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I’m guessing about three of you might have noticed that I intentionally took a few months off from my blog. No, nothing was wrong. Just crazy busy in every part of my life and since I didn’t have any immediate releases coming soon, it felt like I could sneak away. Since no one called me out on it, it looks like it worked!

But, I’m thrilled to be ‘back in the saddle’ so to speak with a hot punishment scene from my upcoming novella, Call Sign: Thunder. This is my contribution to the smoking hot military boxed set, Hero to Obey which will be released this coming Tuesday, June 28th. You don’t have to wait; you can pre-order today!

This is the first excerpt I’m sharing from this story. This is a non-con scene featuring our damsel in distress, Allie Benson, and the crime lord who kidnapped her. Come back tomorrow for a longer excerpt!

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He scowled as he gave his verbal warning, “I suggest you keep your mouth closed unless asked a direct question. I’d hate to have to silence you.”

The way he said ‘silence’ left her wondering exactly what he meant by the phrase. Still, she pressed her luck.  “Where am I, and who the hell are you?”

A look that could only be described as sadistic glee danced in his eyes at her question. She saw him nod to someone standing behind the table she was lying on, and within one second she’d been rolled from her back to her front. The ropes at her wrists cut into her flesh as she attempted to fight the positioning. She felt a line of fire ignite across her upturned ass. Her thin sundress and panties were no protection whatsoever.

The pain took her breath away. She was still trying to cope with it when she saw him nod again through her tears. This time was worse because she knew what was coming before it arrived. The second track of fire was laid out just below the original. Two parallel lines of agony were left as reminders not to speak.

The punishment was effective. It had her pressing her swollen lips together tightly; afraid to utter even a sound for fear it would result in another strike with the punishment implement.

He grinned, clearly pleased with her new cooperation. “Very good. I see you can be trained.”



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SEAL of Her Dreams by Paige Tyler

When Navy SEAL Kurt Travers fills in for his buddy during career day at school, he doesn’t expect to fall for the teacher. But Melissa Drake lives by one hard and fast rule. She doesn’t date Navy guys—ever. Will saving her life change her mind?

Enticement By Sierra Cartwright

Ella Gibson, his little sister’s best friend, is definitely off-limits. But when Special Forces Staff Sergeant Pierce Holden sees her about to make a big mistake with another Dom, honor, duty, and his physical attraction to her compels him to step in.

Wrecked by Selena Kitt

Spoiled heiress Darcy Haverford and ex-military beach bum Daniel Colvin find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island and they discover the key to survival is both discipline and surrender.

Stormy Weather by Desiree Holt

The storm outside whipping the surface of the bay into whitecaps wasn’t nearly as intense as the one raging inside Zane Colby. The isolation of the cottage on the little island was exactly what he needed, a place to hide and deal with the disasters threatening to destroy him. He was a warrior and used to destruction and devastation, but this time it threatened to push him over the edge. He’d hope in this sequestered environment to reach down and find his humanity again. The last thing he needed was Dara, a waif who nearly drowned in the turbulent water in her haste to run from a violent situation. How would he manage with the two of them locked up together in this situation, a woman with the needs of a sub who had been abused, and him with the needs of a Dom that had nearly destroyed him? Was it possible that in the turbulence of the situation they could heal each other?

A Hero In Disguise by Alta Hensley

Kidnapped and brought to an isolated militia compound in the backwoods of West Virginia, Jessa Crowe realizes there is much more hidden in the dark depths of the hemlock trees.

She is surrounded by hate, sex, torture, and death. Only to be claimed by the devil himself—Decker Cassidy. But what Jessa soon discovers is that her captor may very well be her hero in disguise.

The SEAL’s Captive Bride by Sue Lyndon

In the aftermath of a horrendous war, former SEAL Rick Stanford catches a pretty little thief sneaking around the settlement he’s charged to protect. Rather than see Ally tried for her crimes, he protects her in the best way he knows how—by claiming the reluctant young virgin as his wife.

In His Hands By Maggie Ryan

Betsy Riddle considered it her patriotic duty to lift the spirits of soldiers fighting for their country. Little did she know that her newest pen-pal, Mr. Bossy, would be the one man who stole her heart. With every letter he received,  Major Jackson Sommersby  knew that the moment this horrid war ended, he’d be taking a certain little minx in hand and showing her that paradise was found in his arms.

Owned by the Marine by Renee Rose

He may live next door, but he sure as hell wasn’t the boy next door.

When Marine Sergeant Rob Gentry moves into his new apartment, the last girl he wants to date is his neighbor. Smoking hot and so cute it makes his teeth hurt, she’s not his type. Too sweet. Too innocent. Too vanilla. …or so he thinks.

Under His Command by Maddie Taylor

After twenty years in the field, Navy SEALs Commander Flynn Dalton is ready to put down roots.  Settled at Coronado island, he trains new recruits by day while searching for his perfect submissive by night.  Too bad the one woman he wants to claim as his own is too young, too shy, and too damn vanilla.  Relegated to the friend zone by the man of her dreams, computer analyst Cassie Hardwick tries to jumpstart her dormant social life by attending a masquerade mixer at an exclusive BDSM club.  Oblivious to what is right under their noses, both Flynn and Cassie are in for quite a surprise when the masks come off at Decadence LA.

