Behind the Scenes #SpankA2Z #NSFW


I’ve had several people (mostly authors) ask me how I wrote a short story each day in June and questioned if I should have been writing my next book instead.   I’ll be honest, there were several times during the month when I was killing myself to make it work, that I asked myself if I was using my time wisely by writing so much free content.  I think only time will tell if this was the best use of my writing time since I literally could have written another whole book in the  time I wrote the 43,826 words for these shorts.

In the end, here are some of the reasons I’m happy I took the challenge.

A) I have always written long.  Two of my six published books came in over 100K and I know I need to practice at writing shorter story ARC’s.   I thought this challenge would help me learn to write short, and to some degree it did, although the stories kept getting longer as the month progressed with many topping 2K and two over 3K.

B) I am a plotter.  For non-authors, that means that I outline my stories scene by scene before starting.  This month I was challenged to sit down and pantster my way through these stories each night.  I would start with words and a broad idea and then fly by the seat of my pants.  Some stories ended up goofy as a result, in my opinion, but some turned out decent enough that I was pleased getting some practice at this.

C) As a relatively new author with only six books out, I have been trying to drive more traffic to my beautiful website.  I am happy to announce that I averaged triple my normal daily unique visitors with some days topping five times normal. Best yet, people stayed on my site to poke around with over 4000 hits to my pages in June, certainly a new record for my website.

D) As a new author, I’m always looking for new ways to grow my newsletter.  I added 26 new addresses to my newsletter in June.  I admit I had hoped this number would be higher, but I also added 12 people following my blog posts so together that is 38 new followers I hope will be fans who buy my books in the future.

E) A scary byproduct of this challenge I hadn’t considered before I started was that this turned out being a pretty close glimpse into my brain and what makes me tick sexually.  When I write a novel, I have time to go back through and edit and really consider each word and how it fits into the story.  Due to the speed I wrote these stories, I had no time to really do that.  These stories are as close as anyone will ever get to seeing a stream of thought from me as I had close to no time to tweak/edit my original versions before posting. This was Livia raw.

So how did I do it?  Here is the method to my madness:

Let me take you through the approach that I followed for each story.  Even though I did a lot more flying by the seat of my pants than normal, I still did a lot of organizational things to set myself up for success before June even started.

1) Step one was to go through Cara Bristol’s Naughty Words for Nice Writers and my handy Webster’s dictionary to write down just  the top words for each letter that jumped out at me.  I had a list for all letters of the alphabet that looked something like this:

P= prick, petals, pussy, pearl, peaks, pebbles, puckered hole, punish, paddle, peck, plunder, press, pang, passion, pleasure, promiscuity, pure, pony, play, plateau, palm, pat, pet, pinch, pluck, press, propel, pull, punish, penetrate, plunge, piston, poke, pound, press, probe, prod, push, pump, pulse, perspire, pounce, pelt, pour, pinken, pale, peach, pert, pink, pillow, proud, pound, pout, promise, papa, protective, pride, peg, Ping-Pong paddle, photos, public, privileges, pee, prostitute

2) Once I had a short list of words per letter, I then made a list of all of the sub-genres and tropes I could think of that I wanted to try out.  Here are just a few ideas from that list:

Historical, contemporary, age play, pirate abduction, femdom, medical, sci-fi, and judicial

3) I also researched some of the most popular romance tropes on the RWA website.   That list gave me things like:

Friends turn to lovers,  soul mates/fate, second time love, first love, reunited lovers etc…

4) I then went through my alphabet from #1 above and plotted out what type of story sub-genre and trope I thought would fit each letter best.   This helped me plan out that I would not end up with 26 contemporaries (my go-to genre) at the end of the month.   I changed several of my original plans as I got deeper into the month, but I stuck to the vast majority of them pretty closely.

5) This is where my planning ended and my pantster’ing (is that a word?) began.   Before each story, I sat back down with my big dictionary and literally wrote down all of the words that I might want to use for that letter.  Example: That P list above in #1 turned into this list when I was ready to start writing The Pirate’s Prized Possession.   I printed out each list so I could have a hard copy next to me as I wrote and referred to it constantly as I searched for the right words.

