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So, I’m hard at work on my super secret Valentine’s Day project and thought I’d share a little snippet of my unedited story with you.  Can’t tell you too much about it yet, but it does take place in the Black Light world so if you’ve read either Infamous Love or Black Light:Rocked, you know what that’s all about.

Check out this fun excerpt from Jaxson’s POV: 

“Alright, that’s it for now. We’ll have one more staff meeting in two weeks to nail down any last minute items. Everyone have a great day and get back to work.” Jaxson dismissed them, anxious to get on to the second and more important meeting of the day.

Most of the occupants of the room stood and headed for the door, chatting amicably. As expected, the head of his security and the only man who had sat completely silent in the first meeting, Spencer Cook, remained behind.  Unfortunately, so did Maxine.

As soon as the door closed on the office, Maxine interjected, “Okay, it’s time I find out what the hell is going on around here.”

Jaxson had known this day was coming. He’d been dodging her prying questions for weeks.  “Maxine, it’s best if you just get back to work.  It’s getting late and I know you have to pick up your kids after school soon.”

She grinned triumphantly, “Not today.  I told Eric he had to pick them up because I had to stay late for a meeting.”

Blake piped in, “Your meeting wrapped on time.”

“Not that meeting. THIS meeting. The one you guys always have without me,” she glowered.

The serious looking man in the sharp suit who’d sat silently for two hours finally spoke. “You’re not invited. Out.”  Jaxson’s friend, Spencer, had always been a man of few words.  He was used to dealing with women who were the antithesis of Maxine Torres. As a result, Jaxson’s top two employees were like two sheets of sand paper when they got close enough to rub each other.

Maxine didn’t back down, instead she put her high-heeled shoes up on the now vacant chair next to her as if to convey she was settling in for the long haul.  She stared Spencer down with her best glare before responding, “I’m the manager of this club. That means I need to know everything that goes on here.”

“You know everything you need to know.”

“Apparently not, since I don’t have a clue what the hell you guys are up to.”

Spencer broke into a threatening smile Jaxson had seen many times before.  “You couldn’t handle it.”

“I’m a married mother of three kids; one a teenager. We have three dogs, two cats and one rabbit. My seventy-three year old mother lives next door and I’m the president of the PTA.  Not to mention, I put in fifty hours a week making Runway the premier club east of the Mississippi. I can handle anything,” Maxine countered with confidence.

“Well, this meeting has nothing to do with Runway, pets or families so you are excused,” Spencer answered in his condescending way.

Maxine crossed her arms with a humph showing no sign of backing down and Jaxson wasn’t surprised.

“Maxine, Spencer is right. It is best if you head to your own office now.”

She changed tactics, turning to look back at Chase and Emma still sitting on the couch to the side. “Why do they get to stay and I don’t? I’m the manager.”

“Of Runway, yes.  The following meeting is about another venture we have invested in that is not under your control,” Jaxson argued more sternly.

He saw her eyes widen a sliver, excited she had him talking. “But it is under the same roof which means I need to know about it.  Don’t think I don’t notice you all disappearing down the back hallway every night around ten when you think I’ve gone home for the night.”

She’d hit a sore spot with Jaxson. He hated to admit it, but he’d been trying to sneak down to Black Light without Maxine noticing and it was quite frankly pissing him off.  He resented having to curtail his movements in his own club because he didn’t want to make waves with an employee.

I’m the boss dammit.

“Maxine, don’t forget that you work here.  We own the place.  Chase, Emma and I can come and go as we please.”

“That’s not what I’m talking about and you know it. There is something fishy going on around here and I don’t like it.  If you guys are selling drugs or running some other secretive underground illegal business, I better damn well know about it. I didn’t sign up to be involved with anything like that.”

Spencer barked an annoyed laugh, “Oh for Christ’s sake, there is nothing illegal going on here.”

“Prove it,” Maxine shouted back.

“I don’t need to prove shit to you. You have your job. I have mine and God willing, never the two shall meet,” Spencer’s voice was rising.  Jaxson knew his friend would blow soon if he didn’t get Maxine under control.

She barged ahead with her next argument. “Then why is he even here during the Runway meetings? If I don’t get to come to his meetings, he shouldn’t be at mine,” the manager reasoned.

Jaxson had wondered himself why Spencer chose to come.  His friend’s answer only increased the tension in the room.