Understanding the Enemy by Tabitha Black

She can resist anything. Except him. When Lena is captured and interrogated by a handsome militia sergeant, she’s determined not to reveal anything; no matter what he intends to do to her. But Blaze Fielding has big secrets of his own… and very special ways to get Lena to talk.

Devil Dog by Lee Savino

There he was, on the eve of my divorce, the yummiest thing in the coffee shop. Tall, tattooed, made of muscle. He was my hero. I just didn’t know it yet…

Her Captain’s Command by Isabella Kole

When a former love surprisingly arrives as the new XO on his ship, how will Captain Blaine Rogers handle her stubborn attempts to defy his authority? Will old feelings get in the way or will a spark be rekindled?

A Little Love by Maren Smith

From the moment he saw her tattoo, Sergeant Nolan Anderson knew Tricia was meant to be his. But they were neighbors and, worse, he was broken. She deserved so much better from the man who became her Dom and yet, now that he’d held her, how could he ever let her go…

Their Runaway Bride by Vanessa Vale

A surprise prequel to the USA Today bestselling Bridgewater Menage Series. Learn how the two military men save a runaway from her ruthless father. You’ve met Anne and her two husbands, Robert and Andrew before. It’s time for their story!

Worth Fighting For by Zoe Blake

He is determined to make her his…even if he has to fight her every step of the way. An arrogant, alpha Marine ordering her about is not Sage’s idea of boyfriend material.

Conner disagrees. For her first burglary, it was going very well…until a half-naked, hot-as-hell Marine burst in demanding to know what was going on!

A Soldier to Cry On by  Abbie Adams

Sergeant Anthony Jerard hunts down the wife of the soldier dying in the hospital bed next to him during the first days after he suffers a traumatic brain injury. He intends to pass on the deathbed apology of which he hasn’t a clue to the nature of. What he doesn’t intend to do, is fall ass over teakettle in love with the often captivating, but more often infuriating, little widow.

Call Sign: Thunder by Livia Grant

Zach wasn’t supposed to be there, but he was Allie’s only hope of getting out alive.  Even if she gets out with her life, could she survive the horrific memories of her time in the hands of her diabolical captors?

Passing Through by Alexa Day

The summer’s brought two surprises to bar owner Gigi Deane: the former Army Ranger she hired is the perfect barback, and he takes orders in bed as well as he does on the job. He’s told her that he’s just passing through, but as the seasons change, can she convince him to make their summer thing a little more permanent?

Bound By Her Captain by Kate Richards

The heat between a  US Coast Guard Captain and a beautiful, brilliant Soviet scientist might do a better job of melting the polar ice than the ship when they combine forces to hunt down a possible sea monster in Cold War Era Alaska.

With One Hand Behind My Back by Cerise Noble

Irene’s determined to follow her Marine, Drew –  the love of her life – everywhere. He leads, she follows; from duty station to duty station, from base to base. When he’s wounded, everything changes. Can she submit to a man who’s body was broken?

Exfil  by Bethany Burke

Archeologist Emily Becker’s “simple and quick” clandestine trip into Syria to recover a precious artifact turns out to be neither.   Stuck in a bombed out basement with some serious heat on her tail, she needs “exfil,” extraction from a dangerous situation by someone who knows what he’s doing.

Delta Force Mission Specialist Michael Duncan definitely knows what he’s doing. He would fit the bill except for one thing:  he also knows Emily, and their history is not a happy one.

Emily doesn’t know if she’s in more danger from Michael or from terrorists, but she’s about to find out.

Aim for Pleasure by Yasmine Hyde

Kerrigan’s military career is coming to an end. At last she will be able to dedicate her time to the business she started years ago with her sister. She just has one more function to put on for the General she works for, then she’ll be bound for civilian life. The night before the event she lets her friends take her out to a bar to celebrate. When a moment of peace turns into a chance at passion, she is drawn in and taken on a ride of ecstasy. She never expects to see the mystery man from her one night of recklessness again, but when he turns up in the place she least expects him, she can’t keep him at arm’s length.

Jaxon returns from a mission just in time to celebrate his brother’s promotion. Hitting the road, he decides to catch up with an old buddy. A detour at a bar winds up being a night to remember. The next day the curvaceous beauty practically falls into his lap again, and seeing it as an opportunity to get to know her better, he pursues.

Can two warriors from two different branches of services, two different paths of life, really find the one in a wanton moment – and can it last for a lifetime?


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Guest Post: Retribution by Natasha Knight

I am more than a bit excited to have one of my favorite authors visiting me today with an excerpt from what I think may be my favorite book of hers to date, and that’s saying something since I read everything she puts out.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Natasha Knight’s work yet, you are missing out. Particularly if you like dark, edgy romances that take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride, but will leave you feeling jubilant in the end.  And have I mentioned how hot her sex scenes are? They had my iPad smoldering from the heat!   Welcome, Natasha.