prick, petals, pussy, pearl, peaks, pebbles, puckered hole, punish, paddle, peck, plunder, press, pang, passion, pleasure, promiscuity, pure, pony, play, plateau, palm, pat, pet, pinch, pluck, press, propel, pull, punish, penetrate, plunge, piston, poke, pound, press, probe, prod, push, pump, pulse, perspire, pounce, pelt, pour, pinken, pale, peach, pert, pink, pillow, proud, pound, pout, promise, papa, protective, pride, peg, Ping-Pong paddle, photos, public, privileges, pee, prostitute, pace, pacify, pack, package, packet, pact, pad, paddle, padlock, page, paid, pail, pain, pair, pal, palace palate, pale, pall, pallor, palm, palpable, pamper, pan, pander, panic, panorama, panaromic, pant, panties, pantry, paper, par, parade, paradise, paradox, parallel, pardon, parch, parent, parish, park, parlay, parrot, partial, partake, partisan, partition, party, pass, passage, passion, passive, password, past, pasta, paste, pastel, pat, patch, patent, path, paternity, paternal, patriarch, patriot, patrol, patron, patty, paunch, pauper, pause, paw, pavilion, pawn, pay, pea, peace, peach, peak, peanut, pear, peck, pedal, peculiar, pedestal, peek peel, peep, peer, peeve, peg, pellet, pelt, pelvis, pen, pendent, penetrate, penny, pension, pensive, people, pie, pep, pepper, perceive, percent, perch, percussion, perform, perforate, period, perish, perjury, perk, permanent, permit, persecute, person, personality, perspective, pertain, perverse, pest, pet, petal, petition, pew, petrify, phantom, phase, philosophy, phobia, phony, photo, phrase, physical, piano, pick, pickle, picnic, picture, piece, pig, pigtail, pike, pile, pilgrim, pillar, pilot, pinafore, pincer, pincushion, pine, pink, pint, pipe, piracy, pistol, piston, pitch, pity, place, placid, plague, plaid, plain, plait, plan, plank, plantation, planter, plate, plateau, platform, play, plea, plead, pleasant, please, pleasure, pledge, plenty, pliant, plog, plight, plot, ploy, pluck, plug, plum, plummet, plump, plunge, plural, plus, plush, ply, pocket, point, poise, poison, poker, pole, police, policy, polite, poll, pond, ponder, pontificate, pony, pool, poor, pop, popular, porch, pore, pork, porous, porter, portrait, pose, position, positive, possess, possessive, possible, post, poster, postpone, pottery, pouch, pound, pour, pout, powder, power, practical, practice, prance, pray, prayer, preach, precaution, precarious, precede, precious, precipitation, precise, predatory, predecessor, predicate, predominate, predispose, preeminent, preface, prefix, prelude, premature, premise, premium, premonition, preoccupy, prerequisite, presence, present, preserve, president, press, pressure, presumptuous, pretend, pretty, prevail, prevalent, prevent, previous, prick, pride, primary, primate, prime, primitive, prince, princesses, prince, print, prior, prison, pristine, privilege, prize, probable, problem, process, proceeds, process, procure, prod, prodigal, produce, profane, profession, professional, professor, prognosis, program, prohibit, prolong, promenade, prominence, promise, promote, prompt, pronounce, proof, propel. Propagate, proper, prostrate, protein, protest, proud, prove, provide, provoke, proxy, pry, psych, psychology, public, publicity, publish, puke, pull, pulpit, pump, punch, pupil, pup, purge, purify, purity, purse, pursuant, pursue, pursuit, push, put, puzzle, pyramid

6) Next, as I started each story, I did research on items I needed for that letter.  I sure googled some crazy things this month.  Every story I did a “popular names starting with P”, but I also did ‘colors that start with P”, “cars that start with P” etc…   I’d go to Amazon and look at products and brand names that started with that letter.   I collected up potential names and items to join my story.

7) Only once I had all of that did I start writing.   I would start with a grain of a story idea and turned my muse loose with my list of words as my guide.   I would decide early which character’s POV would tell the story best and in some cases, I decided to add two scenes with a POV for each.

8) Once I wrote the story through to the end, I’d go back through once, tweaking and fixing things now that I’d gotten through it once and then I’d send it off to my editor for the day.  Once again, I thank Christine Hart, Jennifer Bene, Bruce Stern, Sophie Kisker and Myra Danvers for their editorial help!   While I had some of the pre-work done, by the end of the month, I often did steps 5-7 on the same night (after getting home from the day job)  I needed to post the 2K story by midnight.

9) Once I got back the edits (gratefully there were not many most days) I updated my original and then had to go into wordpress and load it to hit at 00:01.   Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting more sleep in July!

10)  Then I’d start all over at #5 for the next letter.  I carried around the hard copy of the next day’s words with me in my purse at all times and would study them on the train or while I walked to the office in the morning.  I wrote snippets of dialogue on my lunch hour so by the time I got home from work, I was ready to hit the ground running on the next story.

So there you have it.  Behind the scenes of writing 24 different stories in one month with 43,826 words.   At this moment, I’m happy I did it.  My one regret, I wish I’d seen my book sales bounce up more.  If you enjoyed the free stories and haven’t given any of my published books a read yet, I’d love it if you’d give Wanting it All a try.  It is on sale for only $.99 for a limited time.





Time to Vote!! #SpankA2Z #NSFW


I made it through the crazy challenge in June to write an original erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where each story had to have one word that started with the letter of the day in each sentence,   This was surprisingly harder than one would think on first blush.   I can’t forget to thank my editors for the month who were often helping proofread for grammar errors late in an evening before I posted before midnight.  A huge thank you to Christine Hart, Bruce Stern, Jennifer Bene, Sophie Kisker and Myra Danvers.  You guys ROCK!

Below, I’m recapping the stories from the month and want your vote on which story you would like to see another chapter written for.  Who do you most want to check in on and see what happened next?

A= Angry at the Airport – 1126 Words

Ange gets in trouble at the airport and her husband Andrew straightens her out with a spanking and heated plugging while they wait to board. She had one uncomfortable trip to her Aunt Allison’s.

B=The Bratty Bride – 1520 Words

Bridget had turned into a bit of a bridezilla and Brad made sure she knew he wasn’t going to put up with bratty behavior now that they were married.  That was some wedding night!

C=Chastised by her Cowboy – 722 Words

Calvin didn’t appreciate Catherine’s perceived rudeness to his sister after church. She spends some time naked in the corner before being cropped, but in the end, I think Calvin only encouraged her to be naughty again.

D=Derek the Daddy Dom – 1381 Words

We got a peek in on Derek and Rachel from The Passion Series. I was happy to see Rachel’s pregnancy was coming along and the danger was over.   Derek is one hot daddy, that’s for sure and I loved seeing this age play scene from Rachel’s POV.

