. “I expect you to be more careful now, Catherine.”

“Oh yes, sir, I’ll be very careful.”

What she didn’t confess to him was that she would be very careful to use any course language necessary in order to get chastised by her cowboy again… and again…

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