Hi Livia, thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I’m here with my new release, Retribution, which I’m so thrilled you enjoyed! It’s the dark romance between Adam and Elle, two people destined to go through what seems like hell together. In this scene below, Adam has just saved Elle from some pretty bad guys and she wonders why they keep meeting ‘accidentally’, throwing Adam off and exposing him, at least a little. This is the beginning of the scene where ultimately, Adam will kidnap Elle and execute his plan for revenge. The scene is told from Adam’s point of view…



“And who have you managed to photograph thus far who you’d expose?” I asked.

“Don’t patronize me,” Elle said, putting her glass down hard enough that red liquid splashed onto the coffee table.

I gave her a look to remind her what I’d said earlier about having had enough.

“I’m not patronizing you, but I’d like to know how you planned to go about your rather naive idea of an exposé. You do realize the people you’d be dealing with would become quite dangerous if forced into the situation you’re wanting to put them in.”

“You mean like they could carry guns inside their jackets?”

I had to smile. “I know the neighborhood I’m going into.”

“Me, too.”

“Clearly, because you seemed to be in complete control of the situation tonight.”

She stood, stumbling a little. I rose, taking hold of her arms to steady her. Neither of us needed another incident where she’d be getting more stitches.

“What do you care, anyway?” she snapped.

“So should I have driven on, then? Should I have left you there to fend for yourself? Turned the other way?”

“You know what, Adam? Screw you,” she said, trying to shrug out of my hold.

It took all I had to contain my laughter, but when she raised her hand in an effort to slap me, any allowance on my side ended. Catching her wrist, I twisted her arm, forcing her to meet my gaze.

“You know what, little girl? You need to realize you’re out of your league. You played with fire tonight, and you would have been burnt badly if I hadn’t shown up when I did.”

“And how did that happen at precisely the moment I was there? Are you following me?”

I felt my face tighten and forced myself to take a deep breath before pushing her to sit on the sofa. I leaned in close, our faces almost touching, my voice lowered to the edge of a threat. “You need to learn gratitude because all you’ve got right now is a whole lot of attitude. But I guess Daddy didn’t teach you that, did he? Why should he? All he knows is how to take.”

Everything stopped.

I realized my mistake instantly.

“W-What?” she whispered, her face different, her eyes searching.

I released her and stepped back, my gaze faltering as I ran a hand through my hair. “Just say thank you.”

“Thank you.”

I picked up my jacket and the gun I’d placed beneath it. Tucking it into its holster, I went toward the door, turning once, pushing the hair from my face. “I’ll take you to get your car tomorrow morning. Don’t go back there without me, understand?”

She nodded, confusion still clear in her eyes.

I walked out the door, reaching the elevator, pushing the button to call it.


I smashed my fist into the wall. I’d let her get to me. It had been so fucking easy for her to rile me. And with my slip, she’d have questions. Time to move things along. Why the fuck did I prolong the inevitable anyway? I had one plan, one goddamned thing to do. Break the girl. That was all.

And I was fucking it up royally.




Payback’s a bitch — or it would be for Elle.

Fifteen years ago, my sister was kidnapped. For months, she’d endured hell. Somehow, she’d survived it. Someway, she’d escaped her captors. But it hadn’t mattered. In fact, it had been like losing her twice, because six weeks after she came home, she was dead, and the man responsible was alive and well, oblivious to her fate, ignorant to what he had coming.

Fifteen years I’d been waiting for this moment, all that time, planning, preparing, readying to put things into motion. To finally make the SOB pay for what he’d done.

Killing him was too easy. Too quick. No. There was a much better way to exact revenge.

Take what he loved best.

Break it.

Break her.

I just didn’t realize that in the process of destroying the girl, I’d destroy myself.


“I only want your pain.”

I hadn’t understood what those words meant, not really. Not until he made me understand.

I noticed Adam the very first day he moved into my building. He was a badass on a bike in a thousand-dollar suit. When he looked at me, it was with a hunger just this side of obscene.

Our meetings were strange, accidental. Too coincidental. There was something about Adam. Something I couldn’t put my finger on.

Something I couldn’t resist.

He told me I didn’t know him. He warned me to run as far from him as I could. He was moody. Dark. I’d found it romantic. I didn’t know and wouldn’t realize until it was too late that he’d meant for me to heed his warnings. That some part of him had hoped I would run, that I would escape him.

For too many years, vengeance had fueled him. It had taught him hate. The object of that hate? My father. And me? I was the means to my father’s end. Adam would destroy my father by destroying me.

I accused him of being a monster, of being no different than those who took his sister, but even in the harshest moments, all I could see in his eyes was pain. And like a fool, all I wanted was to touch that darkness.

To make it light.

Retribution is a full-length, stand-alone Dark Romantic Suspense novel. NO Cliffhanger. Intended for mature readers. BDSM content. Dub-con/Non-con.

Get your copy of this smoking hot book now at your retailer of choice!

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S=Sex Slaves of Sabrenth #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge.  If you are just visiting me for the first time, you have some reading to do!  My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day.   I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and today’s is my second story tipping my toe into sci-fi.