E=Erotic Examination – 1047 Words

Elle and Eric are captured and whisked off for an intimate examination by aliens, awaking in their own bed in the morning. Did it really happen?

F=Farm Fresh – 1102 Words

Felicity gets into some trouble with her spending habits and her fiancé, Frank, makes sure to lay down the law on how he will be handling these things in their marriage. A trip to the local farmer’s market produced a nice, big clump of ginger for one hot figging session.

G=The Guilty Governess – 2757 Words

This was one of my personal favorites. Gabriella lost track of her young charges and the governor’s son George had gotten into danger up a tree just in time for the Governor, Gregory, to arrive home.   Gabriella and Gregory had been attracted to each other for some time, and the intimate events of this day help them cross the invisible line they’d both been trying not to step over.

H=Heather’s Humiliation – 1711 Words

Ah, Henry and Heather.   Heather’s father had promised her to the neighboring King without her consent. She ran away, but her future husband was happy to hunt her down and blister her bottom before taking her home.  Another fun historical.

I=Intimate Interrogation – 2256 Words

This was a short suspense.  Isabelle had been Ian’s submissive until she suspected him of illegal activities and left him to move to Europe. The intrigue follows them and she is kidnapped and tortured as a way to get to Ian.  Luckily, he comes to the rescue just in time to let her know he is actually undercover.

J=Jaded Justice – 1901 Words

A nice little story of revenge.  James had raped Julie the year before, triggering her to lose her job, fiancé, house and self-respect. When the courts let her down, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She is hopefully living a happy life in Jamaica right now.

K=The Kinky Knight – 2025 Words

Kaitlin’s father knew his lovely daughter needed a strong man in her life to take her in hand and he knew just the right man for the job. Kieran may not have planned on applying for the job, but he luckily rose to the occasion when Kaitlin was in need. Wonder if she’s able to sit down yet?

L=Lukus’s Lecture – 3310 Words

This clocked in as the longest story, but that was intentional as I wanted to give Passion fans a taste of their beloved Lukus and Tiffany.   We got a front row seat to Tiffany’s first center stage punishment. Lucky for her, the club was closed.

M=Married to a Masochist – 2570 Words

Like the L story, M gave us a glimpse into what Markus and Brianna have been up to since the end of Having it All.   We know they have been in trouble when they didn’t communicate clearly and this scene shows how far they’ve come by showing them communicating about their wants and desires.

N=Nervous Habits – A Guest Blog by Cara Bristol

My original story idea for this day was Naughty Nurses, but I was THRILLED to have Cara take N in the middle to give me a much needed day off.   I guess if you’d like to have me write Naughty Nurses, you can vote for that and if you still haven’t picked up Cara’s latest Rod and Cane book, DO IT NOW.

O=Oral Exams – 1846 Words

Olivia runs afoul of the unscrupulous Professor O’Keefe who not only delivers canings for extra credit, but raises grades for students willing to take oral exams in his office on their knees. I’m pretty sure this was the least liked story of the month with several people weighing in on how slimy the professor was. I completely agree he was scummy, but he must have been living up there in my brain somewhere for my muse to channel him.

P=The Pirate’s Prized Possession – 2332 Words

Ah, what a fun story to write. Who doesn’t love a gentleman pirate willing to capture the beautiful, and conveniently naughty, daughter of his enemy. Penelope and Patrick have a happily ever after in there somewhere.

Q= ?

Sadly, my real life collided with this letter and its pitiful list of Q words and I confess, I skipped it when the planned story called The Quaker’s Quandry just wasn’t materializing in my head. I did have a fabulous story idea about a Queen, but it was so awesome, I wrote a full outline and it will be a future novel with a M/M/f theme. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?

R=Rock ‘n Roll Reunion – 1544 Words

Rachel regretted how her life had turned out.   She had allowed her father to steer her away from the one man she ever truly loved, Rocky.   Luckily, Rocky, now a rock ‘n roll star,  decides to go to their ten year reunion and reclaim the love of his life.

S=Sex Slaves of Sabrenth – 3083 Words

This was one naughty little sci-fi with tons of non-con action going on.   The Sebastian brothers, intergalactic search and rescue bounty hunters, were yummy and Sabrina was one lucky girl that she had Storm on her side.  As naughty as this one was, my muse has a lot more to say about this story.  I’m planning on turning this one into a full story down the road, and now, it won’t have S’s in every sentence! LOL

T=Tangled Triangle – 2255 Words

Ah, my first ménage.   Trina loved two men. She had married Trent when Toby moved away, deserting her. When Toby returns to town, the threesome get tangled in a naughty new arrangement. Their small town of Turner, Texas is going to be scandalized!

U=The Perils of an Unconventional Wife – 1812 Words

A small glimpse into the life of a newly married couple of the 1950’s. Ursula was a bit progressive for her times and Robert decided it was time to lay down the law for his little woman. It’s a good thing she liked it.

V=The Victorian Virgin – 2455 Words

I had fun with this one! I loved putting myself in Valerie’s position, nervous and unsure on her wedding night to a powerful man she barely knew.   The original plan had William being much more stern, but in the end, I think they are going to live HEA, don’t you?

W=Throwing Whitney to the Wolves – 2196 Words

I was starting to get tired by this story. I had been looking so forward to writing a paranormal short with werewolves for W, but found it is extremely hard to setup another world in so few words. I came up with the idea of Wyatt and Wade coming to the rescue of Whitney and then had fun writing the villainous truck driver.

X=Xmas X-rays – a measly 44 Words

I had planned on skipping X, but the idea for this one came from talking with my twenty-one year old son who came up with a few sentences using X words over dinner. I obviously modified it to suit my needs. X was hard!