“I need to know everything that goes on in this building.”

“And I don’t?” Maxine countered. “And what’s with that anyway. Blake here is head of security. If anyone needs to know what is going on everywhere in the building, it’s him, not you.”

“Which is why he is allowed to stay.” Spencer’s normally unreadable face was turning a bit red as Maxine continued to challenge him.

“Just tell me what is downstairs and I’ll leave.”

“You couldn’t handle five minutes down there.”

“What, you have a built-in torture chamber?” Maxine chuckled.

“Something like that.” His reply startled her into silence.

Jaxson had had enough. “All right you two.  You are both important to our success here. I think Spencer is right, though, Maxine.  I can assure you there is nothing illegal going on.  I think you’ll be happier staying in the dark.”

“And I know I won’t rest until I know.” She changed tactics. “He sat silently for my meeting. All I’m asking for is the same courtesy.  I want to sit silently during his meeting.”

Tit-for-tat. That was the game she was playing.  Spencer’s eyes lit up with a dangerous twinkle at the thought of shocking his counterpart.

Jaxson relented.  They were barely a month in and Maxine was already acting like a sleuth. They might as well cut her in on their little secret. “Not one word out of you, got it?” He challenged her.

Maxine made a show out of pretend zipping her mouth and then turning an imaginary key before tossing it over her left shoulder and then returning her arms into their defensive crossed position.


Want to place any bets on if Maxine can keep her mouth closed? How about what the men are up to?  You’ll have to wait until February 10th to find out!

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Jaxson, Emma and Chase

Jaxson, Emma and Chase




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New Release: Infamous Love #WIPITUP #BDSM #Menage


Happy Wednesday! I’m starting it off with a bang with my hot off the press new M/m/f menage story, Infamous Love.  This is a prequel to my upcoming BDSM series called Black Light.  I’ve included a scene from the next book that I’m working on right now at the end of Infamous Love.

Here is one of my favorite scenes of all from my new release.  It’s actually not a sex scene (sorry), but the moment when Emma’s father finds out about her menage relationship and comes to track her older, dominate lovers down to have a little heart-to-heart.  As you can imagine, her dad is not too happy with his little girl’s new arrangement.

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

Jaxson, Emma and Chase

NSFW Excerpt:

The loud clumping of heavy feet rushing up the wooden stairs to the attic could be heard over the video game. Jaxson grabbed the remote to flick off the power just as the pounding on the bedroom door started.

The men looked at each other nervously, suspecting who might be on the other side of the thankfully thick door. Jaxson moved quietly towards the door, hoping to get it locked before whoever was on the other side burst in to find the naked men.

“Jaxson Davidson and Chase Cartwright, I know you’re in there. This is Emma’s father. Open up.”

The men’s “fuck” was in unison.

It must have carried behind the door because Mr. Fischer’s response was to pound louder. “My sentiments exactly. Now open this door.”

Jaxson looked around the space they’d been holed up in for the last few weeks and knew without a doubt he’d be dead within minutes if he let Emma’s father inside. It was one big sex playroom. Restraints, dildos, vibrators, and punishment devices of all shapes and sizes covered most open spaces. The messed bed still bore the sticky remains of multiple orgasms.

Jaxson made it to the door just in time to hold it closed as the elder Fischer started to open it.

“Hello, Mr. Fischer. This is Jaxson. We’ll be happy to talk with you. We’ll meet you downstairs in five minutes.”

“No, we’ll talk here. Now.”

Chase looked worried and started to frantically try to pick up the most racy of sex toys just in case Emma’s father made it past Jaxson.

Jaxson held his ground. “No, sir. I insist. We’ll talk in the kitchen.”

“You listen to me, young man. I love my daughter very much and I’m coming in there this instant.”

Chase froze, turning to stare at Jaxson with panicked eyes. Jaxson met his heated stare as he replied, “And I love your daughter too, and that’s why I insist that you not come in here now. Trust me, sir. We are best to talk downstairs.”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Chase’s victorious grin at Jaxson’s declaration of love warmed him.

Emma’s father cursed, “God damn it. Fine. You have five minutes.”

Jaxson waited until he heard the retreating steps before letting go of the door. Chase was still grinning from ear to ear, his arms crossed across his bare chest, the jutting cock Jaxson loved so much swinging between his legs.

