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Happy Saturday! Thanks for dropping by.  I’m celebrating the release of my first self-published book this week.  Blessed Betrayal is now available for only $.99 for a limited time.  It is a bit different than most of my other books in that it is not a BDSM/DD title, but it is a good old fashioned tale of sweet revenge.   I’m finding it hard to do much marketing for this book as there are many twists and turns that will keep you on the edge and so of course, I don’t want to give too much away.  Just suffice it to say, you should find yourself cheering along with the good guys in this one if I did my job right.

Blessed Betrayal - High Resolution

I’m sharing a snippet of Cali and Nick’s first kiss.  They are couple you will be rooting for throughout to get their HEA.  They have both been through a tragedy and have just been friends up until this pivotal scene.

Teaser:  The worst part of having the person who betrayed you die is they can’t see how happy you are after they’re gone.


It started as a chaste kiss, but didn’t take long to escalate. Cali could taste the ale Nick had been drinking earlier as his tongue slipped between her lips.   Her knees grew weak beneath her and he strengthened the hold he had on her, ensuring she wouldn’t topple over. He shuffled them backwards until Cali pressed against the unforgiving front door at her back. Nick’s solid body mashed against her.

By the time Nick pulled out of their kiss, they were both short of breath. Cali kept her eyes closed, afraid she’d see reproach in his eyes. “Cali, baby, open your eyes.”

When she did, he looked more in control than he had at any time since she’d met him.   The desire she saw on his face confused her.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t take advantage of you like this. You have enough shit on your plate to deal with without adding this to the pile.” Figures he would apologize.

“What exactly is this?”

“A mistake, that’s what it is.”

“Ouch. So I’m a mistake?”

“Dammit, Cali. Stop putting words in my mouth. You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Do I? Listen, I get it. It’s complicated, but I just thought…”

“Stop. It’s the Cosmos talking.”

“I’m not that drunk, Nick. I’m lonely. I know you could make me feel better.”

“Maybe, but you’d only feel better for tonight. Tomorrow, you’d regret it.”

“How do you know that?” Dare she finish her thought?   “I’ve thought of you a lot since we had dinner. It’s helped.”

“Oh, Cali, I’ve thought of you too, but we’re both so raw right now. I don’t want either of us to get hurt worse than we already are.”


I just love Nick to pieces.   Buy the full story here.


Calista Bennett was supposed to be living happily ever after with her handsome husband, Kevin. But underneath the perfect exterior of their marriage lays an ugly truth Cali can’t admit to anyone.

Across town, Nicholas Mikos’ marriage isn’t going much better.   When Veronica had shown up on his doorstep with the most wonderful secret years before, he’d planned their own HEA. Now years later, he feels his marriage slipping away and is helpless to stop it.

In one moment, all of their lives come crashing together, changing life forever.   Has the universe conspired to bring two people together who deserve to be happy, or will fate deliver a final blow, sentencing them to a lifetime of sorrow?   Can true love rise out of the ashes of the ultimate betrayal?

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#SatSpanks – Life’s Unexpected Gifts

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It’s Saturday – spanko fans favorite day of the week!  If you are a spanko fan and haven’t visited Corbin’s Bend yet, what are you waiting for?   There are so many books to choose from, all by different authors with different styles, but all can read as a stand alone.

I’m sharing a snippet from my recent Corbin’s Bend release, Life’s Unexpected Gifts.  Hallie has been laying naked across the end of the bed, waiting for Troy to come deliver her first real spanking.   Enjoy!


“Take a deep breath, Hallie.” She hadn’t even realized she had been breathing shallow in her anticipation. The fact he noticed reassures her.

“Tell me what you’re feeling right now. How waiting here makes you feel.”

“Nervous, I guess. I don’t really know what to expect yet.”

“That’s understandable.  Do you want to know what I saw when I came in here?”

She whispers, “Yes.”

“I see the most beautiful woman in the world choosing to trust me by giving her body over to me. I don’t take this lightly, Hallie. I really do know that you’re doing this for us, aren’t you? To prove to both of us that we have what it takes to live in Corbin’s Bend?”

“We need to know.”

“Yes, we do. But there is time. Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I do have one more request though. We do get to have sex after funishments, right?”