Y=Yielding on the Yacht – 1753 Words

Good old Yosef was willing to jump in to help his friend Yuri by hiding the bratty actress, Yasmina, on his yacht.   This was a match made in heaven if I ever saw one.   I have a feeling they will both be getting off their month-long cruise changed people!

Z=The Lucky Zipper – 1078 Words

The letter Z was much harder than I’d expected.   Pull out the dictionary and you’ll find some really poopy choices of Z words to choose from.  Thank goodness Chris Hart had some Z words in her back pocket!  Still, we get a glimpse of zillionaire Zachary being smitten by Zoie, the bartender who tried to help him fix his broken zipper.   The tabloids talk about Zach being a spankofile which suits Zoie just fine.


So there you have it. I wrote/posted 43,826 words or the equivalent of a long novella in the month of June. I had only four stories written in advance and eventually lost my buffer and was writing full stories in one day. (yes, the quality does show it some days 🙂 ) Before I started, I had made a list of sub-genres I wanted to dabble in and I hit almost all of them and had so much fun doing it.  Sure, some of the stories were a bit silly due to the alphabet challenge, but I hope you enjoyed them just the same.

Now is when you get to tell me what your favorites were and which one story you would like to see me write the next chapter for.   Whatever story wins the most votes, I will write another chapter for in July as a thank-you for following along!  Leave comments below or send me PM’s.


Z=The Lucky Zipper #SpankA2Z #NSFW


I made it!  Today is the letter Z in the Spanking A to Z Blog Hop.  I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed the free erotic short stories I’ve written this month for the hop.  It was an interesting challenge and I had a lot of fun.  I won’t lie though, I spent literally every minute of my writing time on this and so I’ve fallen behind on my writing commitments.  I hope to catch up soon.

Today may be the last story, but keep an eye out for a few additional blog posts where I’m going to give readers the chance to vote on the story they would most like to see me write another chapter for.   Would you like to know what happened to the the bratty bride?  How about Heather and her king?  I know I’d love to check in on the governor and his naughty governess.  You’ll have your chance to vote in early July for a continued story.

A final thank you to Christine Hart for editing today’s short story.  She helped many times this month as did Jennifer Bene, Bruce Stern, Sophie Kisker and Myra Danvers.   I couldn’t have pumped these out without their help because I was writing so fast that I needed editing help more than ever.

And now the final story, Z is for The Lucky Zipper.

Zoie threw her heavy winter coat on, anxious to escape from work after an especially stressful shift. She normally loved bartending at Zero Gravity, the trendiest dance club in town. Tonight, however, something happened that she couldn’t wait to get home to slip into her jammies, pour a glass of zinfandel and analyze.

She chuckled at the irony of her coat’s zipper not cooperating considering the center of her problems that day had revolved around broken zippers.

Earlier that night, nothing could have prepared her for literally bumping into the man of her nightly dreams, zillionaire Zachary Zimmerman.   She’d known from the tabloids he’d be in her hometown of Zion for an awards banquet, but she’d never dreamed he’d walk into Zero Gravity.   She wished she could zap the memories of the fool she’d made out of herself from her mind.

The club had been less crowded than usual when Zoie was shocked to look up and see Zachary wandering into Zero Gravity. Zoie was slightly vexed when Zachary ordered a Zipperhead and was arrogant enough to think she didn’t know how to mix vodka, raspberry liqueur and soda water to make his requested libation. She was zealous when it came to mixing drinks and one of her specialties was Zipperheads.

Being slightly smug herself, Zoie personally served the Zipperhead to Zachary and waited for his reaction. His reaction was zestful but that changed when he realized the corner of Zoie’s bar apron had, somehow, gotten stuck in his zipper.   Zachary tried to get his zipper unzipped from the apron, but it only became tighter than a zip-lock. Zoie tried to be helpful by giving a zig-zagging tug on her apron but was mortified when Zachary’s zipper zone zapped out. A moment later she watched Zachary and his broken zipper zooming out of Zero Gravity, leaving the Zipperhead behind.

Finally wrangling her own zipper, Zoie exited out the back employee entrance to head to her 2006 Lincoln Zephyr. Unfortunately, a long, stretch limousine with the license plate of ZZ blocked the entrance to the small parking lot. It didn’t click whom it belonged to until the back door swung open and Zachary Zimmerman himself stepped out onto the snowy pavement. Her mind raced, wondering what brought the zillionaire back to the club hours after he had left with his broken zipper.

Zoie stopped dead in her tracks, forcing the handsome zillionaire to walk through the snow to reach her. She half expected him to walk past her since she could come up with zero reasons for his seeking her out.

“Hello again, Ms. Zalinski.” Zach’s voice was pure butter, melting over her and warming her from the inside out.

“Y…you… Z… Zachary Zimmerman knows my name?” Zoie managed to stutter like a raving lunatic. She hoped the dark parking lot hid the beet red embarrassment that had to be zapping across her face.

Zach smiled graciously, “Of course I know your name, Zoie. I try to make it a habit to know the name of any woman to tries to attend to my zipper in my time of need.”

Zoie knew he was teasing her, but she appreciated his attempt to put her at ease. “If I recall, I only made your zipper situation worse. I tried so hard to be as zealous as a housewife mending her husband’s zipper, but then when I had my big chance, I was about as helpful as a zinnia.”

She felt a zing to her heart when he grinned right at her, producing his trademark dimple in his chin. “I wasn’t aware I was auditioning for a housewife, Zoie, but if I were, I think I’d be honored if you’d apply for the job.” Zach proved he was a pro at flirting.