“What the hell are you smiling at? He’s pissed!” Jaxson questioned.

If possible, Chase’s grin grew. “I knew it. You love us.”

Jaxson chuckled as he reached for a pair of jeans thrown over the back of the desk chair. “I said I loved Emma. I didn’t say shit about you.”

Chase knew him well. “Uh-huh. Right.” Damned if he still stood there, staring at Jaxson. They’d been best friends for years, so it felt odd to feel uncomfortable with Chase, but he was in new territory and they both knew it.

“Shut up, will you? This is serious.”

Chase took a tentative step forward, moving in Jaxson’s direction slowly. “Yes, it is serious. It isn’t every day the man I’m in love with admits he loves me back.”

Jaxson stood frozen, waiting until his lover entered his personal space. The men closed the final inches between them, their mouths crushing together as Jaxson weaved his fingers through Chase’s long hair, holding his head stationary as he plundered his mouth with a probing tongue. He felt Chase melting against his body like the submissive that he was.

Jaxson moved his left hand down to grip Chase’s thickening cock, dragging a tortured moan from his lover. When Jax pulled out of the kiss, their labored breathing filled the room. “You need to put this bad boy back to sleep until later. I don’t think we need him for what’s coming next.”

Chase’s “Yes, sir,” was perfect and had Jaxson’s own cock filling.

On Sale Now!  Amazon US   |  Amazon CA | coming soon for Nook and iPad


When curvy grad student Emma Fischer is stranded in the south of France, she’s short on cash and unable to speak French. The last people she expects to come to her aide at the train station are two high-demand fashion models in France for a photo shoot. Sparks fly between the threesome as they speed towards Paris in their private car.

Emma gets on the train a girl, but the intimate time spent in the dominant men’s arms over one hot weekend turns her into a woman. Walking away from her lovers to return to her average life in Wisconsin is one of the hardest things she’s ever done.

Jaxson Davidson and Chase Cartwright have been best friends and business partners for years. As A-list models they are treated like royalty wherever they go, by everyone they meet, which is why their down-to-earth submissive grad student, Emma, is something special. The men have been seeking a way to turn their friendship into a romance, and Emma is the perfect missing ingredient to make that happen.

Can a romance that started as a fun summer fling turn into something long lasting for the trio? Will Jaxson’s powerful father ruin their chance at their own happily ever after? Find out this and more in this sexy, exciting ménage novel where love might really be the only thing more powerful than the paparazzi.

Publisher’s Note: Infamous Love is a M/m/f erotic ménage romance meant for adult audiences only.


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Countdown to Release of Protecting it All #WIPitUp


Not sure this counts as my current Work in Progress since we are officially done with edits and in the final countdown to Saturday’s release of Protecting it All, Book Four in the Passion Series.   I’m thrilled that not only will I be releasing this new book, but Blushing Books is also putting books 1-3 together in a boxed set for the first time ever.  It will be released on Saturday too, so no more excuses for missing out on the series since we will have over 250,000 words (3 full-length novels) available for only $6.99!

For fans of the series, I know you’ve been waiting patiently to see what is going to happen with one evil Jake Davenport.  You don’t have long to wait now!  Here is just a little tidbit from early in the book to whet your whistle.

Excerpt: (Lukus POV)

Dylan couldn’t wait to lay down his own agenda. “We’ve been watching long enough. Tell me we’re going into the fucking warehouse tonight.”

Lukus didn’t need to intervene. Z had just about had enough of young Parker. “And do what? For the hundredth time, we don’t have enough evidence yet. Davenport is smart. He’s got a lot of security around him. We haven’t found anything illegal, and even if we had, we know for a fact he has some of the local law enforcement’s ear. You know we got a lot of push back after you got the shit beat out of you. We’re gonna need something rock solid before we can involve the police again,” Z snapped.

“Fuck the police,” Dylan retorted.

“Sure. Fuck the police. I’m not exactly their biggest supporter, but will you get your head out of your ass for five minutes and listen to me rationally? What’s your plan here? To rush in there guns blazing and shoot the bastard dead? If so, that’s great. I’ll be sure to visit you once a year in Statesville.” Z was steamed.

“All right, everybody calm down. We’re on the same team.” Lukus had stepped between them to try to keep the two men from throwing punches.

Cameron’s voice came over the speaker. “If you guys are done, I have new information.”

