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Mother’s Day is a bitter sweet day for me and many others like me who have lost their mom to that terrible thing called cancer.  I’ve had eight long years to try to recover from my loss and yet not one day goes by without me thinking of her.  I have especially thought about Mom in the course of the last year as I embarked on my publishing journey.  I’m positive that she would be scandalized by the heat of my stories, but regardless, I know she would be my #1 fan.

You see, I truly hit the one-in-a-million jackpot the day I was born to the amazing woman I got to call Mom.  Even as a kid when my friends were fighting with their moms over clothes and curfews, I knew she was special.  My house was the one everyone hung out at because my mom made it the fun place to be.

There are so many titles she wore proudly.  Titles like:  stay at home mom, Brownie leader, room mother, taxi driver, head of the PTO, Sunday School teacher…  the list could go on and on.  Her entire life was devoted to my dad, brother, sister and me.  All three of us kids were over-achievers and we attended a small town school where kids could be in every sport, band, club, chorus, etc…  You name it, we did it and amazingly, I don’t remember even once looking up to not see her there cheering me on.


There is one more important thing to know about my amazing mother.   She read a sweet romance novel  every single day of her life until she got sick.  As an incredibly fast reader, she could devour books.    What I would give to be able to walk in and see her sitting at the kitchen table, her Harlequin historical in one hand and that fucking cigarette in her other hand.   I’d give anything to go back and snuff out every single one of those damn cancer sticks and hug her and tell her I was gonna need her in my life a lot longer so stop killing herself.  But I digress….




So back to why I am an author because of her.  Mom had me reading her historicals in my early teens, but she inadvertently changed my life by giving me a copy of  Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss for my sixteenth birthday.   From then on I was hooked on what she called ‘steamy romances.’  I got at least one book from her on every gift giving occasion.  We’d spend hours sitting silently next to each other, each happily lost in our dream world of the day.  My love of romances was born at that kitchen table with that amazing woman and for that reason, I am positive she is in heaven smiling down on me today, proud of her daughter, the author.

So if you’ve read The Passion Series, you should know that she would be scandalized by happenings at The Punishment Pit, but she would absolutely adore Lukus, Tiffany, Brianna and Markus.   What I would give to share the excitement of publishing with her.  I’ll have to settle for dedicating this blog to her instead.

Love you, Mom.


Passion Series Book One

Passion Series Book One

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