A huge shout out of thanks to Sophie Kisker who drew the short straw on editing today.  I must say that I have the best author friends ever as  so many of my close circle has helped me this month.  I love what a close knit community we have.

CONTENT WARNING: I’m giving fair warning that today’s S story is the edgiest I’ve done (IMHO) with several non-con scenes.  If you think that might upset you, you might want to skip today’s story.

S is for Sex Slaves of Sabrenth

Storm sat at the glowing bar trying to blend in with the natives of the Stargate outpost.   He worked hard at ignoring his brother, Stone, who was sitting at a small table at the back of the same saloon. Unfortunately, trying to avoid drawing attention that there were two men present who looked so much alike meant he had no where to look but at the suffering sex slave prominently displayed on the obligatory slave stage found in every public place from here all the way to Sabrenth.

Not for the first time he cursed saying yes to this job. As the most successful search and rescue hunters in the Stargate System, the Sebastian brothers had more than enough work and employees that they had their pick of jobs to actively pursue and rarely did they work in this region any more.

Years ago, they’d spent a year being steeped in the sadistic sexual obsession of Sabrenth.   It had been a simple rite of passage for young men to spend time sewing their wild oats on the most hedonistic planet of the solar system. As young alpha men fresh out of university, they’d been seduced into accepting that it was normal to own a sexual submissive or even slave, who was never more than a few feet from them when in public.

Storm would never forget his first hour on Sabrenth as a twenty-two year old man. As was customary, a willing sex slave greeted every arriving alpha as they exited the space ship into the sky station. Before even collecting their suitcases, the brothers had joined the line of dominant men and women who’d freed their cock or pussy and were sucked to an orgasm by a welcoming sex worker.

He’d been warned and even looked forward to his Sabrenth welcome committee. What he hadn’t been expecting were the platforms, cages, whipping posts, and old-fashioned pillories in literally every pocket of the sadistic society.   Sexual slaves, the lowest class in the Sabrenth society, were prominently displayed for passing patrons visual enjoyment or sexual use should the urge to fuck or punish strike. Public slave stations were as plentiful as public washrooms.

While most slaves accepted their place in the unique society with grace and even a sense of purpose, the worst part for Storm had been the unwilling slaves who had been forced into the way of life, screaming to be freed.

Even now, years later, Storm would often wake from nightmares of the dozens of whippings and rapes he had witnessed in the year they’d lived on Sabrenth.   That he remembered was shitty enough. What he hated the most was that he always woke hard as stone, desperate to fuck someone.

The screaming of the saloon’s slave of the day brought him back to the present. He hated to admit that the show the dominating alpha was putting on with the slip of a woman on stage was sexy as hell. He’d strung her up by several ropes in an artful way that left her every body part suspended, open and available for servicing. The alpha had a heavy flogger and was in the process of striking every part of her body with the exception of her neck and face.   He already had his mammoth cock released from his pants, making sure the submissive saw exactly what he was planning on shoving inside her soon.   Storm was relieved to see the slave’s lustful anticipation indicating she was at least a willing participant to the show.

The beep of an incoming message drew his attention to his personal communication device (PCD).   It was a message from the reason he was here. Senator Skylar was desperate for word of his kidnapped daughter, Sabrina. The powerful politician had made many enemies and one of those enemies thought sending the senator’s only daughter to Sabrenth as an unwilling sex slave might be a way to get the senator’s attention.

They sure were right.

This outpost was the entry point into the Sabrenth system. It was also the central hub of the sex trade business, hosting humiliating daily sex slave auctions specializing in the most prized of all sex slaves – the captured, stolen and unwilling. The marketing campaign for the biggest traders promised ‘hours of sexual fun spent punishing and training the unwilling to obey.’

Storm typed a message back to the client, not wanting to speak for fear he’d be overheard. They were still in the surveillance phase of this operation and didn’t want a satellite spy to pick up on their true rescue mission.

Finally, the announcement he’d been silently waiting for squawked through the loud speakers spread throughout the outpost.

“Alphas and betas, the time is near for today’s slave auction to begin. You won’t want to miss the special treat we have for you today. We have a fresh crop of reluctant submissives from Earth who are in severe need of sexual training.   I don’t need to tell you how rare it is to have six wild captives up on the block at the same time. We’ll be splitting the lot into two, offering one set today and the other tomorrow.   Bring a sizable wallet because we’ve flown in top sex trainers from Sabrenth who’ll be looking to snap up these scrumptious beauties.”

Storm’s PCD lit up with a short message from his brother. “Fucking hell, they have six women. We should have brought a whole squad with us.”

Storm typed back, “Settle down and focus on our simple task. Save Sabrina Skylar… period.”

“I’m not leaving innocent women here to be sexually showcased every day for the rest of what will be their short lives.” Stone’s message wasn’t a surprise to Storm. His brother had been more severely scarred by his memories of the violence they witnessed in their time here.   It was the main reason Storm should have told the senator they wouldn’t take the job.

He typed his message back to Stone. “Let’s see how things play out. If we can save them all, we will, but our primary focus is to stop Sabrina from being shuttled off with some asshole who will screw her raw.”