Derek urged him on. “Great. Tell us what you’ve got.”

“Look at the screen Z just got hooked up.”
The four men gathered around the thirty-two inch monitor as the picture of a naked, red-headed woman hanging from an elaborate display of ropes came into focus. She was writhing in pain and the cameraman made sure to capture the running mascara on her face.

Cam continued his report. “This is just one of six different interactive Internet sites run out of the ‘Strictly Disciplined’ warehouse you’ve been staking out. This channel specializes in bondage and what they call diabolical restraints. There’s another focused on anal domination, another for group orgies, and my personal favorite, staged abductions with non-con elements. The most controversial with the lowest subscription numbers is all watersports, and I’m trying not to be totally grossed out by the fact that the most popular site is for staged incest fantasies. Mommy/son, Daddy/daughter, brother/sister.”

Dylan was animated. “Thank fuck. We’ve got him.”

Cameron corrected him. “We don’t have shit. The sessions are often live. The recording studios are set up in the warehouse, and every session begins with the actors in the scene recording their consent to participate live. They end every session the same way, with a narrator interviewing the players involved to find out their favorite part of the scene or what they didn’t enjoy. I’ve been able to match at least a dozen on-screen talents with surveillance photos you took Dylan; proving these women and even some submissive men are willingly driving themselves to and from the warehouse to work just like they would if they worked at Wal-Mart.”

“That’s such bullshit! He has to be blackmailing them.” Dylan’s emotions were running hot.

Lukus tried to settle him down. “Will you sit down and let Cam finish? I’d like to hear more.”

“As best I can tell, he has another half-dozen or so 1-800 phone-sex numbers being run from inside, too. He has enough bandwidth and phone lines going into the building to run a small city. They’re using top-of-the-line encryption and security firewalls, which I, of course, was able to circumvent, thank-you-very-much. He’s making a shit-load of money and even if he’s paying the sex-workers top dollar, he’s had these sites up for years. Subscriptions are through the roof. I haven’t found his offshore accounts yet, but I know he has them. The cash-flow through the Strictly Disciplined accounts is incredible,” Cam told them.

Derek jumped in next. “I think that sounds like our best angle, don’t you? The websites themselves feel like a dead-end.”

“Are you nuts? They’re hurting those women!” Dylan protested.

“Those women are willing sex workers.” Lukus countered.


Jake Davenport is still on the loose, and Lukus Mitchell and Markus Lambert have had enough. They won’t rest until the sadistic Dom who is threatening their women is behind bars…or dead.  They don’t care which. Lukus assembles a team of his top security personnel and heads to California leaving Markus and Tiffany’s cop brother, Aiden, in Chicago to keep Tiffany and Brianna safe, locked down in the loft at The Punishment Pit.

Derek’s brother Dylan is already there, staking out the predator, feeling helpless as he watches Jake lure innocent women into his nest of consensual, but brutal, sexual websites. When Jake turns his eye to Hannah Martine, Dylan decides he’s done with just watching.

Hannah moved across the country trying to escape the demons of her past, but the fresh start she’s hoping for is cut short when Jake presses her to accept a tempting job that will solve her financial woes. Once he gets her alone, the sadist uses humiliation, drugs and brutal force to try to bend Hannah to his will.

Everything comes to a head when Lukus and the gang realize only someone on the inside can get close enough to collect evidence of the illegal activities needed to put Davenport away. Dylan is furious they are even considering sending the innocent woman he has strong feelings for anywhere near the monster trying to break her.

Will Hannah have the strength to walk back into the demon’s lair? And even if she does, will the threat against Brianna and Tiffany be dissolved? Jake is obsessed with the women from his past, and as authorities close in, he will become desperate for his revenge against Lukus and Markus.

This is Book 4 of Livia Grant’s sexy Passion Series – a roller-coaster of suspense, emotion, heartfelt love and darkest desires.


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Tiffany is in BIG trouble. #6BestHop

Six of the Best-450-1

Happy Sunday. Are you ready for Six of the Best?  Today’s excerpt is from my soon to be released book four in the Passions SeriesProtecting it All is an erotic suspense novel that has all of the characters you already know and love, but also follows new couple, Dylan and Hannah,  In today’s excerpt, Tiffany has just put herself in danger and is in big trouble with her fiance.