The zing she had been feeling grew to an outright zap when he reached out to touch her hand. “That is kind of you to say Mr. Zimmerman, but you can have any woman you could ever possibly want. Why would you want a nobody from Zion who can’t even fix a zipper?”

His zany grin was gone in a heartbeat and he had her arms grasped tightly in his large hands. “That’s enough, Zoie,” he scolded. “You are right that women often pursue me for my money or possessions, but they have zero care for me personally. In the few minutes we were together tonight, I felt a zing of attraction to you I haven’t felt for someone in a long time. I came back here to see if you’d agree to come with me for some late night pizza and zabaglione at Zoltan’s. We can drink a glass of zinfandel and get to know each other.”

Zoie used her right hand to pinch the back of her left hand. Zach asked her questioningly, “What was that for?”

“I just wanted to make sure I’m really awake because I’ve dreamed of Zach Zimmerman asking me out so many times, I thought I was asleep.”

His grin was back as he ushered Zoie towards the open door of the limo. “I assure you you’re wide awake Ms. Zalinski, but if you’d like, I’m sure I could come up with a few physical activities that would convince you.” He let his hand slide to Zoie’s covered ass and popped her with a quick slap.

Her heart rate skyrocketed as she realized the tabloids had most likely got that story right about Zachary. She pursued her line of questions with, “Ah, a spank to my bottom, Mr. Zimmerman? Am I to believe the tabloids got it right when they described you as a zealous spankofile in your personal relationships?”

Zach slid in behind her, closing the door to the limo and providing them their first moment of privacy before turning to answer her. “And what if I am, Zoie? Would you like to zoom out of here?”

Zoie’s heart was pounding hard in her chest. Did she dare tell Zach? “No need for me to zoom away. That rumor was one of the things that made me like you in the first place, Mr. Zimmerman.”

“The name is Zach, and you won’t need to call me anything but that or Sir when you are over my knee. I think you deserve a spanking for zapping my zipper. What do you think, Zoie?”

Zoie nodded with zeal. Who would have ever thought a zapped zipper could be so lucky?


Why can’t I meet a zillionaire who needs help with his zipper?  Leave a comment for your last entries into the drawing.  I’ll announce the winner in a couple of days.   I thank everyone who has followed and left comments!


Y=Yielding on the Yacht #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge. My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day in every sentence. I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and even sci-fi.  Today is a contemporary.

I know that today is technically the last day of the month, but I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for my Z story, The Lucky Zipper.

A huge shout out of thanks to Christine Hart who has done editing duties for several days now and will be finishing the last story with me. I must say that I have the best author friends ever as so many in my close circle have helped me this month.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Y is for Yielding on the Yacht

Yosef paced the bridge of his luxury yacht. He must have lost his mind to let his friend and business partner talk him into playing babysitter to a spoiled, young actress who had managed to get herself in hot water with the press and needed a place to lay low for a few weeks.

He’d been looking forward to some much-needed downtime from the yearlong hardcore press he’d been giving his business. While he’d achieved great success, Yosef had never felt as burned out.

He’d flown into Yarbourgh yesterday to meet his docked yacht. The crew had her in tip-top shape for the planned month at sea and Yosef had hoped to set out to sea today. That was before the emergency call from Yuri.

Now instead of a peaceful vacation, he would have to share his private space with some Yahoo, stupid enough to drink and drive and then try to seduce the arresting cop while being video tapped.   The young actress’s stupid antics were now center stage on every tabloid. Because Yuri had invested heavily in the little brat’s next movie, he was desperate to keep her from tanking her entire career before the release date.

The sound of a helicopter in the distance yanked his attention back to the present. He watched as the helicopter landed on the helipad on shore just long enough to eject one Yasmina Young and not one or two, but four pale yellow high-end suitcases.

His crew on shore struggled to load her belongings into the yawl that was tethered on shore. Yosef had half a mind to text them to leave it all behind, but he didn’t want to deal with Ms. Young’s antics if he made her go without.

He finished his breakfast yogurt and moved to the stern to await his guest’s arrival. As the small boat drew closer, Yosef’s pulse quickened as he took in the natural beauty of his uninvited guest. He’d been expecting a glamorous actress, but Yasmina appeared to be like any other young twenty-two year old – that was until she opened her mouth.

Her first words as he assisted her aboard were, “I’m gonna kill Yuri. I wanted to be on a sailing yacht not a motor yacht. And I demanded to have a private yacht and now I hear from the crew that the owner, some guy named Yosef, is going to be onboard cramping my style. Before we take off, I need to use my cell phone so I can call Yuri and straighten all of this mess out.”

The little brat had brushed past him without so much as a ‘by your leave’. Yosef had two choices. He could let the little bitch call Yuri and demand to be moved and with any luck, she’d be out of his hair by lunchtime. Or… he could help his friend get Yasmina Young taken in hand and under control.   The swell of his cock as he admired the pert breasts spilling over the skimpy yellow halter-top his guest was wearing made the final decision for him.

Without a single word, Yosef scooped the now yelping actress over his shoulder and took off for his master cabin.   He shouted back to his crew, “Set sail for the Yucatan as planned.   I’ll be in my cabin introducing our guest to the yacht’s rules.”

The titters of laughter behind him told Yosef his crew approved of his handling of the spoiled little rich girl.

The yapping from the woman over his shoulder told him his guest most definitely did not approve.