The overhead speakers continued with the announcement. “Due to the expected size of the turnout, we are moving today’s event to the Sex Shack. Please make your way to the stadium now and be sure to sign up for a number if you plan on bidding on a slave.”

Storm cursed their shitty luck. The normal location for the auction was a small shed-like building with minimal security. The change in venue meant not only they would be bidding against many deep pockets, but any attempt at rescuing Sabrina or the other women from Earth with anything short of an out-right purchase would fail as the sheer volume of armed guards and sadistic witnesses would never allow for them to sneak away.

As the brothers separately made their way across the few blocks to the stadium, Storm sent another message to the senator, securing his promise to pay any amount of money to save his daughter from the hellish sentence sexual ownership on Sabrenth would bring.

Storm paid for his bidding paddle and took a seat in the front section closest to the mammoth stage. His brother set up a post at the main exit and the six other bounty hunters they’d brought with them on the mission took strategic posts throughout the space.

Two hours later, the Sex Shack Stadium was bursting at the seams with every member of the outpost’s sadistic society who were treating today’s auction like a national holiday. Roaming vendors sold snacks not unlike at an athletic event at home, only here the main attraction would be witnessing unwilling sex slaves suffering instead of cheering for overpaid sports legends scrambling after a ball.

Storm had attended one main event years before so he wasn’t surprised to see the pre-show entertainment being dragged out to center stage.   They spent the next hour watching a dozen owned slaves who had recently disappointed their master being spanked, paddled, switched and finally sodomized while the crowd cheered their misfortune.

Couples having sex surrounded Storm. It took all of his self-control to pass on the pretty little sex slave crawling around offering blowjobs.   He reminded himself that this society had dissolved into a base, sexual cesspool. The problem was, as hard as he tried to stay above it, the sights and sounds surrounding him always seeped in, infecting him with the seductive pull of hedonism. It would be so easy to succumb to the desire to dominate pumping through his system as his cock strained to spring out of his now tight pants.

No one was more ready for the actual auction to begin than Storm. The promoters had gone all out with snazzy lighting and special effects as they announced the famous auctioneer who ran all of the biggest slave auctions. He was the people’s favorite, which meant the slaves suffered greatly.

He started with selling off several captured aliens from another star system. They were dragged naked to the center stage, their silvery skin shining in the stage lights, casting off an eerie hue.   Storm was not familiar with the species, but suspected they would sell well because the females had huge breasts and the single male slave had a huge appendage poking proud from his body, wrapped at the base with a scrap of fabric to ensure his impressive girth would attract buyers.

The rowdy crowd snapped up the silvery slaves quickly so the auctioneer moved onto the next lot.   Storm suffered through several other attractions, each one more salacious than the last as he waited.

Finally, the specimen Storm was anxious to see was led in, her shackled legs and arms forcing her to move slowly.   Sabrina was announced as the main attraction of that day’s event.

His heart sank when he saw the condition Sabrina Skylar was in.   Her long sandy-blonde hair was tangled, pulled back into a ponytail he knew would be used to subdue her.   He was close enough to see her squinting in the bright stage lights shining like a spotlight on her naked skin. An unexpected anger stirred deep inside at the sight of the dozens of deep cane stripes already seared into her buttocks and sit-spots.   Sabrina was so thin; it looked like they’d been starving her to death since she was captured the week before.

The part of the scene that haunted him the most was the sheer terror shining in her scared eyes. Sabrina made the mistake of searching the crowd and as she saw the volume of spectators there to witness her humiliation, her legs gave way under her. The two huge slave shepherds, as the slave handlers were called, caught her and held her up to steady her as the auctioneer read from her sell sheet.

“Alphas and betas, I present to you a prized slave, captured from the planet Earth and brought here to pay amends for her father, Senator Skylar. Sabrina Skylar is a spoiled little rich girl, who, like her father, strives to shut down our sexual way of life.” He paused for effect, allowing the stadium to erupt in jeers and boos before continuing. “As you know, the leaders of Earth have petitioned the intergalactic council to impose oppressive sanctions against Sabrenth and all its outposts. Our leader has issued a sanction of his own, and it starts with enslaving Sabrina Skylar for a period of no less than six years where she will serve as a sexual slave, living by the same rules and disciplinary consequences as our lowest class slave.”

Six years his ass. Sabrina would be dead in six months if he didn’t get her out of here. She’d just been painted as public enemy number one.   A fierce desire to protect her swamped him, almost causing him to act rashly. He had to keep his wits about him if they were to successfully rescue the senator’s lovely daughter and still get out alive.

Like the previous high-stakes slaves, the auctioneer cued the video that filled the huge screen at the back of the stage. Fury coursed through Storm’s veins as he was forced to sit through the recording of Sabrina’s humiliating and painful medical examination they’d been kind enough to record upon her arrival.  She’d screamed as she’d been strapped wide into the stirrups and subjected to several rounds of tests.

Sure enough, they’d injected her with the drugs given to all sex slaves meant to keep them horny and ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Based on the way she was fidgeting by rubbing her legs together, he suspected she was already in physical pain if they hadn’t allowed her to spend by now.   He felt like a leech as his cock twitched in his pants at the thought of easing her sexual pain.