Tiffany licked her lips self-consciously, trying to stay calm. “You’re right to be mad for my not leaving a note, but I promise – I was safe. I just had lunch with Aiden and since he’s a cop, he had his gun with him. I promise, I didn’t leave his side. He picked me up and dropped me off at the door and we stayed local, just going to the diner down the street.”

“I don’t fucking care if he took you to a locked-down safe house. You didn’t listen to me. You left against my explicit instructions. You basically said, ‘fuck you, Lukus. I don’t love you enough to obey you.'”

She forced a smile, but it only made him look like he was going to unleash another angry rant. His green eyes lit into her, burning her with layers of guilt for worrying him.

“Honey, all I can say is I’m sorry that I didn’t call so you wouldn’t worry.”

“Don’t honey me like you forgot to do the damn dishes. This is serious shit, Tiff – life and death kind of serious. I haven’t wanted to worry you with all of the dirt we’ve dug up on Davenport, but believe me when I say he’ll stop at nothing to prey on vulnerable women.”

Lukus released her, pushing Tiffany away as he stormed to the kitchen island to put some distance between them. She fought the urge to break into tears, in part because she was so angry with herself, but mostly because Lukus had a harder time staying angry with her when she cried and she didn’t want to manipulate him.

A long silence stretched out before Lukus spoke with a forced calmness. “Strip – naked – right where you are and then go lay over the back of the love seat with your ass laid out for your punishment.”

“Lukus… please.”

“Not one more word, little girl. And no more Lukus until further notice. I’ve clearly been too soft on you, so until I’m done lighting up your disobedient ass like I never have before, I’m Sir and don’t forget it.”

Tiffany’s pulse skyrocketed at his angry words. She’d lived through several intense discipline sessions at his hands, but Lukus was a man of his word. She had no doubt that he wouldn’t be stopping today until he was sure she’d learned not to leave the loft without her guard, at least not until Jake Davenport was behind bars.

Stay tuned for additional details on release dates as soon as I have them. 🙂

Sneak Peek – Protecting it All #WIPitUp


Hello! I’ve been laying a bit low, working hard to pound out the next book in the Passion Series.  I’ve taken a few weeks off some of my normal blog hops to create some new material to share, and today’s the day.  Protecting it All, book four in the Passion Series is with my publisher and while the following excerpt is subject to change during final editing, I thought it would be fun to start sharing some snippets.

We all know Jake Davenport is evil, but early in book four, we get to see just how dark he can go.  This book is an erotic suspense and will take readers back to the darker feel of book one, Wanting it All.  The following scene is early in the book as Jake sets his sights on his next victim, Hannah.  Never fear, while we do follow a new main couple, Hannah and Dylan, all of your favorite characters play a major role in this book.


Only when he placed the drink on a cocktail napkin in front of her did he lean forward, his elbows on the bar so his face was only inches away. There was just enough light in the room to see the flicker of anger in his icy blue eyes as he finally broke the uneasy silence.

“Now, I think it’s fair to tell you my patience is running thin, Hannah. I feel I’ve been more than patient with you these past few weeks and more importantly, I know that what I’m offering is a dream come true for a girl like you. Part of what attracted me to you in the first place was your mix of sweet innocence and worldly experience. Having said that, this holier-than-thou routine needs to stop right now. I know you’re not the innocent you portray yourself as.”

The edge in his voice was sharp, putting her on defense. “I never said I was an innocent.”

“Not in so many words, but your reluctance to go out with me and take what is a very attractive job offer I’ve given you is getting tedious. Effective immediately, you’re employed by me. Drink your drink and then I’ll show you where you’ll work. We’ll go through the employment contract that lays out your responsibilities, the rules and the consequences for less than stellar performance.”

“Consequences, Jake?”

“Consequences, Sir. When we are in this house or at one of my other business locations that you’ll work out of, you will call me Sir.”

“But… I thought you said… well, what about us dating? Isn’t calling you Sir a bit formal?”

The smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes was back. “Think of it more like a contract and less like dating. We have an arrangement. Arrangements have rules, Hannah. It’s how I maintain order in my life.”

“That doesn’t sound very romantic.”

“I wasn’t aware you were looking for romance. I’d reset your expectations if I were you.”


Keep checking in.  As soon as I have a cover to reveal and a release date, I’ll be sure to share.  Don’t forget to check out these other talented authors before you go!


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