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Welcome back!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the free erotic shorts I’ve been posting so far this month as part of the Spanking A to Z blog hop.  In case you missed my previous posts, you need to know I’ve challenged myself to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet this month. The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter.  I just hope you all will forgive me if I use the same word a few times due to my alphabetical limitations. 🙂

I know my Passion Series fans are not happy I’m spending so much time writing things other than Protecting it All.  At least today I’m throwing you a bone with a scene featuring our beloved Derek and Rachel from The Passion Series. A huge shout out to Bruce Stern for agreeing to edit my posts for me this month. I also have an announcement at the end of today’s story for those of you who stick with me to the end.

D is for Derek the Daddy Dom

Rachel took a deep breath trying not to dissolve into tears. At least tonight, the reason for her disappointment wasn’t a medical emergency. Today, after three weeks of bed rest, her doctor had finally given her the all-clear to resume her normal routine.   The doctor assured her that her pregnancy was progressing normally, and since she didn’t dig ditches for a living, life could return to normal.

Unfortunately, her daddy Dom and husband, Derek, didn’t feel the same.

As dark as the last three weeks had been for her they had been harder on Derek. Normally in complete control of his life in general, and his dark-haired submissive specifically, Derek panicked that he wouldn’t be able to take good care of his wife and their unborn child.   Rachel had never felt more loved than her time on her daddy’s definition of complete bed-rest.

From the minute the doctor put her on restrictions Derek insisted on keeping her diapered to avoid even short trips to the bathroom. He delivered and spoon-fed every bite of her food and on the rare occasion he allowed her out of bed, he insisted on carrying her everywhere.   She drank every drop of the many beverages he pushed to keep her from getting dehydrated from a baby bottle while rocking in his arms. No one could ever doubt how much Derek loved his wife.

Still, considering they were used to having sex at least twice a day before their medical emergency, the past few weeks had been hard for the couple. Now that she knew her baby was well, Rachel didn’t want to go another minute without her husband deep inside her. The better she’d felt physically the more distressed she’d become sexually. She knew Derek had to feel the same, yet his fear of hurting her overshadowed his sexual needs.

Rachel decided she’d have to dare to take things into her own hands. Since she’d missed having her derriere warmed up by her daddy’s large palm almost as much as having him buried inside her, she considered her plan a win-win.

Derek entered their bedroom, a tray in hand. “All right, I have your favorites tonight to celebrate the good news from Dr. Albright.   I ordered deep-dish pizza, and even stopped to pick up a dark chocolate cake for dessert.”   Rachel’s tummy growled right on cue, and she was surprised to see she’d get to drink from her Dora the Explorer sippy-cup.

“Thanks, Daddy. It smells delicious, but can’t I get up and eat in the dining room with you tonight?”

Derek’s face crinkled with worry. “Not yet, dear.   The doctor said to take things slow.”

Rachel dragged his hand to her barely concealed breast. “But Daddy, I’ve been a good girl. I’d really like a good girl spanking in the dungeon tonight. Maybe even some big girl time with my Dom?”   Her voice dared to be hopeful.

Derek snapped his hand away from her breast as if it were on fire. “Stop topping from the bottom, you little devil. I’ll decide when we’ll get back to having big girl time in the dungeon.”

His words said one thing, but Rachel noticed the desire seeping into his dark eyes. It had been weeks since he’d allowed himself to dominate her sexually; he had to feel as deprived as she did. She decided to push her luck.

“NO! I don’t want to wait for daddy to say yes. I want big girl time right now!” She donned her best defiant attitude, sporting the pout she knew drove him crazy with lust.

Derek had been her Dom and husband for almost five years. Bratty Rachel intentionally brought on many discipline sessions in their years together. It was a dynamic they were both happy with–normally. The disappointed look on her husband’s face reminded her that the last few weeks had been anything but normal.

“Rach, don’t tempt me. I’m doing what is best for you and the baby. Now let’s get you eating your dinner.” He picked up the fork to dig in and feed her.   When she refused to open her mouth for her bite, he directed the bite to his own mouth before putting the fork down.

His hungry eyes dissected her. She knew he was debating the safety of bedding his wife. For weeks he had buried his libido for his family’s safety.

Derek spoke from his heart. “I called Master James tonight before dinner. I’m so afraid to put you or the baby in danger, Rach.”

She reached to stroke his dimpled chin. Master James was a good friend and doctor–someone Derek trusted.   “And what did he have to say?”

“He said to listen to Dr. Albright. He also said he disciplined Mary frequently when she was pregnant, and while we need to be careful, he gave me a lot of damn fine advice.”

Rachel dared to hope at the growing desire she saw shining in Derek’s eyes. “Does that mean I don’t have to be disobedient to get things back to normal around here?” She threw him her most darling smile.

“It means I’m still your Dom and you’ll do as you’re told, young lady.”   As if a dam had broken, Derek reached his decision and moved swiftly into action.

He whisked Rachel into his arms on the way to the diaper changing station. Once there he opened her dry diaper, exposing her to his hungry gaze. Rachel felt deliciously on display as her husband dragged his fingers through her sopping wet pussy, pausing to also drag a groan of pent up desire from her by pressing circular caresses to her clit.

Before she could come he diverted his attention to her ass, lifting her legs at the ankles to contort her body into the classic diaper position. His swift spank to her exposed derrière wasn’t hard at all, but it was like turning on a light switch in a dark room.   Feelings of submission crashed over her, instantly depositing her into her sub headspace. As her husband disciplined her bottom lightly, they both slipped deeper into their natural D/s dynamic.

He must have delivered several dozen erotic spanks before he redirected his deliberations to her dripping pussy again.   He dipped his thick fingers through her swollen folds on his way to her tightest hole. He lunged to drink in her juice as his damp finger rimmed her puckered ass just before inserting a thick finger up to the knuckle.

Rachel was in heaven as her husband drew his tongue across her clit over and over until she crashed into the most delectable orgasm.   Derek had clearly decided they had waited long enough because he scooped her into his arms, dropping her feet to the floor only long enough to dig his hands into her narrow hips, then lifting her effortlessly.

Rachel knew what to do. This was one of her Dom’s favorite positions to fuck her.   Since he was a hulking body builder and she was a petite waif, he could easily piston her entire body hard and fast against him.   Their eyes locked as Derek pierced her core by dropping her onto his deliciously thick shaft.   Rachel felt dizzy from the sexual excitement at finally having her husband deliver the pounding she so desperately desired.

Their bodies slapped together in a fast dance to the finish line. “Are you doing, okay, baby?” Leave it to Derek to check on her in the middle of the deed.

“I’m doing better than okay. It feels so damn good, sir.”

Derek’s domination of her body was exactly what Rachel needed. They each crashed into dreamy orgasms as Derek hugged her tight in his arms before he shuffled them back to the bed, his cock still buried deep.

He held her securely in his arms until he slipped from her dripping core, sticky cum drenching each of them. Rachel was suddenly drowsy. Just as she was about to doze off, she heard words that were music to her ears.   “Sweet dreams, baby. When you wake up I’m going to drape you over my knee and discipline that naughty bottom of yours for topping from the bottom tonight.”

As she dozed off, Rachel didn’t think she had ever been as happy.


Want more Derek and Rachel?  They are secondary characters with many appearances in all three Passion Series books.  Start here.

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