The medical exam video finally ended, and the moment of suspense had arrived. The bidding started out twice as high as the previous slaves had been sold at.   A fast flurry of bids swept through the large stadium, raising the price for Sabrina to the highest price ever placed for a non-consensual slave.

The auctioneer stopped to congratulate himself several times, making sport of how much money he was personally making by subjecting the young woman before him to her ordeal. It took all of Storm’s willpower to stop from stomping up on the stage and just scooping her into his arms as the auctioneer ridiculed poor Sabrina for being so wet from her sexual excitement that he could smell her arousal from several feet away. Storm knew the bastard was just doing his job to swindle the bidders out of the most money possible, but it didn’t stop him from wanting to slay the guy where he stood.

Finally, the bidding slowed as only two wealthy looking men duked it out. One of the men looked like a sheik from Earth, looking to add Sabrina to his harem of sexual slaves.

As the auctioneer called out the last call, Storm finally moved into action. He had remained silent until then, but suddenly stood, raising his numbered paddle and shouted out his winning bid which was twice as high as the sheik’s final bid.   Screams of surprise could be heard throughout the stadium as the sheik and his armed guards also stood, preparing to confront Storm.   Two of his own men rushed the stage to take up a protective post beside him as he pushed past the other bidders, taking the steps to the stage two at a time.

He approached the auctioneer first, ignoring Sabrina’s sobs. “It’s time to declare my bid the winner and allow me to secure my property.”

“Who do you think you are rushing the stage? Perhaps someone out there will outbid you.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it, sir.   You’ve managed to stir up the crowd and I’m worried my property is going to be damaged by the some unscrupulous bidder who won’t take their losing well.   Strike the gavel, and I’ll pay you and be on my way.”

Sure enough, Storm sensed others crowding up onto the stage. He was about to lose control of the situation if he didn’t take action.   He shoved his PCD into the hands of his associate. “Stay here and settle my account. I’m taking Sabrina back to the shuttle. Meet me there as soon as you can.”

Storm turned in time to see the slave shepherds shuffling Sabrina off the far side of the stage. He chased after them, delivering hearty swings with his fists until they fell to the stage floor. He wasted no time in freeing her from her shackles before sweeping her into his strong arms and tucking in behind his other associate who pushed through the chaotic crowd towards the exit. He looked up to see Stone had cleared a path and as soon as they were out into the open air, he knew they’d succeeded.

Only when he was strapped in the leather seat of their spaceship, Sabrina seated in his lap and snuggling against his chest as sobs wracked her too-thin body did Storm finally stop to assess the hostage.   She felt so fragile as she shivered in the cold air. He motioned for Stone to throw him a blanket.

“Shhh little one… everything is going to be okay now.”

“How can you say that? You just spent a fortune to make me your sex slave.”

Storm finally let himself smile and he could tell it soothed her. “No Sabrina, I just spent a fortune to free you. Your father hired my brother and me to save you. We’ll have you safely back on Earth by this time next week.”

Confusion slowly cleared as his words sank in. She relaxed into his arms as if the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders. They sat silently snuggling, each enjoying the relief of a successful mission.   It was several minutes later that he felt her hand slowly sliding from his chest, downward until she stopped to stroke his still hard erection through his pants.

Their eyes locked as she continued to slide her delicate fingers across his cock. “What are you doing, Sabrina?” His tone was scolding.

“Saying thank you.”

Storm moaned, in pain as desire to consume her surged through him. It would be so easy to seduce her, but knowing the sexual enhancement drugs still coursed through her veins, Storm wouldn’t be able to look himself in the mirror with self-respect if he surrendered to his desire.

“I’ll tell you what, sweetheart. We’re gonna get you some food and water. We’ll get you showered and let you sleep off the effects of the drugs they slipped into your system, and if after you’re detoxed, you still want to say thank you, I’ll be happy to oblige you. Until then, I think it’s time we separate.”

Sabrina’s eyes shone with a mix of gratitude and disappointment as he carried her to her cabin, setting the senator’s daughter on her feet before he moved to leave.   He was at her door when she shouted out to him her question. “Excuse me, but what’s your name and where are you going?”

He turned back to answer, “My name is Storm and I’m off to take the world’s longest cold shower.”


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I=Intimate Interrogation #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the A to Z blog hop and my challenge to write an original free erotic short for each letter of the alphabet (fair warning, I may skip one or two letters – is that cheating?) The catch is every single sentence must have a least one word in it that starts with that day’s letter. I just hope you all will forgive me if I use the same word a few times due to my alphabetical limitations. 🙂 Don’t miss any of the posts. Sign up on my home page to get alerted when I post a new blog.

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CONTENT WARNING: Today’s story has a non-consentual kidnapping with edgy and dark content.   If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, you might want to skip today.

I is for Intimate Interrogation

Isabelle rushed through the compact stalls of the crowded Irish market, hoping it was just her imagination that had her panicked at the possible glimpse of Ian in the pressing crowd. Irrational fear gripped her as memories of the massive inventory of guns, ammo and stacks of money invaded her thoughts. Six months before she had inadvertently found the stash in the basement of her boyfriend’s house.   Life hadn’t been the same for Isabelle since.