Hallie and Troy

Hallie and Troy


Violence has been part of Hallie Boudreaux’s life for too long. Deciding all men are barbaric abusers, she’s once again on the run away from danger. Desperate to feel safe, if even for a few days, Hallie remembers the only time she had felt truly happy in the last seven years were the summers spent at her Aunt Gina and Uncle Adam’s. Taking a chance her aunt might take her in, Hallie points her dilapidated car towards Corbin’s Bend, praying she makes it there before her clunker takes its last gasp.

Troy Jackson can’t wait to surprise his sister on her 30th birthday. He’s recently moved back to Colorado to be closer to his only relative, Traci, a psychologist living in Corbin’s Bend. The surprise is on Troy when his normally conscientious sister runs amok on her big birthday proving that even intelligent, independent women still need the stern guidance of the men in their lives. Having grown up with loving parents who practiced the domestic discipline way of life, both Traci and Troy subscribe to the founding principles of the Corbin’s Bend community wholeheartedly.

Hallie’s family is thrilled to have her in Corbin’s Bend, but can Hallie come to terms with living in a community based on its endorsement of spanking, a practice Hallie sees as abuse. Can Traci’s counseling help her overcome her fear in order to accept her new life in Corbin’s Bend, or is it Traci’s brother who ultimately has the power to show Hallie that not all men are abusers?

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Sneak Peek: Having it All, Tiffany’s First Punishment

So you’re missing Tiffany and Lukus?  I thought I’d share a glimpse of what they’ve been up to.   As you may have suspected, Tiffany has finally earned herself a not-so-fun spanking.  Come take a peek as Lukus and Tiffany start to fall into their new roles as their relationship deepens.   The following is a short excerpt from the beginning of Having it All, book three in the Passion series.  I’m putting the finishing touches on it before submitting to Blushing Books for edits and a release date.  Enjoy as we join Tiffany struggling to accept her first punishment gracefully.  NOTE: This is unedited from my work in progress.


“I would recommend you watch that sass, at least when we’re discussing what punishment implement I’m going to use.”

“Fair enough. What’s wrong with using your hand?”

“Not for a real punishment.” He’s moving them towards standing and leads her into the larger bathroom. He stops them in front of the long bathroom counter that sports a full wall mirror. Turning them to face the mirror, he steps up behind her to hug her tight against his chest. Tiff loves that they can see each other’s eyes. She can see his are brimming with of a mix of lust and anticipation. She’s reminded this man really does like to punish her and she’s not sure how she feels about that.

‘Well duh. He owns a BDSM club that he named The Punishment Pit.’

Lukus eventually steps away from her, leaving her feeling vulnerable. She tracks him as he opens a nearby drawer and pulls out an assortment of punishment devices, lining them up in front of her. A few surprise her. “These are all pretty light weight in the wide spectrum of things. I think I’ll use each of them tonight so you can see the difference in them.”

“Oh great. Not just one, but three spankings.”

“One spanking. Three implements.”

“Same thing.

“Not quite. Get undressed, baby.”


“Always bare.”

“I’ll take off my skirt then.”

“Let me rephrase. Always naked.”



“I hate when you count.”

“New rule. This is a punishment. There’s no talking back.”

She’s close to opening her mouth with another retort when he lifts two fingers up to calmly shush her. The calm Dom is back and in full control. Their eyes remain locked while the power exchange charges the air between them. Each long second seals her fate. She can deny it all she wants, but she’s loved every single thing this man has done to her so far this week. Tonight that means she’s going to get naked and spanked.

As their eyes hold each other captive, she begins to seductively unbutton her blouse before sliding it off and dropping it to the floor. Her pencil skirt follows. By the time her sexy strip tease has her unfastening her bra, Lukus’ attention has left her eyes and is drinking in his first glimpse of her heavy breasts as she releases them from her lacy black bra. She’s trembling slightly as her black panties follow the rest of her clothes to the pile on the floor. The only thing left are her three inch, high-heeled sandals.

“Leave those on. They’re hot.” It’s his hot-coals smile greeting her in the mirror. Her heart rate jumps accordingly.

“I thought this was about punishment, not sex.”

“Oh baby, the two are weaved together so tight in my twisted brain it’s hard to have one without the other.”

‘Well that explains a few things.’

“Good to know.” Luckily he grins at her sassy response.

