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Happy Sunday. Are you ready for Six of the Best?  Today’s excerpt is from my soon to be released book four in the Passions SeriesProtecting it All is an erotic suspense novel that has all of the characters you already know and love, but also follows new couple, Dylan and Hannah,  In today’s excerpt, Tiffany has just put herself in danger and is in big trouble with her fiance.


Tiffany licked her lips self-consciously, trying to stay calm. “You’re right to be mad for my not leaving a note, but I promise – I was safe. I just had lunch with Aiden and since he’s a cop, he had his gun with him. I promise, I didn’t leave his side. He picked me up and dropped me off at the door and we stayed local, just going to the diner down the street.”

“I don’t fucking care if he took you to a locked-down safe house. You didn’t listen to me. You left against my explicit instructions. You basically said, ‘fuck you, Lukus. I don’t love you enough to obey you.'”

She forced a smile, but it only made him look like he was going to unleash another angry rant. His green eyes lit into her, burning her with layers of guilt for worrying him.

“Honey, all I can say is I’m sorry that I didn’t call so you wouldn’t worry.”

“Don’t honey me like you forgot to do the damn dishes. This is serious shit, Tiff – life and death kind of serious. I haven’t wanted to worry you with all of the dirt we’ve dug up on Davenport, but believe me when I say he’ll stop at nothing to prey on vulnerable women.”

Lukus released her, pushing Tiffany away as he stormed to the kitchen island to put some distance between them. She fought the urge to break into tears, in part because she was so angry with herself, but mostly because Lukus had a harder time staying angry with her when she cried and she didn’t want to manipulate him.

A long silence stretched out before Lukus spoke with a forced calmness. “Strip – naked – right where you are and then go lay over the back of the love seat with your ass laid out for your punishment.”

“Lukus… please.”

“Not one more word, little girl. And no more Lukus until further notice. I’ve clearly been too soft on you, so until I’m done lighting up your disobedient ass like I never have before, I’m Sir and don’t forget it.”

Tiffany’s pulse skyrocketed at his angry words. She’d lived through several intense discipline sessions at his hands, but Lukus was a man of his word. She had no doubt that he wouldn’t be stopping today until he was sure she’d learned not to leave the loft without her guard, at least not until Jake Davenport was behind bars.

Stay tuned for additional details on release dates as soon as I have them. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tiffany is in BIG trouble. #6BestHop

    • Thanks Jay and yes, only book one is available in paperback so far. I’m the hold up for more. I need to fill out some paperwork and should do that! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  1. I can’t wait to read this book
    is the rest of the series out in paperback?
    It is the only ebook I also want in a paperback. I love lukus since Tiffany has come into his life. Can’t say I loved him so much in the first book until he was with tiffany.

    • Thanks Sandy. I know what you mean about pre-Tiffany Lukus. Very intense. 🙂 So far only book one is available in paperback. I’m the hold up for the others. My publisher needs me to fill out some forms that I haven’t done yet. I’ll get on it!!

  2. Wonderful excerpt, Livia. I loved Tiff and Lukus as a couple and I realize how difficult it was for both of them given how different they are as people. I felt for Tiff, but understood why Lukus decided he needed to make a stand.

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