What’s Livia Been Reading?

An important part of being an author is finding time to read.  I like to keep up to date with popular releases in my genre as well as books that will help me with my craft. I find I’m much more picky these days and will abort reading a book if it doesn’t keep my attention.  My best count is that I read around 140 books in 2015 and I’m shooting for at least 100 in 2016. If you like my books, you will most likely love these as well as they are some of the best books I took the time to read and review.

January, 2016:

Fae – Daughters of Eltera Book 1 by Jennifer Bene

(Five Stars) Full disclosure first. I do not normally gravitate to sci-fi/fantasy stories as my first choice, but I have loved all of the other stories I’ve read by Ms. Bene so I decided to give this book a read and boy am I glad I did. I love the chances that Jennifer Bene takes with her writing, taking the readers and her characters on dark and dangerous rides that keep us on the edge of our seats. I absolutely loved Fae’s strength and how she was so determined to protect the women that she can. The world that the author created was rich with imagination and detail and the hero was the perfect mix of strength and tenderness. As with all of her stories, there were some non-con scenes that took me to the edge of my seat, yet the romance between Kieran and Fae was so perfect that it balanced the book perfectly. I lost sleep over this book, staying up late to read ‘just one more chapter’. I would love to learn more about this world and am happy that the author plans to add to the series in the future. I’ll be waiting!

Mated by the Cyborg (Cy-Ops Book 2) by Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol proves yet again that she can write one smoking hot cyborg story. So far I am loving her Cy-Ops series that combines suspense and adventure, sci-fi intrigue and hot romance between characters we care about. I especially loved the hero of this book because he risked his job and reputation to do what he knew was right which was protect the daughter of the evil general. The story moved at a great pace the kept me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. I highly recommend this story for cyborg/sci-fi lovers!

Retribution by Natasha Knight

(Five Stars) Holy smokes, this book actually smolders! Full disclosure, Ms. Knight is on my auto-buy list because I love the way she tells a story. Having said this, I absolutely feel like this might be her best book to date. Natasha does dark romance so well, but she takes it to a whole new level with Retribution. I love that the author writes in alternating first person so we truly get inside the heads of our hero and heroine to see what makes them tick. She takes the reader along for the ride as each struggle to come to terms with the overwhelming experiences happening in their lives. With many other authors in this sub-genre, they create heros that are so past redemption that it is unbelievable when they try to turn them into ‘good guys’ at the end. Ms. Knight straddles that line between light and dark perfectly and shows us what makes her characters tick so that we are with them every step of the way, cheering when things work out for them in the end. And let’s not forget the smoking hot sex scenes that will melt your kindle. You’ll need a cold shower after this one!

A Captive of Fear and Desire by Sophie Kisker

(Five Stars) Ms. Kisker proves once again that she can straddle that line of dark and light so well as an author. Several times in this dark thriller my heart almost stopped. I found myself at every end of the emotional spectrum from heartbroken to jubilant. This book is not for the faint of heart though as the non-consensual scenes will take you to the edge of your seat. What I love most about this author is that she doesn’t just include violence for its shock factor. The storyline was solid and the violence enhanced the story, making the ending that much more sweet. We also got to see the anguish our hero and heroine go through on this rollercoaster of a story. An excellent read!

December, 2015:

Blessed Beginnings (Hunter’s Ridge Book 4) by Maggie Ryan

Thank you Maggie Ryan for giving us another chance to spend time with these wonderful characters. I love stories that blend romance, friendship and family and Ms. Ryan does that so perfectly with this amazing series. I hope we continue to make visits to Hunter’s Ridge for a long time to come because it is the perfect blend of love, romance, age play, punishments and smoking hot sex. I’ll keep reading this series as long as Maggie keeps writing!

Rocky Mountain Dawn (Rockie Mountain Bride Series Book 1) by Lee Savino
His to Educate by Sue Lyndon

I loved this short story by Sue Lyndon! Was an age-old fairy tale come true.

Claiming His Human Wife by Sue Lyndon
The Slave Huntsman (Celestial Slaves Book 1) by Alta Hensley

What a hot story from Alta Hensley! I have always loved her books, but this story is definitely a bit darker… a bit more naughty with shades of non-con along with smoking hot punishment and sex scenes. There were times I wanted to smack Sparrow, our heroine, myself for some of the stunts she would pull, but I did empathize with her struggle to be free. Atlas was an awesome hero who knew exactly what she needed. I love that this is just book one in the series and I’ll look forward to future installments in this world.

The Disciplinarian by Natasha Knight and Casey McKay
A Lovely Meal: From Thanksgiving to New Years  by Windy City RWA
Bittersweet Manhattan (Coach Rye Series Book 2) by Anne A. Lois

I am a long time fan of Ms. Lois’s stories and this is a continuation of one of my favorite series of her’s. We get to see characters that we know and love as they continue to fall in love and oh boy do they have some smoking hot sex. I absolutely love how the author creates down-to-earth characters who we care so much about and she does a great job of scratching well below the surface of the story to show us the emotional drivers for our hero and heroine. It’s what makes Anne E. Lois is one of my ‘auto-buy’ authors.

Unwrapped: Three Holiday Novellas by Vanessa Vale, Ava Sinclair & Sue Lyndon
The Hand of Vengeance by Renee Rose
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