Tiffany is in big trouble! #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev

It’s Saturday and you know what that means. 🙂 It’s time for some Saturday Spankings. The seven line restriction just doesn’t let this scene play out to the juicy part, so if you want to know what happens next, join me tomorrow for Sunday’s Six of the Best blog hop where I’ll continue the scene.

If you are a Passion Series fan, you know that Lukus Mitchell is a hot as hell Dom who owns a sex club called The Punishment Pit. As you might expect, he knows how to discipline naughty submissives.  In today’s scene, his fiance, Tiffany has broken the biggest rule of all. She put herself in danger.  This is an excerpt from the first scene of the next book in the series, Protecting it All, an erotic suspense novel.  Stay tuned for a release date announcement in the coming weeks.


She’d barely stepped out into the foyer when she came face-to-face with a frantic Lukus, cell phone at his ear.

“Never mind, Derek. Call off the search. She just walked in. Later.”

Tiffany couldn’t say a word for the lump choking her at realizing her Dom had found out she’d disobeyed him.

Lukus lunged forward, closing the gap between them to pull her into his arms, squeezing her so long and hard she started to feel light headed. She could feel him trembling, which made her feel even worse than if he’d just started lecturing her for disobeying.

By the time he pulled back enough so she could look into his eyes, she was the one trembling, knowing how Lukus would be dealing with her decision to leave the loft without a guard.

“Lukus, I can explain…”

“Really – because I can’t wait to hear why the woman I love – the woman who has agreed to let me be her Dom and HoH – the woman who promised to stay in the loft so the lunatic sadist who is trying to hurt her couldn’t lay his hands on her – why the FUCK that woman would leave without her bodyguard – without calling or even leaving a note – even leaving without her cell phone so I couldn’t call her!”


Oh yeah, someone is in big trouble.  Before you leave, check out these other great authors.

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  1. Can we just pretend it’s Sunday now lol. Wtg can’t wait for PIA. Poor Lukas I can’t believe Tiffany made him worry. She’s in for it now

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