“You’re going to regret this, you heathen! I’m going to tell Yuri that you’re abusing me and he’s gonna kick your ass!”

“Ms. Young, I’ve known Yuri for over twenty years and I can assure you, the only ass he wants kicked right now is yours for putting your career and his project in jeopardy.   I’ve decided if I’m going to be stuck babysitting a brat like you, the least I can get in return is the satisfaction of teaching you a lesson or two.”

He had arrived in his cabin, and stopped to lock the door before crossing to his king sized bed and dropping his unwelcome guest from his shoulder into the middle of the pale yellow comforter.   Yet, before she could shimmy away, he leaned over to trap her against the bed, their faces inches apart.

“Now, let’s start over, young lady. My name is Yosef Yves and you are an unwelcome guest aboard my yacht, The Longest Yard. The only reason I have agreed to allow a spoiled, rotten little bitch like you aboard to interrupt my much needed vacation is because Yuri and I have been like brothers since high school.   I am going to lay out the rules of my ship and you are going to follow them without complaint…”

Her eyes had been widening until she could no longer keep her yap shut. “You’re a fucking lunatic!”

Without delay, Yosef rolled her to her tummy and landed ten full-force and fast spanks to her rounded bottom.   His guest yelped with angered surprise, fighting to be free.   When done, he rolled her to her back and calmly resumed his education of Yasmina. He was pleased that her watery blue eyes held a hint of yielding.

“Rule one – no profanity – you are a young lady and will talk and act as such. As you may have noticed, all broken rules will be dealt with over my knee or the end of my bed.   And I assure you, the short spanking you just received will be the only one delivered over your clothing.”

He loved seeing the shocked surprise in Yasmina’s eyes at being taken in hand for the first time in her life.   When she stopped playing the part of a bitch, she really was a lovely young woman and his growing erection as he continued to lay out the rules assured him the rest of his body had noticed as well.

“Rule two – you will be polite and gracious at all times saying please and thank you to those who are assisting you. This includes eating what you are offered, not drinking alcohol in excess and getting plenty of rest by going to bed when you are told.”

Her sly grin annoyed Yosef. “Okay, now I know you’re yanking my chain. I’m not eight years old and I don’t need a daddy.”

“Ms. Young, I’ve been in your presence for less than ten minutes and I can assure you I’ve met many eight year olds who behaved better than you have and I put the blame squarely on your daddy not teaching you these lessons. Lucky for you, I’m available to set you back on track.   I’m not sure your ass is going to be too happy about all of the punishments your mouth is going to get you into, but I assure you, by the time you leave The Longest Yard one month from now, you will be a changed woman.”

“You know what, it’s your funeral. You touch me again and I’m gonna sue you for every penny you’ve got.”

“You just go ahead and try.”

He could see the frustration on her face as for the first time in her life, she had bumped into someone who refused to yield to her tantrums and demands.   There was a stand off as each waited to see who would yield first. Yosef knew he could wait her out forever.

The showdown ended when Yasmina made her choice with a simple, “Fuck you.”

Josef moved quickly to pull her halter over her head, exposing her yummy, firm breasts. He wanted to touch them, but yanked his hand back just in time. His yearning would be fulfilled later.   Her short shorts and thong underwear fell from her youthful body next leaving her naked, flailing to be free.

He took a seat next to his young guest, easily dragging her across his lap so that her head, hands and feet hung towards the floor and her already pink bottom protruded perfectly into the air. She struggled wildly to free herself, yet he easily overpowered her, locking her into place with his leg and pressing on her back to subdue her.

“It didn’t need to be like this, Yasmina. I want you to know you are in control of these punishment sessions. I will lay out the rules and the consequences, a concept I see you are very unfamiliar with, and then you will choose to either behave and yield or break the rules.   If that is your choice, you need to understand that you are also choosing to have your bottom blistered each and every time.   I will be starting with my hand today, but with each escalating disobedient episode, your punishments will be harder and longer with much more painful devices.”

“You’ve lost your mind!”

“No, I’ve made you my summer project.”

“Hey, it’s your funeral.”

“I think that’s my line, Yasmina.”

Yosef had enough with talking. He lit into the yummy cheeks over his knee with an open, hard palm. The sounds of her yipping involuntarily filling his now rock-hard cock for actions he knew would not be in the cards – at least not today. What surprised him more was the aroma of Yasmina’s obvious arousal as he continued to subdue the little brat for probably the first time in her short and spoiled existence.

He knew he was making the desired impression when her yelps grew to all out yowls of pain.   It took several pain-filled minutes for her to stop flailing and accept the punishment being delivered. He knew they had had a break through when Yasmina sobbed her apologies.   “Yowie! I’m so sorry! Please Yosef, I’m sorry… I’ll be a good girl, I promise.”

Yosef eventually stopped the discipline session, but left his large palm to caress her scorched buns and sit spots.

“You have one yummy ass, Yasmina. I might have a conflict of interest here, because I admit I’m going to enjoy each and every trip you take over my knee.”

Through her tears, his guest mirrored his sentient, “You aren’t so yucky yourself, although I’m sure I’m going to make some mistakes. Will you please cut me some slack?”

Yosef grinned, “Nope. I promised you a naughty-girl spanking for every infraction and I’m a man of my words, Yasmina.”

“Yes, sir,” his guest pouted adorably.

Yosef’s summer vacation was looking up.


Poor Yasmina.  I’m guessing her butt is going to be a bit sore by the time they dock back in Yarbourgh again.    I know today is officially the last day of the month, but I still have one more letter to go so I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Z=The Lucky Zipper.   I will also have a few posts into July to recap the month’s stories, the word count for each and give everyone a chance to vote on the story they’d most like me to write another chapter for.

