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I love #WIP Wednesdays!  I’m hoping Wanting it All fans love it too.  I’m gonna be sharing some juicy unedited excerpts for the upcoming release of Having it All, book three in the Passion Series.  In case you haven’t read it yet, the series follows two couples.  Last week I shared a scene with Lukus and Tiffany.  This week, I’ll give you a peek at what Markus and Brianna have been up to.   WARNING:  This excerpt is NSFW!!



“Oh God. That’s it!” Brianna’s lost track of time as she’s tied immobile to their new spanking bench. She’s on the receiving end of a fiery paddling from her loving husband. The punishing strokes, delivered with Markus’ old fraternity paddle, have been varied in pace and strength. Markus plays her body like a musical instrument.  He takes Brianna to high highs, ready to spill into a powerful orgasm, before bringing her back down again, forcing her to wait for the elusive peak she’s been chasing.

Markus is careful to remind her tonight is not about punishment. In fact, she’s been an exceptionally good girl this week. Even in her sex hazed mental state, Brianna recognizes how lucky she is her husband is experienced in the BDSM lifestyle. He may have been slow to recognize her desperate need for his strict physical discipline, but he’s making up for lost time.

They’ve spent every evening this week trying out the array of sexual wonders their new dungeon holds. Every night, Brianna leaves the room snuggled in Markus’ arms as he carries her naked, back to their bedroom – her body properly punished and sated, her mind at peace, her heart more in love with her husband than the night before. She has never been happier.


His next strike brings her back to the present. Her groan betrays how close she is to coming. She pushes the urge down.

“Brianna. You’re fighting it. You’re not ready for it to end yet, my little pain slut?”

How could he know? No verbal answer is required. She couldn’t form words if she had to. The pain is all consuming. The flaming burn across her entire ass and upper thighs has a direct line to her sexual core. Her breath is shallow as she struggles to stave off her orgasm as long as possible. It gets harder when Markus cups her left breast in his large hand, squeezing it painfully tight before pinching her nipple with what feels like all his strength just as his right hand brings the heavy paddle down, perfectly centered on the sensitive sit spot of both legs.

That was the one. The strike that pushes her over the edge of the cliff, free falling into the kind of orgasm she can only achieve through pain. The kind of release so addictive, she’d been stupid enough to risk her marriage in search of it weeks before. As she gasps for her breath, Bri realizes how lucky she is to have her husband delivering her drug of choice.

When she feels his steel-hard cock pierce her dripping pussy in one powerful insertion, she’s reminded that Markus is getting something out of this arrangement, too. They’ve never had better sex than these last few weeks. Gone is the gentle lovemaking she’d grown impatient with. She hopes it will return in small doses at some time in the future, but for now, Bri is more than happy to have her husband fuck her with abandon after their nightly exploration into pain and pleasure.


Thanks for dropping by.   Having it All is finished and in editing.  Hoping to have it out soon, but until then, please take a few minutes to check out the other authors found below.

5 thoughts on “#WIP – Getting Ready to Have it All

  1. Holy smoldering hotness Liva. I love that fine line between pleasure and pain, and must agree that it definitely makes for some very powerful orgasms.
    Thanks for introducing Markus and Bi this week ♥

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