Unclear Who’s in More Trouble #SatSpanks

It’s Saturday Spanks day!  I’m sharing a snippet from my newly released full-length novel, Having it All, Book Three in the Passion Series.   In this scene, Markus and Lukus are waiting for Brianna and Tiffany to arrive at the loft to get their evening out on the town started.  The ladies are running late and just arriving.

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The seductive smiles on their faces tells Lukus they know how amazing they both look.

“Holy shit, we might be in trouble.” Markus’s soft expletive tells Lukus his best friend is having the same problem he’s having.

“Fuck. This is gonna to be a long night.” Lukus can’t contain the low groan at the end of his sentence.

Markus tries to convince Lukus to change course under his breath. “Let’s just stay here. They look great the way they are. We can play until it’s time to go down at midnight.”

Lukus hisses back, trying not to let the girls hear him. “No way. As hot as that dress is on her, I’m not missing out on Tiff modeling lingerie.”

“Oh, and that’s gonna make this hard-on so much better?” Markus’s sarcasm is thick.

Lukus looks up at his friend with a pained smile. “Just wait. We haven’t spanked them yet for being late.”



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Lukus Mitchell is the owner of The Punishment Pit, Chicago’s top BDSM club. As the Master’s Master, he has enjoyed his freedom to play with a stable of subs over the years. He’s never contemplated settling down before, but is growing increasingly bored of the meek, pliant submissives who fail to challenge him. Then he meets Tiffany O’Sullivan, a beautiful BDSM novice who has always yearned to explore her edgy dreams of submission, but whose sassy mouth always seems to land her in trouble. Their attraction to each other is intense and immediate, but Tiffany challenges her new Dom like never before. They may start out at opposite ends of a BDSM tug-o-war, but can they meet somewhere in the middle-and if they do, can they both find happiness with the compromise?

Meanwhile, their best friends, Brianna and Markus Lambert, are still reconnecting after a recent event which almost ended their marriage. As awful as it was, it made them both realize not only how much they love each other, but also how important it is to share your darkest desires with your spouse. Markus is more than willing to accommodate Brianna’s desire to be dominated in the bedroom, yet the couple has more than a few growing pains to work through as the dynamics of their marriage change from vanilla to D/s, with a sprinkle of DD.

Not content with almost having wrecked the Lamberts’ marriage and threatened Tiffany, Jake Davenport remains a threat in the two couples’ lives and relationships, and Lukus soon discovers that Brianna and Tiffany aren’t the only women Jake is targeting.

Can Tiffany find the strength to overcome her fears in order to let Lukus love her not only as a woman, but as his submissive? Can Lukus deal with the way his new love challenges him at every turn, forcing him to confront fears he never even knew he had? Can Markus and Lukus protect the women they love when Jake gets too close for comfort?

Find out in this, the third book in the Passion series. With the characters from previous books which readers have come to know and love, as well as introducing new ones, this is a fast-paced, intensely sexy, edgy and emotional story that combines humor, drama, friendship and romance in the way Livia Grant fans have come to expect, and new readers are sure to enjoy.


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  1. I got this the first day it came out on Amazon and I can’t wait to read it. I love the way Tiffany is a match for Lukus and I really hope she doesn’t change. He needs someone to help him keep his ego down to a manageable size.

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