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W=Throwing Whitney to the Wolves #SpankA2Z #NSFW


Welcome back to the Spanking A to Z Blog challenge. My challenge this month is to write an erotic short story for each letter of the alphabet where the trick is to include one word that starts with the letter of the day in every sentence. I’ve had so much fun playing with sub-genres that I have never written in before like historical, cowboys, femdom/revenge and even sci-fi.  Today is a paranormal.

A huge shout out of thanks to Christine Hart who drew the short straw on editing today. I must say that I have the best author friends ever as so many in my close circle have helped me this month. I love what a close knit community we have.

W is for Throwing Whitney to the Wolves

Whitney pulled her smoking Wrangler to the side of the road.   She’d known she was taking a chance driving the older vehicle across country for a weeklong visit with her best friend in Wyoming. She’d had little choice when the flights had been too expensive from West Virginia, not to mention she’d had to pack her jeep with the many wares Wendy had asked her to bring along with her for the wedding.

It wasn’t every day your best friend got married to the man of her dreams. Wendy and Whitney had been roommates at the University of Wisconsin, graduating only two years ago.   Wendy and Will had been hot and heavy even in school so it was no surprise when she’d agreed to move to his home state of Wyoming after graduation. The best friends hadn’t seen each other much since, but they stayed in touch with social media and calls.

Dragging her thoughts back to her problem at hand, she was grateful she at least had stuck to the main interstates for her trip, knowing the Wrangler might give her problems. She popped the hood and went to investigate why there was smoke when a big eighteen wheeler pulled over to assist.

The driver exited the cab, making his way towards Whitney.   A wave of revulsion coursed through her; getting stronger the closer he got to her disabled vehicle. The driver was waddling from his portly weight and by the time he had walked the hundred feet between them, he was wheezing slightly from his exertion.

“Well, hello little lady. Looks like you need a wrecker to come give you a tow.”

He had arrived next to her, and the stench of stale wine and piss had her holding her breath.   She needed help, but would rather wait for hours than work with this gross man. Still, she wanted to be polite so she exhaled to answer.

“Yes, I was just going to use my cell to call for help. Thanks for stopping, but I’m sure I’ll be fine waiting here for a tow truck.”

“You’re welcome, but I can’t leave a wholesome girl such as yourself along side of the road in these parts without help. You never know who might come along and cause you more worry.”

“No, really… I’ll call my friend Wendy’s husband Will and he’ll be able to assist me. You go on your way.” Whitney had turned and walked towards her jeep when she felt the poke of something against her back. She caught a whiff of his stale breath much too close. It smelled like whiskey as he grabbed her before she could make it into the jeep. He yanked her arm behind her back as she wrestled to free herself.

“I don’t want no trouble, you little whore.   I’m pressing my Smith & Wesson against your back. Dressing like a harlot with short shorts and a skimpy top will get you taken to the woodshed where I come from. Lucky for you I’m up for teaching you a lesson by delivering the worst whipping you’ve ever had.” His gravely voice vibrated with a crazy warble.   Just her luck, he was a total whacko.

“Listen, I don’t know what you want…”

He cut her off. “What I want is to teach you a lesson about what I think about loose women. First I’ll whip you good and hard until you’re plenty sorry and wailing for me to stop. Then I’m going to fuck that wet little pussy of yours whilst I wallop those tits you’ve been wiggling in front of me since I got here.”

Whitney’s heart rate spiked at his vulgar words. She was worried he really had a gun and if he did, how was she going to get away?   She fought the urge to weep, knowing she needed to remain strong to be able to get away from whack-job.   If only she could get in her car and drive to safety, but she was truly stuck at his mercy for the moment.

“Now, leave your stuff where it is and turn to walk towards my rig. I’m taking you for a wild ride.”

When he tried to pull her around, Whitney elbowed him hard and broke away, planning on running down the highway until the next vehicle came along. She knew if she got far enough from him, he would never be able to catch her with his weight.

Unfortunately, before she could get away, she felt a prick in her arm and looked just in time to watch him pressing the plunger of a hypodermic needle into her arm. She felt weary almost immediately and within seconds, warmth slid through her body, making her wobbly on her legs.   Whacko caught her, as she grew weak, easing her to the gravel and leaning her up against her Wrangler while he took off to bring his rig back to pick her up.

Her limbs were not cooperating. She wanted to run… but she sat there wishing she were anywhere else. The last thing she remembered before losing consciousness was watching Whacko open the passenger door to his rig right in front of her and watching him press another naked and bound frantic looking woman over to make room for Whitney.


Wyatt and his brother Wade were on patrol of the perimeter of their pack’s wide spread of land in a relatively deserted area of western Wyoming.  They normally left the patrols up to the beta’s that specialized in security for their community, but recent violent attacks on women in the neighboring counties had everyone on high alert.

The brothers also had a weakness for wanting to ride their favorite horses from the pack’s vast herd.   Sure, it would have been easier to just change and run free, but sometimes Wyatt preferred to enjoy the scenery from the higher vantage point on the back of his horse, Wicked.

Several miles into their ride, they each caught their first whiff of trouble. “Whoa!” Wyatt pulled Wicked to a quick stop at the top of a ridge, and Wade pulled along side a minute later.

“What’s up? Something got you worried?” Wade scanned the wooded scenery below as he questioned his older brother.