He had been a guest instructor at her university in Washington D.C. From the instant she literally bumped into Ian in the crowded hallway there was a mutual, instantaneous attraction. He had swept her off her feet from the initially. As their intimate relationship intensified submissive feelings she hadn’t known ignited. An inexperienced innocent eight years his junior, Ian had introduced her to many kinky intimacies inflamed by his desire to dominate her sexually.

While she idolized him, she had hints early on that he was keeping important secrets from her.   She ignored the signs until she saw with her own eyes that stash of what had to be illegal weapons.   The only fortunate thing was that it happened on the last day of the semester.   Afraid to confront him with her findings she lied, telling him she had to go home immediately to care for her ill grandma.

Ian had pursued her, looking for answers about why she left him so abruptly, implying, but not explaining, that she’d regret her decision. Despite her inability to trust him, months later, Isabelle still thought of him constantly. She had fallen in love with him. She wondered if she had made a mistake by not giving him a chance to explain. Instead, she tried ignoring the nagging feeling that there was more to Ian than she knew.

Her move to Ireland as an international exchange student had been a godsend.   For the first few months, she felt safe. Then she realized that when in public she was being watched. She told herself it was paranoia infiltrating her brain, but in the last week she was certain she was being followed. And tonight she felt like she was going insane with her glimpses of Ian in the market thousands of miles from home.

Isabelle stopped again to look around the crowded marketplace. She chided herself for her irrational insanity until he grabbed her from behind, dragging her backwards until a curtain hid them. A cloth was pressed over her mouth and nose and, as she inhaled, the pungent smell of some drug infiltrated her senses.   She felt herself crumbling to the floor as an immense anger consumed her that Ian would drug her. Fear quickly replaced anger when the face of her captor came into focus just before she passed out.

It wasn’t Ian.


All consuming pain first infiltrated Isabella’s brain with her return to consciousness. Every part of her body felt injured­. She was immersed in the kind of excruciating misery that made her want to sell her soul to the devil to make it stop.

Opening her eyes introduced a new level of hell. She snapped her eyes closed, but it was too late–she couldn’t un-see the instruments of torture surrounding her in the dank dungeon.

She focused internally–taking inventory of her predicament.

She was imprisoned, hung by her widespread arms by what felt like rough rope that was cutting into the skin of her wrists. The immense pain in her shoulders and elbows told her she’d been in this position for a while.

The air was infused with the stale stink of piss, sweat and blood. She forced down the gagging reflex to avoid the imminent pain vomiting would add. An icy breeze confirmed her worst fears–she was naked.

The pinch on her nipples impaired her thoughts the most. Forcing her eyes open again she inspected herself, quivering in fear as she took in the ingenious torture scene her captor had invented. It was right out of a horror movie.

Isabelle’s legs were bent at the knee; circles of rope wrapped securely around each thigh/calf combination to make extending her legs an impossibility.   The base of her ample breasts were wrapped tightly in inflexible plastic that cut off circulation, and turned her distended glands into bluish balls of pain. The brutal nipple clamps with spiked clasps latched onto her nips, enhancing the ingenious torture scene.

The only good thing about being suspended by her aching arms was identifying what awaited her below should her captor decide to lower her hanging body. Beneath her open legs was an evil saw horse whose pointed wooden top jutted up towards her exposed private body parts. What felt like a thick dildo extended upwards from the spiked furniture and pierced her pussy, impaling her just enough to ensure she was stretched uncomfortably while keeping her from wiggling herself out of the devious position her captor invented.

His course voice behind her interrupted her misery. “I see you decided to join the party, Isabelle. I’m glad. I have some interesting questions for you.” She couldn’t identify his voice.

“Let me out of here this instant, you asshole!”

“I’d be careful. It doesn’t matter to me how long this takes and truthfully, I prefer interrogating unwilling informants. It’s much more fun to inflict pain. My colleagues and I make bets on how many instruments of torture I’ll need to use to break you. You have information I need, and I’ll get it out of you one way or the other.”

“What is it you think I can tell you? I’m a simple international college student here to study art!”

“Maybe, but you’re also the girlfriend of The Inquisitor.   You’re going to prove invaluable in both information gathering and to lure him here so I can eradicate him once and for all.”

Isabelle gritted out her answer through the pain. “You’re an idiot. You grabbed the wrong woman because I don’t have a boyfriend.”

His evil laugh inflamed her. “That’s right. You were such the innocent you never even knew Ian was living a double life right under your nose. Well surprise–Ian is The Inquisitor, the largest arms dealer in the business. What I need from you first is the password to his offshore accounts in Cayman.”

Isabelle added a broken heart to the misery infiltrating her body. She had hoped Ian had some reasonable explanation for the guns and money she found in his basement. Being an international arms dealer wasn’t what she had in mind.

“I haven’t seen Ian in months! Even when I did he never informed me of his business, and he certainly never shared his computer or passwords with me.”

“That’s too bad–then this is really going to hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.”

