Three Doms and a Baby, Part 3 #MasturbationMonday

Masturbation-Monday-header3Holy hotness, it’s time for this week’s installment of Masturbation Monday.  This scene may not be the hottest on the sex scale, but there is something ultra sexy of three strong Dom’s trying to comfort an infant.  If you haven’t read the last two day’s blogs, you might want to start there as today’s post continues on the previous scene from Expecting it All.


Derek gave the idea a shot, re-warming a bottle of breast milk and sitting at the kitchen table to try to feed Michael. When he’d drunk only one measly ounce, the baby’s cries grew even stronger. The poor tyke was hiccuping from his exertion; snot dripping from his nose, making it hard for him to breathe. Derek was truly worried something was wrong.

The sound of Lukus’s cell phone broke through the loud cries. “Mitchell.”

Lukus had put the call on speakerphone. The voice of Ethan Walsh filled the room, almost drowned out by the wails of the baby. “What the hell’s going on over there?”

“We need you to get over here, pronto. You’re on babysitting duty tonight. I’ll take the show,” Lukus ordered.

Ethan snorted. “Like hell. That wasn’t in the job description.”

“It is now.”

“Fine. I quit,” Ethan retorted.

“Aw, come on! It can’t be that bad.”

“Says the guy who’s begging me to come over to help. Who else is there with you?”

“Derek and Markus.”

“Hey, you know what this reminds me of? It’s like that old Tom Selleck movie. You know… the one where the mom left the baby on the doorstep. What the hell was the name of that flick?”

Derek knew, but there was no way in hell he was going to egg Ethan on. Markus ponied up the answer. “Three Men and a Baby.”

“Right! Only in this case you could call it, ‘Three Doms and a Baby.'”

Despite the heaviness of the moment, all three men in the room broke out laughing, which of course only made the baby cry harder.

“I was going to talk to you about a few promising resumes I got for the accounting position, but it can wait. I’ll talk to you guys next week,” Ethan shouted over the noise before dropping the call.

“What a pussy.” Lukus didn’t look happy.

He hadn’t even put his phone back into his pocket before it started to ring again. All three men looked at each other with hope in their eyes that whoever was on the other end of that phone would come to their rescue.

Lukus’s face scrunched up. “It’s Z. You think…”

There was a collective pause before all three friends answered in unison. “Oh, hell no.” Zachary Zimmerman was not the kind of man a father allowed to be around his infant son.

Lukus let it roll to voicemail, then began to press Derek. “You don’t have a choice, man. You need to call Rachel and tell her to get her ass home.”

“I don’t want to call her. I’ll feel like a complete failure. It’s my first real time home alone with the kid.”

Markus chimed in, a bit too brightly to suit Derek. “Don’t look now, but you need help, and Lukus and I don’t count.”

Derek hated to call Rachel, but Markus was right. The baby had been crying for over an hour at this point.

He was walking to the counter to get his phone when Lukus stopped him. “I’ve got it. Hold on.”

Lukus made the next call. Derek didn’t know who he had called until their friend James Chambers’s voice filled the room, barely audible over the baby’s cries.

“It sounds like you’re with Derek. Your kid has a good set of lungs on him.”

“It’s not his lungs I’m worried about. He won’t stop crying.”

“They do that sometimes. Did you change him?”

“Of course.”

“Feed him?”

“Of course.”

“Try to rock him? Walk around?” James was getting insulting now.

“I’m not a complete idiot,” Derek said.

“Hey, I never said you were. You burped him good, right? He might have a gas bubble.”

The three men looked back and forth at each other before Derek had to sheepishly admit,

“I haven’t really tried that yet.”

Derek lifted his son over his shoulder and started patting the baby’s back, as he’d seenRachel do dozens of times.

James’s instructions came through the phone. “Harder. I can’t hear you.”

“It’s hard enough. I don’t want to hurt him.”

“You won’t—”

“In case you missed it, I’m a giant compared to him.”

“Derek, pat his back harder. You asked for my help. Now listen.”

Derek reluctantly increased the pressure. Instead of the soft pats he’d been applying, hestarted patting more sharply, interspersing those with frequent rubs, like those he had watched his wife apply often. It only took about forty-five seconds before his son let rip the biggest burp he’d ever heard.

His friends were impressed. “Whoa! That was some burp.”

Almost immediately the baby quieted. The poor little tyke had had a tummy ache from a gas bubble.

Derek groused, “This would be a hell of a lot easier if he could just talk. How the hell am I supposed to know what he needs?”

James chuckled. “You’ll get the hang of it. Believe it or not, they have different cries for different needs.”

Derek snuggled his now drowsy son in his arms, looking at him with relief. “This is a lot easier with adult babies. I’m just saying.”


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