“Yeah, take a deep whiff.   You smell what I smell?” Wyatt’s alarm bells were going off.  As werewolves, the brother’s sense of smell was over one hundred times that of a human’s.

Wade confirmed his worst suspicion, “Human blood… and fear.”

They scanned the vast wilderness below them, using their ultra sensitive senses of sight, hearing and smell to try to hone in on the location of trouble.

“There – just to the west of Walton Creek.” Wyatt caught movement in an old abandoned area of what used to be a camping park before the Walker Pack had bought up the land and closed it down. “We should have burned down those abandoned cabins because it looks like someone’s trying to put them to use.”

Wade answered. “Who the hell would be able to get there? We have the road blocked off way down by the highway.”

“Apparently someone who knew they were there before and decided they weren’t happy with us closing them down. Let’s head down there and see what they’re up to.”

It only took the brothers fifteen minutes to wind down from the high ridge to the abandoned cluster of cabins deep in the woods. They tied their horses to a tree, deciding to make the final few hundred feet on foot so they would have the element of surprise. The closer they got to the camp, the worse Wyatt felt about what they were about to find. A veritable wave of dreadful smells filled the air, wafting towards the brothers and putting them on high alert.

The heart-wrenching scream of a woman in great pain swept through the woods. They were still too far away to view the scene, but the crack of a whip could be heard just before the next shriek was heard. The men moved into high gear, weaving between dense trees and through small streams of water until they reached the outskirts of the overgrown camping ground.

Wyatt took the lead as he snuck around the far wooden cabin to peer out into the center opening. Fury nearly blinded him at the sight of two naked women who were strung up high by old pillars turned into whipping posts. A grotesque excuse for a human being stood with his back to the men, preparing to wield the whip again. Welts could be seen on the bare backs and legs of both young women who were weeping uncontrollably as their captor prepared to strike again.

Wyatt and Wade moved into action immediately without consulting. The Walker brothers would not tolerate the abuse of innocent young women by anyone, let alone a whip-wielding whacko.  Clothing ripped from their bodies as they changed into their powerful wolf forms.   They were already running at full speed when they hit the clearing where the women hung in pain.

Wyatt lunged for the shoulders of the despicable man who held the whip while Wade bit his beefy calf, and together, the brothers had him wrestled to the ground effortlessly.   The coward, who had no trouble causing pain, whimpered like a coward when faced with his own wounds.

Wyatt went for his jugular, biting down hard enough to draw blood, but holding back enough to keep from outright killing the bastard. He wanted to be able to question him, suspecting he was behind several other recent abductions in the area.

Once they had him contained, Wyatt changed back to his human form, not wanting to frighten the women. Only when he stood naked did he notice the waif on the right was watching him intently through her tears.   Their eyes locked and he was happily surprised to see relief shining back at him. A whiff of vanilla and honey wafted through the air, wrenching him to attention.

“Hold him down, Wade, while I tend to the captives.”

As Wyatt approached the abused women, he was barraged by the scent of the woman who had not stopped staring at him.   He had heard tales of what it felt like to find one’s mate, but having lived for over a century without feeling anything close to the wild attraction others described, he had become skeptical that it would ever happen to him.

Yet, by the time he was next to her, he knew without a shadow of a doubt, the weeping woman in front of him was his life’s mate. He had to push down the unadulterated fury he felt that she had been mistreated because he didn’t want to frighten her more than she already was.

“We’re not going to hurt you. I’m going to work on cutting you down, okay?” He felt her pounding pulse and wanted to put her at ease that she was safe.

He moved without hesitation, using his non-human strength to tear the restraints from the post. He moved quickly to scoop her weakened body into his arms before she slid to the ground, yet she yelped in pain as his arms brushed the welts covering the back of her body.

She winced as he apologized with a calming whisper against her ear. “I’m sorry if I’m hurting you, but I need to get you free of the ropes and then we’ll get you out of here.”

The woman in his arms whimpered as he worked on releasing the knots around her wrists and ankles, yet he sensed that her fear was waning which made him happy.   Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a naked Wade taking care of the other woman in the same way.

Only when she was finally free of the last of the ropes, did Wyatt take the time to truly look into the eyes of his mate. Her watery blue eyes captured his heart as she snuggled in closer, seeking his warmth from the cool evening wind.

He wanted to know her name. “I’m Wyatt Walker.”

She finally spoke with a whisper. “I’m Whitney Watson. I can’t thank you enough for wrestling him down and saving me. When he took us deep in the woods, I though we were goners.”

“You’re safe now, Whitney. My brother Wade and I won’t let anything bad happen to you and your friend ever again.”

A wry smile played at her lips that intrigued Wyatt. “What?” he questioned.

“It’s just that I always thought we were supposed to be afraid of the big bad wolf, but it looks like they got the fairytale wrong.”

Wyatt was strangely relieved. “You saw me change from my wolf form and yet you aren’t afraid of me? Why is that?”

A wanton smile filled her tear-streaked face. “Because I guess I like what I see.” He noticed her wriggling in his lap against his growing erection. She tacked on mischievously, “and I like what I feel.”

Wyatt grinned with a playful wink, “All the better to make whoopee with, my dear. Shall we?”


Surprise!  Today is a ‘two-fer’ day – X isn’t big enough to get it’s own day on the blog, but I did write a few sentences to fulfill my X post.

X is for Xmas X-rays

Xavier and Xenia were late getting to his parents for Xmas dinner. After spanking her ass so hard with a wooden paddle, Xenia had complained he’d broken her butt.  Xavier kindly detoured past the hospital for X-rated X-rays on his naughty wife’s bottom.


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