The crack of his implement of torture filled the air before the agony across her bare back registered.   The second whip strike came instantly, igniting her ass.   Her shrieks of pain mingled with the cracks of the continued thrashing to immerse the dungeon in a hellish soundtrack. Isabelle lost count, sobbing inconsolably, as an immense burn consumed her.

She must have passed out from the agony because the icy bucket of water thrown against her back jarred her awake.

“All right, I’m giving you an intermission. You have exactly three minutes to start talking, my little informant, or I’ll be forced to escalate things to the next level.”

Isabelle choked out her answers. “I told you… I don’t know anything… I haven’t seen Ian for six months… I left him to move to Ireland.”

“Ah, I see. Still trying to play the part of an innocent. I especially like to inflict my next set of tortures. Your screams will get my cock rock hard and ready for what comes after our next intermission. Your hot body has me all kinds of inspired. I can’t wait to fuck the same pussy The Inquisitor called his own.”

The sound of a heavy dungeon door opening and three beefy-armed guards invading the space interrupted them. Tears streamed down Isabelle’s cheeks as she wished for death–anything to escape the inhuman agony. Their imposing figures merged with impatient expressions, informing Isabelle the newcomers would only make her situation worse.

Then she heard the sound of a pulley and she felt her body being lowered from the ceiling. The fake cock pushed deeper inside her, impaling her painfully with the weight of her body forcing the instrument of torture to press inside her. Isabelle finally came to a stop when her full weight pressed her pussy lips and clit against the sharp edge of the wooden horse beneath her. Isabelle was frantic with pain, scrambling to pull herself up by her aching arms and crashing back down on her pubic bone hard when her exhausted arms couldn’t hold her weight.

Even in her delirious state, she acknowledged the ingenious scene of her incarceration.   As a wide strap was applied with force across her clamped breasts, she focused internally–remembering the lessons Ian taught her during their intimate sexual encounters. He had instructed her on how to breathe as a submissive through her pain.   A stray thought invaded. Had he been preparing her in case this ever happened? If so, it was inexcusable that he had put her in danger.

The explosive thunder of gunfire infiltrated the small space, bringing a deafening commotion and the smell of intoxicating gases.   Smoke filled the dungeon, irritating her eyes and nose. Over a dozen men in full-body armor and helmets rushed in, machine guns drawn, instantly killing her captors in a bloody firefight.

Were these men here to rescue her or imprison her themselves?

The first man to charge through the door dropped his weapon, rushing to Isabelle’s side to immediately lift her at the waist, taking the pressure off her tortured pussy.   He called out to another gunman to work the pulley so he could lower her inch by inch into his waiting arms. The brush against his rough uniform irritated her open wounds, pulling an involuntary cry from her.

Only when the ropes had been removed from Isabelle’s wrists was she free to collapse into the waiting arms of the uniformed man. He lifted her in his arms as she burst into inconsolable sobs from the mix of relief and lingering pain.   He rushed them out of the smoke filled dungeon, weaving through the interior of what looked like an old Irish castle.

Isabelle was in shock and grateful the masked rescuer was intelligent enough to know she couldn’t yet walk. Circulation returned to her tortured limbs, and the prickling pins itched as blood rushed through her veins.

Nothing could have prepared her for the sight of Ian’s face emerging from behind the helmet.   Conflicting emotions invaded. Was he the good guy she wanted him to be, or was he The Inquisitor as her captor had called him?   Their eyes connected and she saw the intense concern shining back at her from the man.

He broke their silence, “I’m so sorry I didn’t keep you safe, Isabelle. It was inexcusable for me to involve you in my life while I was on an undercover mission.   I fell in love with you; I selfishly thought I could protect you as I infiltrated the underworld.   You were an innocent, and my irrational arrogance almost got the woman I love killed. Can I hope you’ll be able to forgive me one day?”

The intensity in his eyes told her he spoke the truth. She still had so many questions, but her injuries were overwhelming her again. “How… I mean he said you were The Inquisitor… the head of a crime ring that deals in arms. I saw the guns in your basement. Please don’t lie to me, Ian.”

He reached inside the outside pocket of his uniform pulling out an ID badge identifying him as a member of the Central Intelligence Agency.   “I’m not supposed to tell anyone in my private life what I do for a living. Initially it killed me to keep my profession from you, but then I saw how much danger I was injecting into your life. So I decided if I loved you, I had to let you go.”

Tears glistened in his eyes, helping Isabelle feel better. “How did you know where I was–that I was imprisoned and in danger?”

“We’ve been tailing these idiots for months. We couldn’t figure out why they were in Ireland. When I saw you earlier in the market place I just knew you were their target, and I put together the rescue team. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get to you before they imprisoned you.”

“Why are you telling me all of this now, Ian? Won’t you be in trouble?”

“I don’t care about that anymore.  All I care about is getting you back in my life.   I’ll even retire from the intelligence business if you want if that’s what it’ll take to gain your trust again.  What do you say, Izzy – will you move back home with me?”

Memories of better times invaded. She knew she should investigate his story and insure he spoke the truth, but the relief of being safe in his arms pushed all indecision aside.

“I will.”


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