Tiffany’s First Spanking #SatSpanks

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Happy Saturday!   This is for you Lukus and Tiffany fans out there!   If you haven’t read the Passion Series, you just need to know that Lukus owns a BDSM club and Tiffany is a novice to the scene.  She’s always wanted to explore her submissive tendencies in the bedroom, but her sassy mouth gets her into a bit of trouble.  When the two meet, the attraction is instantaneous and explosive, but they each have some growing to do to fit into their new roles.   We join them for the start of Tiffany’s very first spanking, from book two, Securing it All.   I think she successfully learns her lesson not to lie to her new Dom.


She’s smart enough to know not to say it again. “I don’t want to talk about it… especially not out there with everyone else around.”

“Then what should your answer have been?”

They’re in one of their staring showdowns. No surprise. She loses. “I guess I could have said I just didn’t want to talk about it right then,”

“Yes. Or we’d talk about it later, in private.”

“Fine. We’ll talk about it later, in private.”

Lukus’ smile is predatory. “Lucky you. We’re in private now. What happened when Derek and Rachel came in?”

“I don’t want to talk about it yet.”

“Too fucking bad. I want to know what’s going through your pretty head.”

Tiffany’s breathing is getting raspy again. “Please… I…” She can feel the heat rising in her face.

Lukus’ face is lighting up. “You’re adorable when you blush.”

Sassy Tiffany flares. “So glad you approve of my discomfort, you big jerk.”

She tries, unsuccessfully, to push him away from her. Tiff isn’t sure how it happens so fast, but the next thing she knows, she’s face down over Lukus’ lap as he sits on the side of the bed. Her long flowing blond hair is the only part of her body touching the floor. The feel of his first swat with his strong right hand surprises her more than it actually hurts, but by the third strong spank, the reality of what’s happening is sinking in.


If you’d like to see their story from the beginning, start here with Wanting it All.  After all,, who doesn’t want it all?

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13 thoughts on “Tiffany’s First Spanking #SatSpanks

  1. Ok, Livia, I’m totally laughing at ‘you JUST need to know Lukus owns a BDSM club.’ You left out that it’s called The Punishment Pit! Holy Hell!! Love this series and looking forward to the next installment.

    • So you think putting in The Punishment Pit was important? 🙂 I guess it might give a hint as to how sore her ass is going to be should she stay with Lukus. 🙂 I love watching these two getting used to their new reality in HIA.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Ana! Yes, both Lukus and Tiffany have some compromising to do if they want to make it as a couple. Those of us who get to watch them grow get to have a lot of fun watching from the sidelines. It’s hard to say who changes who more.

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