Can Lukus persuade Tiffany to stay?

In this scene, Lukus has talked Tiffany into staying at his loft.  She is having second thoughts, afraid that they come from too different backgrounds.  Lukus knows she is afraid and is trying to persuade her to stay.


“Open your eyes, Tiffany.” When she doesn’t comply, Lukus reaches up to cup her cheek with his hand, stroking her gently with his thumb. When he detects her leaning slightly into his hand, seeking out his intimacy, he repeats his request. “Open your eyes, baby… please.” His voice is soft, careful not to spook her.

When Tiffany finally opens her eyes, he can see the glossy sheen of her tears. He continues to speak gently. “First, thank you for being honest with me about wanting to leave. This will never work if you hide your feelings from me. Now, if you feel uncomfortable at my place, that’s okay. I can fix that. I can take you home to your place or to a neutral downtown hotel with lots of wonderful amenities to spoil you. Just tell me where you’ll feel comfortable and I’ll make it happen. But walking away is not an option, Tiffany. I won’t allow that to happen. I’m not letting you out of my sight until we can get a handle on whatever the hell it is that’s happening between us.”

When she remains silent, he continues. “And for the record, you couldn’t be more wrong. The fact you think this is just a normal day for me just proves you don’t know me as well as you seem to think you do. Maybe – just maybe – you should give me the benefit of the doubt until I prove I don’t deserve it. You think you can do that?”

He can see the hope flicker in her eyes. He detects her slight nod as her only reply. “So, where’s all that sass now, Miss O’Sullivan?” he asks, grinning. “You’ve got me hooked on your beautiful, sassy mouth. Don’t tell me you’re all out of jibes for me.” He knows he’s succeeded at breaking through her defenses when Tiff’s shy smile returns.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll never run out of sass. Maybe I’m just being careful to use it more wisely. After all, I’m not entirely sure I understand all the rules of the game we’re playing.”

Lukus is suddenly serious again. “Oh baby, that’s your whole problem. This isn’t a game, at least not for me. Nothing has felt this real to me in a very long time.”

Tiff sucks in a sharp breath, surprised by his admission. “Why me, Lukus? Seriously…”

Lukus moves his fingers to her lips, effectively shushing her. “Stop. Enough analyzing. We have plenty of time for that later. Tonight, let it be enough to know it’s because you look amazing in my favorite shirt.”

Tiff’s playful smile tells him she’s pleased. “This is really your favorite shirt?”

Lukus’ smile turns predatory. “It is now,” he says, and watches surprise flicker in her eyes.

As their gaze remains locked, Lukus expertly seeks out the few buttons holding his favorite shirt closed. He feels lower, unbuttoning each button slowly until none remain. He loves to watch the emotions parade through her expressive eyes as he slowly opens the dress shirt wide, exposing her luscious body to him. Without breaking their passion-fueled visual connection, he moves his hands lower slowly, grasping her bare ass and not so gently pulls her body forward to the edge of the stool, bringing her now naked core hard against his straining erection, the fabric of his jeans the only thing separating them.


A shattered marriage is rebuilt for one couple while their two best friends navigate a newly formed relationship – both against the backdrop of the BDSM culture. Brianna Lambert’s infidelity has come with a heavy price.

Being handed over by her husband for punishment by his friend and experienced dominant, Master Lukus, has not only revealed Brianna’s deep submissive nature, but allowed Markus to finally expose his hidden past as a dominant. Now the couple revives their marriage with a new dynamic – and new rules. Markus will no longer just be Brianna’s husband, but her Dom, and in the Punishment Pit where they once again found each other, Markus begins his beautiful wife’s training.

But they aren’t the only couple charting new ground. Master Lukus had no idea when he met Brianna’s best friend, Tiffany, that he could fall so quickly for a woman. But Tiffany’s experience with BDSM has been limited to that of a spectator. Can Master Lukus turn her smoldering interest in the lifestyle into a full flame of passion? Even as his best friend Markus, trains his wayward wife, Lukus find himself with the challenge of introducing Tiffany into his world of pain and pleasure.

In this sequel to “Wanting It All,” BDSM author Livia Grant guides readers on a realistic and sexually explicit tour of the emotional and physical challenges and rewards of dominance and submission.

Buy it Now: Amazon | B & N | Blushing

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